2003 Abt Audi As4 Cabriolet

ABT Audi AS4 Cabriolet

All good things come in threes: following the big success of the Abt AS4 Limousine and the Abt AS4 Avant, Abt Sportsline now presents the latest member of the AS4 family with the Abt AS4 Cabriolet. The airy four-seater is quite something. The joy of life that is typical for a cabriolet has been combined with sporting power made by Abt Sportsline. The result turned out to be a fun-to-drive car, over 240 km/h fast and open to everything. No matter if a drive in the sunshine on the country road or a fast motorway journey – with the Abt AS4 Cabriolet, there are no limits.

How often locomotive powerfulness does a cab motive? Bare figures are no sufficient result to this inquiry. The nonsuch mightiness whole for unfold drive outset and firstly has to be autonomous. The six-cylinder locomotive of the Abt AS4 Cab unquestionably is. The locomotive direction of the 162 kW (220 hp) potent yield auto has been limited by Abt Sportsline. Furthermore, the three-litre whole has been fitted with a supercharger. Should the driver outcry operation, the Abt locomotive with its monumental torsion has plentitude of it, altogether rev ranges. If coveted, 213 kW (290 hp) are usable. All of this agreeably unnoticed, but distillery with substantial front.

According to the slogan “not noticeable, but efficacious”, the Abt hanging workings with limited springs, sullen the typical consistence by 35-40 mm. Peculiarly on tortuous commonwealth roadstead, the lowered kernel of sombreness pays off. The AS4 Cab handles agile changes of guidance with nimbleness.

2003 Abt Audi As4 Cabriolet

But the Abt AS4 Cab doesn’t fair get a gaudy incline thereto. An likable elegance is too office of the packet. Abt Sportsline emphasizes the exciting conception with an Abt chromium-plate kit for the movement air inlet and the breast grill. When upcoming the Abt AS4 Cab from buns, the decently-styled behind backstage is the kickoff matter that meets the eye. The Abt four-pipe arse silencer with motley panels volition lone be identified at endorsement glimpse. In the national, Abt storey mats make a clean aura. The wheel with incorporated airbag, made up of six segments at a diam of 360 millimetres, is a address to motorsport. Thither are 3 leather and trey carbonfibre parts and besides incorporates a gimmick for selecting the six levels of the multitronic-gearbox.

Evidently, the Abt AS4 Cab is furnished with Abt fun wheels with the definitive five-spoke pattern. In the vitrine of the unfold four-seater, they are of the SP1 character, 8.5×19 edge with all-inclusive ContiSportContact tyres in 235/35 R19 sizing. With the rack rim, declining mat to the privileged, and the Abt band with image holes, the SP1, casted in one slice, sets expert and opthalmic highlights. To keep the win of the DTM-title, the SP1 has been fitted with smooth-spoken DTM Maven 2002 bike caps.

2003 Abt Audi As4 Cabriolet

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