2003 Ac Schnitzer Topster

AC Schnitzer Topster

Tradition demands it – every (2) years, at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, as well as the many innovations in the AC Schnitzer special accessories range, a very special vehicle is presented. And 2003 is no exception: The Concept Car, the AC Schnitzer V8 TOPSTER.
The basis is the BMW Z4 3.0i, in which however “no stone is left unturned”. The most striking optical feature is the enclosed bodywork, now 13 cm wider, in colours orange / cream.

The vitalizing harmonium which was highly-developed in disk meter as a one-off especial in finish collaborationism with the BMW deeds squad Schnitzer Freilassing, is the upgraded functioning interpretation of the 4941 cc octet cylinder, four-valve locomotive from the BMW M5. In concurrence with our engineering collaborator, the engineers suffer furnished the V8 TOPSTER with peculiar inspiration and beat camshafts. The cylinder heads suffer besides been fine-machined, the contraction brocaded to 11.5 : 1 and the ascendance whole reprogrammed. To better the fumes gas flowing, an environmentally-friendly exceptional sword gamy execution exhaust has been highly-developed with match chromed racing tailpipe trims in rightfield and unexpended compounding.
In equivalence with the M5, the powerhouse has had to be re-positioned in the locomotive bay of the Z4 canonic fomite and the stallion oil circle optimised, so it was necessity to change the oil cesspit and oil ticker. Last, the airflow was improved. By substance of new inhalation pipes and 2 air dribble boxes, the stallion consumption pamphlet could be optimised. These modifications birth unitedly resulted in the chase operation figures:

2003 AC Schnitzer Topster

Ability: 331 kW / 450 HP
Uttermost torsion: 520 Nm
0 – 100 km/h 4,5 seconds
Top swiftness: 305 km/h

2003 Ac Schnitzer Topster

These figures are not but the outcome of the new locomotive but besides a complete compounding of eminent locomotive superpower and optimally altered powerfulness transmittance. To compeer the index of the locomotive, the cause string and bum axle were besides limited. The ass axle, with a pitch proportion of 3.62 : 1, has a varying derivative engage from 0 – 100 % contingent the loading of the V8 TOPSTER. In summation the AC Schnitzer “Brusk Slip” is fitted.

Arrant lag is provided by the AC Schnitzer highschool functioning bracken kit. This uses bigger bracken disks of Ø 365 x 32 mm at the movement and Ø 328 x 20 mm at the ass in conjunctive with limited bracken calipers (2-piston on the battlefront and single-piston natation calliper on the bum). Tied subsequently respective “difficult brakings”, the organisation achieves slowing values of 1 g and more.

In motorsport the set set-up is ofttimes critical for a triumph or rostrum berth, and our ontogenesis engineers situation especially bang-up grandness on optimal reprieve settings. In the V8 TOPSTER the impulsive kinetics are resolutely improved by the especial ontogenesis of a 9-position adjustable AC Schnitzer racing abeyance. Besides as sullen by 35 mm in coition to its aloof copulation – the received Z4 – the bounce and muffler rates deliver been considerably limited towards more sports functioning. In increase the cycle bearings and battlefront and bum ascendancy munition birth been replaced.

To sideboard crabwise soundbox roller, AC Schnitzer highly-developed anti-roll kits on the strawman and arse axles. A foster respite spotlight is the al cock pair which optimally prevents torque in the fomite movement.

2003 Ac Schnitzer Topster

The AC Schnitzer V8 TOPSTER keeps impinging with the asphalt done the bran-new racing rims Typecast IV. The sportsmanlike yet graceful 5-spoke wheels get peculiarly ticket filagree oeuvre. The person spokes which run asteroid from the pentangular bike inwardness to the refined bed utterly accompaniment the vanguard TOPSTER getup. But the rack and tire compounding is not hardly an aesthetical highlighting. With sizes 9.0J x 20″ ET 18 with tyres 255/30 R 20 (battlefront) and 11.0J x 20″ stolon 0 with tyres 305/25 R 20 (ass), the TOPSTER can tree at speeds differently reserved for a pedigreed Phaeton.

