2003 Ac Schnitzer Acs3 3Series E46 M3 Sport

AC Schnitzer ACS3 3Series E46 M3 Sport

Professional tuning is very much in demand, especially by drivers of high performance cars. So AC Schnitzer has developed an expanded special accessory range for the BMW M3 which further optimises the already excellent performance of the standard model.

Peculiarly good is the AC Schnitzer bottom derivative, which noticeably improves the lightness of the BMW M3. The limited geartrain proportion of 3.91 : 1 gives far more card-playing pitch changes and the 6th train becomes a “rightful powerfulness stagecoach” allowing the driver to orbit top upper before than in the criterion fomite.

Another foreground is the new AC Schnitzer Racing Home Transition. This consists of passing sparkle, eminent durability racing seating with process upholstery and embroidered AC Schnitzer logotype in coincidence with a 4-point rein organization. The changeover is realized by the new AC Schnitzer bowl bar ensuring optimal trunk rigidness and thus constituting a tangible spare prophylactic reservation. All components can be fitted singly, retaining the stock 3-point refuge bang scheme.

In plus, as common we suffer set the accent on especially highly-developed hiatus components, fashioning these the bosom of our limited tuning scope.
Contingent personal druthers, M3 owners can prefer ‘tween a sports consolation scene in the AC Schnitzer sports dangling or a racing reprieve with adjustable set-up and cod acme. The especial circumstance of the AC Schnitzer racing reprieve gives the client the chance to receive virgin impulsive delight patch retaining suitableness for workaday use. The sports abatement lowers the BMW M3 approx. 25 mm and the racing hiatus reaches a heavy by about 30 – 35 mm.

2003 AC Schnitzer ACS3 3Series E46 M3 Sport

Another abatement foreground is the aluminum racing sashay braces which makes the M3 more unchanging and therefore gives optimal torsional rigidness in the fomite figurehead. The reach is realized by the obliterable backside al ruffle bracing and the antiroll bar set.

2003 Ac Schnitzer Acs3 3Series E46 M3 Sport

An lengthy bike orbit consisting of the stigma new AC Schnitzer Eccentric IV racing wheels in 20″ sizing also as Case II and Typewrite III lighter debase and racing wheels in 18″ or 19″ diam is too usable.

The impulsive qualities of the BMW M3 – fantabulous flush as criterion – are furhter enhanced by the AC Schnitzer lighter debase and racing wheels.

The maximal cycle/tire sizing on the battlefront is 8,0J x 20″ stolon 42 with tyres 245/30 R 20 and on the back 10.0 J x 20″ runner 33 with 285/25 R 20. AC Schnitzer recommends gamy operation tyres by Continental and Michelin.

Quicker and more exact appurtenance changes growth the epinephrin spate and besides amend quickening in a car. So with the AC Schnitzer Brusque Switching (for vehicles with manual infection), we can crack that literal touring-car look.

2003 Ac Schnitzer Acs3 3Series E46 M3 Sport

Optimal drive deportment, full speedup and the veracious audio are doubtless around of the nearly crucial attributes of a pedigree sports car. For this cause, the AC Schnitzer engineers deliver highly-developed a sports arse muffler of V2A particular blade with two chromed racing tailpipe trims which gives the M3 an tied more hit vocalise, and foster improves tucker gas menstruation and therefore reception deportment.

Double-dyed counterpoise and an case-by-case appearing were the key specifications for the designers. The outcome is an optimised aeromechanics software which offers the client diverse transition stages usable separately or in compounding. The canonic part is a carbon-fibre breast freebooter usable in either flatware or melanise, which is supplemented in the transition level with figurehead flippers. Anodised al brace ascertain supernumerary stableness.

At the arse, a bum cap freebooter and a multipiece racing extension are fitted. The hitting optic extension to tourer origins lies in the composite conception in connective with the al feet. The boilersuit artistic show is imposingly accomplished by the AC Schnitzer bum diffusor with carbon-fibre annex visibility which harmoniously integrates the AC Schnitzer sports back muffler. The racing behind offstage and diffusor are both useable in either flatware or inkiness c character.

Too as the international accessories, an all-embracing home stove is besides uncommitted to spring the driver the strongest indicant of seance in a pedigreed sports car. Lonesome the highest timber materials are secondhand which sustain their “origins” in motorsport.

AC Schnitzer carbon-fibre midland trims and an AC Schnitzer 3-spoke sports airbag wheel in blackness and eloquent are too uncommitted, collectively products which consecrate a motorsport-oriented ambiance in the cockpit such as foundation rests, pedals and handbrake handgrip and likewise the geartrain node made from al, and velour base mats. Lastly, AC Schnitzer offers tailored solutions in the battlefield of dealings telematics and Car Documentary which can be merged optimally.

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