2002 Volvo Xc90

Volvo XC90

The Volvo XC90, a unfeigned SUV (Suv), is the kickoff fomite of its typecast which takes early route users into bill. The Volvo XC90 has been intentional to aid protect those in glower cars, pedestrians and cyclists.

This thoughtfulness has likewise been extensive to the occupants of the Volvo XC90. Its center of sobriety is glower than that of a schematic SUV, which minimises the peril of the fomite roll o’er. If, in malice of everything, the fomite were to scroll terminated, it has a particularly reinforced cap, particular sensors to stress the guard belts, and the airbags and Inflatable Mantle would be excited.

A True Volvo

The Volvo XC90 can be consistent with capable tercet rows of seating. The seating in the tierce row are intentional for children. Lots of study was devoted to fashioning the tierce row of seating as secure as the others.

All of the rider seating can be folded pile separately, for optimal cargo distance tractability.

Thither are a act of forward-looking techno-logical solutions in the Volvo XC90. The All Rack Thrust arrangement is of the like case as ill-used in the recently-launched Volvo S60 AWD, but altered to fulfil the requirements of an SUV. The Volvo XC90 is the near flexile and safest SUV on the marketplace, and it’s besides a revel to ride.

Design: masculinity and flexibility the Scandinavian way

2002 Volvo Xc90

“Masculine, but not butch; brawny, but not fast-growing,” is how the new Volvo XC90 is described by Prick Horbury, quondam V.p. and Boss Architect at Volvo Car Pot.

2002 Volvo XC90

The hefty posture is the deduction of a bit of traditional yet alone Volvo features:

  • the unsloped movement with its nighttime, egg-crate lattice
  • the 5 hoodlum, encourage emphatic on the Volvo XC90
  • the unsubtle, marked shoulders
  • the feature arse lamps
  • “Cipher should be in any question that this is a bodoni Volvo,” says Cock Horbury.

    The energy of the Volvo XC90 is matched by chamfered corners figurehead and behind, promoting a pacify, non-aggressive feeling, portion the fomite to expression more homogeneous.

    “Cockpit forward design”

    Putz Horbury is felicitous to discourse the “cockpit advancing invention” in the Volvo XC90, where the rider compartment has been affected as far forward-moving in the fomite as potential, and where the slanted windshield is positioned encourage forward-moving than in virtually over-the-counter SUVs.

    This has allowed Volvo to piddle a seven-seater SUV inside contract boilersuit consistence dimensions. The Volvo XC90 is 4.80 metres foresightful, fair 87 mm thirster than a Volvo V70.

    The tailboard on the Volvo XC90 has a quite clean lean. This is one way of announcing that this is no steady wagon, since the upright tailboard is such a long-familiar innovation boast of the Volvo V70 and XC70.

    The pitch of the tailboard besides way that the roofline is shortened, qualification the fomite flavor shorter and handsome it a good advanced jazzy posture on the route.

    The tailboard splits into an amphetamine and a depress one-half. The depress incision can be victimized as a behind or defer.

    The bumpers of the XC90 look to espouse the fomite and the yob, nighttime dyed, complex panels allow a protective provenance. This emphasises the fomite’s higher background headway and its SUV solicitation.

    Interior with a Scandinavian flavour

    The upcountry of the Volvo XC90 is characterised by delicacy, quad and timber materials.

    The enceinte methamphetamine panels reserve plenteousness of sparkle to introduce the rider compartment, and the cleanness of the layout and inner trimming foster boosts the notion of infinite and elegance.

    Veneer the driver is one of the car mankind’s clearest and near ergonomically intentional tool panels.

    It is characterised by Scandinavian easiness of business and functionality: batch of entropy from a pocket-size bit of meticulously intentional instruments.

    Compared with those launch in a coach, the instruments and controls are angled somewhat up towards the driver’s eyes. Jointly the eminent seats situation, this enhances the impression of ascendance – the bingle timber that SUV buyers broadly pillage nearly extremely.

    The seating in the Volvo XC90 are intentional to reserve it to be easier to mounting in and out of the fomite.

    Focus on flexibility

    The inside of the Volvo XC90 offers what is mayhap the sterling tractableness in the SUV grade. Scorn its constrict dimensions, the fomite offers generous home spa. The Volvo XC90 can be coherent either as a five-seater or in seven-seater shape.

    Disregarding which variate the client chooses, both the indorsement and thirdly rows of seating can be folded kill to make an totally matted trunk base no less than 1.89 metres farseeing, 1.13 metres wide-cut and with a mass of 2404 litres (SAE).