Wheels of this sizing birth to be accommodated someplace. Good one understanding why the bodywork supra all had to be altered to the far higher demands and widened by 13 cm boilersuit.

2003 Ac Schnitzer Topster

Fifty-fifty at offset peek, the reshaped cowling of the AC Schnitzer V8 TOPSTER, with its unmissable exponent gibbousness and great air release, already suggests that below it sits a identical brawny locomotive which inevitably utmost chilling airflow, particularly nether good freight.

Too a new exploitation is the breast annulus which gives the TOPSTER an fifty-fifty frown looking and well improves downforce on the figurehead axle at mellow speeds. Its prominent air recess with entire lattice ensures extra chilling for the locomotive and presence brakes, and gives the TOPSTER an manifest expression. Conclusion but not least, the xe headlamps unified into the breast annulus ascertain that level at nighttime, the driver has splendid visibleness.

2003 Ac Schnitzer Topster

To allow the discharge of the V8 locomotive, the new battlefront incline walls check heavy air vents which, with their 3 chromium-plate ribs and merged flashers, are remindful of the deflectors on the AC Schnitzer ACS4.

But not lone at the battlefront of the fomite mustiness the V8 TOPSTER sustain equal air rally to acquire its good potentiality. This rule course besides applies to the back.
Therefore the hit position skirts theatre air ducts for the bum brakes. The incline skirts, which besides commit the TOPSTER an lengthened aspect, manakin the proportionate modulation to the ass position walls and the grievous arse. The arse wench accommodates not alone an underfloor extension, but besides the nail doubling exhaust made of stainless.

2003 Ac Schnitzer Topster

The particularly highly-developed ceiling, with its load-bearing use, boost reinforces the consistence of the V8 TOPSTER. With the TOP, the TOPSTER develops a new, homogenous consistency incline business – interchangeable to a coupe. The built-in arse cap fender in continuative with the bikini bum offstage mounted unexpended and right boot, improves the downforce of the stallion torso.

In the evolution of the peculiar accouterment stove for the BMW Z4, eventide the initial studies of the TOPSTER could be considered. Similarities in the streamlined packages usable for the BMW Z4 and the V8 TOPSTER are thence debate and technically sensitive.

The national of the AC Schnitzer V8 TOPSTER is a combining of developments in the AC Schnitzer reach uncommitted for many BMW models, and particular one-off products. These admit the racing bucketful seating in leather. The airbag sports wheel, shifter spat and handbrake back are besides provided in Alcantara with orangish sewing. Velour fundament mats too with orangish applications and the leather logotype round the TOPSTER home.

A carbon-fibre midland and chromed back for the banner roll-over bar and the al accessories – comprising the bike set, substructure rests, cogwheel thickening and handbrake address – are withal components of the received AC Schnitzer compass for the Z4.

The AC Schnitzer V8 TOPSTER was highly-developed as a engineering case. In the equipment storey and cast shown hither, this conception car would toll about € 185,000.00. Serial product is not plotted.

Technical Data – AC Schnitzer V8 TOPSTER

Body: Basis BMW Z4
Engine: BMW V8 power plant S62 with
AC Schnitzer performance upgrade
Engine type: V8 four-valve engine
Capacity: 4941 cc
Bore: 94.0 mm
Stroke: 89.0 mm
Compression: 11.5 : 1
Nominal power: 331 kW / 450 HP at 6600 rpm
Max. torque: 520 Nm at 4100 rpm
Power transmission: Six-speed manual gearbox with AC Schnitzer Short Shift,
AC Schnitzer rear axle 3.62 : 1 with
variable differential lock 0 – 100 %

0 – 100 km/h: 4.5 s
0 – 200 km/h: 13.9 s
Maximum Speed: 305 km/h

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