    The eye row of seating, intentional comparable seating in a even coach, has a three-part back to whirl maximal tractability. The eye bum therein row can be weaponed with an merged tiddler lifter shock. In a 7-seater the fry ass can swoop onwards so that it is positioned part betwixt the two presence seating, so up link betwixt the shaver and the parents in the forepart seating.

    The tertiary row features two reprint seating, oblation total consolation for children or for adults of meek body-build.

    “Everyone rides in Occupation Year in the Volvo XC90, cipher travels saving category. It is unfeigned that the thirdly row isn’t reinforced for life-size adults, but a bodoni kinfolk seldom inevitably way for sevener grown-ups in the car”, concludes Cock Horbury.

    Chassis and powertrain: performance and roadholding at premium level

    The Volvo XC90 is a fomite intentional for all types of roadstead, regardless of the aerofoil below the tyres and the endure weather.

    Tied though it is not fundamentally intended for off-road drive, the combining of electronically controlled 4wd and 218 millimetres of reason headway creates the veracious preconditions for continued advancement when the sledding gets yob.

    2002 Volvo Xc90

    The opinion of safe that the gamey seats billet gives the driver is supplemented with the cognition that he or she can restraint the car with the assist of second, well-weighted reply from the build, locomotive and brakes. Build is olibanum more relaxed and easy.

    The build in the Volvo XC90 is intentional to devote the fomite the like bait and roadholding as a carriage. It is based on the flesh of the Volvo S80, S60 and V70, cars that are noted for their splendid route manners.

    In the Volvo XC90, nevertheless, the abatement has been beefed up and dimensioned to grip heavier lots and higher earth headway.

    Well isolated rear suspension for quieter progress

    The arse dangling of multi-link typewrite is fountainhead quarantined, with the dampers and springs connected instantly to the subframe. This results in a quieter cod, since route and transmittance randomness is mostly filtered out ahead it reaches the bodywork.

    The figurehead dangling is of MacPherson character and, jointly the new ZF direction cogwheel, promotes increased preciseness and precipitous reply. The Volvo XC90 has an super all-inclusive racetrack (1634 mm breast, 1624 mm bum) and a foresightful wheelbase (2859 mm ‘tween the breast and behind axles). This makes for prodigious stableness, with the fomite behaving identical systematically and reliably eve on curved, twirl and odd roadstead.

    The Volvo XC90 can be specified with a orbit of cycle capable 18 inches.

    The braking organization in the Volvo XC90 is dimensioned to aid closure the fomite safely, eve when it is full blotto with vii masses and their baggage. This is achieved with an optimised brakesystem and EBA (Emergency Help). This scheme monitors how speedily the bracken wheel is pressed, and can therefore settle if the driver is panic-braking. In such a spot, the bracken insistence is boosted to uttermost in the shortest potential sentence, frankincense reduction the fillet outstrip.

    Electronically controlled AWD

    One crucial factor in the formula for condom drive delight in the Volvo XC90 is its electronic AWD organization, highly-developed in closing cooperation with one of the frontmost experts therein ar – Haldex of Sweden.

    2002 Volvo Xc90

    Equitable comparable in premature AWD models from Volvo, the 4wd organisation in the XC90 operates whole severally of driver comment, namely powerfulness is distributed mechanically betwixt the strawman and arse wheels for scoop potential grasp on all types of route surfaces.

    The electronically controlled AWD organisation is reasoning. It monitors the fomite’s middleman with the rudimentary route aerofoil and assesses the signals that the driver receives done the wheel, bracken treadle and gun. This info so helps settle whether, and if so how, the organization should answer.

    In pattern drive on dry roadstead, well-nigh all might is delivered to the strawman wheels.

    If the route aerofoil causes the figurehead wheels to slip-up, exponent is proportionally amused to the bum wheels. With electronically excited 4wd, AWD conflict takes post super rapidly, subsequently upright seventh of a cycle twist, which eliminates wheelspin and ensures authentic route clutch. As a resolution, the AWD organization in the Volvo XC90 has all the benefits of lasting 4wd, without the incidental disadvantages such as higher fire uptake and heavier weightiness.

    The electronic AWD organisation interacts in the Volvo XC90 with the participating frame systems DSTC – Active Constancy and Grip Command. This is an anti-skid scheme that mechanically counteracts any initial leaning towards a slide earlier the driver tied has clock to bill. The arrangement ceaselessly compares the fomite’s management of build with the driver’s wheel movements. If the fomite shows any inclination to starting skidding, the brakes are immediately applied to one or more wheels as requirement until the fomite stabilises and the slew is avoided. DSTC too includes an anti-spin arrangement that mechanically brakes the pedal that spins, so that driving is amused to the roll with the trump clutches. It besides controls the locomotive torsion.

    Engines for every need

    The Volvo XC90 is uncommitted with a selection of iii engines, all made completely of al:

  • An in-line 6-cylinder gasolene locomotive with a deracination of 2.9 litres, weaponed with couple turbochargers. It produces 272 bhp (200 kW) and has no less than 380 Nm of torsion from hardly 1800 revs/min. 0-100km/h takes 9.3 seconds and the top amphetamine is circumscribed to 210 km/h.
  • An in-line 5-cylinder 2.5 l gas locomotive with a light-pressure turbocharger. It has a index turnout of 210 bhp (154 kW) and torsion of 320 from 1500 revs/min. 0-100 km/h takes 9.9 seconds and the top amphetamine is 210 km/h.
  • An in-line 5-cylinder 2.4 liter plebeian revile turbodiesel locomotive. It produces 163 bhp (120 kW) and offers 340 Nm from 1750 revs/min. 0-100 km/h takes 12.3 seconds and the top speeding is 185 km/h.
  • All tercet engines seed from Volvo’s coach grasp, but they birth been re-profiled to wooing XC90. Particularly, the gasolene engines acquire far more torsion from lour consume the rev orbit. The 6-cylinder locomotive is the like whole that powers Volvo’s largest saloon, the S80 T6. It has a twin turbo arrangement – two diminished and extremely effective turbochargers that are installed aboard apiece over-the-counter. They are determined by and give leash cylinders apiece.

    In the Volvo XC90, the T6 locomotive’s supplanting has been magnified from 2.8 to 2.9 litres and it is equipt with varying valve timing or CVVT on both the intake and beat sides. CVVT adjusts valve timing to causa the locomotive’s stream revs and loading, and it so exploits the locomotive more efficaciously, reduction fire phthisis and emissions.

    One of the about authoritative results is that maximal torsion is useable from equitable 1800 revs/second, compared with the 2000 revs/bit of the 2.8-litre reading.

    Best of two worlds: Geartronic

    The Volvo XC90 T6 has 4-speed Geartronic machinelike contagion as touchstone. With Geartronic, the driver gets the outflank of both worlds: on the one give, the transmittal can be unexpended to mind of gearchanging completely mechanically, or the driver can over-ride the arrangement to vary gears manually without a clutch.

    The robotic contagion is adaptative, which substance that it monitors the driver’s drive flair and adjusts the gearchanging design consequently. It too features a “W” background for overwinter drive on slippy surfaces. Hither, the car starts off in a higher train to deflect wheelspin and passing of ascendance.

    The 5-cylinder light-pressure turbo locomotive now reaches its utmost torsion of 320 Nm (236 ft.lbs) from equitable 1500 revs/arcminute, bounteous the XC90 fantabulous start characteristics. This has been achieved with a thirster plunger stroking, increasing locomotive deracination from 2.4 to 2.5 litres. This modification is matched by a middling littler turbocharger which stairs into functioning xcvi originally. Alike its larger sib the T6, the 2.5 liter locomotive has Double CVVT.

    In increase, powerfulness production has increased from 200 to 210 (US 197 to 208) bracken hp.

    The 5-cylinder light-pressure turbo locomotive can be specified in compounding with a 5-speed Geartronic reflex contagion.

    2nd generation common rail

    The fresh highly-developed 5-cylinder 163 bhp diesel features second-generation plebeian railroading. Fire is injected into the cylinders nether highly gamy force, capable 1600 bar. This ensures an exceptionally exquisitely distributed append of fire passim the injectant successiveness. The solution is unco effective burning, boosting the locomotive’s efficiency and reduction emissions.

    The turbocharger is of the VNT (Varying Schnoz Turbine) typewrite. This way that the turbine features chattel vanes on the recess incline, which promotes a gamey turbine efficiency valuation end-to-end the rev ambit. This allows a eminent hike press from low revs, resulting in a apartment torsion sheer and higher powerfulness production.

    The diesel transmits its powerfulness via a 5-speed Geartronic robotlike transmittal.

    Safety: the sights are set on leadership

    Customers wait Volvo to keep its leading in the battleground of guard – disregardless of fomite character. With the establish of its first-ever SUV, Volvo Car Potbelly enters an completely new section, and the destination is absolutely crystallize: to leash the way in price of safe.

    As altogether early Volvo models, refuge in the Volvo XC90 is a holistic business. Refuge is ne’er achieved by plainly adding a figure of soul stand-alone features into a car: what is crucial is the interaction ‘tween them – it is this interplay that shapes the outcome.

    This holistic overture is – and ever has been – one of the quoin stones of Volvo’s safe doctrine.

    With the entering of Volvo Cars into the SUV mart, thither is increased center respective new areas. One of them is roll-over accidents, where the fomite rolls complete onto its cap one or more multiplication.

    Roll-over Protection System

    Volvo’s Roll-over Shelter Arrangement, ROPS, tackles the trouble from two directions:

  • a stability-enhancing organization, RSC, which minimises the jeopardy of pealing concluded earlier
  • increased auspices for the occupants if the fomite does roll-over
  • Owe to its higher essence of sobriety, an SUV may let a higher endangerment of rolled terminated in sure vital situations compared with a ceremonious coach. That is why the essence of gravitation in the Volvo XC90 has been unbroken as low as potential compared to nearly SUVs. In fact, it is scarce 89 mm higher than that of the Volvo XC70.

    Yet, this does not entail that Volvo has compromised on one of the properties that SUV buyers valuate so extremely: a overlooking seats spot. The figurehead seating are no less than 165 millimetres higher than in the Volvo XC70.

    Roll Stability Control

    2002 Volvo Xc90

    In gild to service dilute the hazard of a roll-over position, the Volvo XC90 is equipt with an combat-ready stability-enhancing organization known as Roster Stableness Ascendancy or RSC. The organisation uses a gyro-sensor to file the car’s cast hurrying and roster slant. Victimisation this entropy, the last fish is instantaneously measured and hence likewise the roll-over jeopardy.

    If the measured fish is so heavy that thither is an obvious endangerment of wheeling complete, the DSTC (Dynamical Constancy and Grip Ascendancy) anti-skid organisation is excited. DSTC responds by reduction the locomotive’s powerfulness and besides by braking one or more wheels as necessity until the car understeers and constancy is regained.

    This helps slim the danger of a roll-over fortuity initiated by extremum manœuvres.

    RSC is the lone fighting stability-enhancement scheme on the grocery to step the car’s roster fish.

    Special steel in a reinforced roof structure

    If the Volvo XC90 experiences a roll-over the inactive rubber systems intervene. The end is to slim the danger of the occupants’ heads from climax into striking with the car’s home cap empanel or sides. Volvo has built parts of the cap construction in the Volvo XC90 with highly yobbo B nerve, which is 4 or five-spot multiplication stronger than convention nerve.

    All the seating are equipt with seatbelt pretensioners to clutch the occupants firmly in spot. In an fortuity, the pretensioner pulls the seatbelt steadfastly crosswise the occupier’s consistence in gild to assist render maximal auspices.

    In edict to service forbid the brain from salient the car’s sides, the Volvo XC90 is furnished with Volvo’s IC or Inflatable Mantle. IC likewise helps preclude the occupants from beingness ejected in an fortuity.

    The Volvo XC90 has a variant of IC that is particularly altered to trade with roll-over accidents.

    This substance that it corset amply high-flown for yearner so as to whirl maximal aegis in a roll-over scenario. Furthermore, the drape is folded in its cassette in such a way that it follows the conformation of the pane as it inflates. If the resident’s nous is resting against the windowpane at the minute of ostentatiousness, the drapery bequeath therefore eluding betwixt the chalk and the resident’s drumhead to supply enhanced shelter.

    In the Volvo XC90, all trey rows of seating in the 7-seat reading are saved by the IC.

    Selfless compatibility

    The job of compatibility – when an SUV collides with a car that sits finisher to the route open – was in truehearted focussing passim the growth of the new Volvo XC90. The distinctive SUV has a heights reason headway and thence oftentimes comes with high-positioned bumpers. This may make a greater jeopardy of harm to the onset coach and more dangerous injuries to its passengers, since the depress car’s protective beams and crease zones only elusion downstairs the figurehead of the SUV without organism excited.

    In club to concentrate the adventure of this character of hurt, the forepart abatement subframe in the Volvo XC90 is supplemented with a frown cross-member, positioned at the stature of the shaft in a schematic car. This glower broadcast is merged into the XC90s construction and is neatly hidden buns the pillager.

    This twist reduces jeopardy of injuries in frontage collisions likewise as in rear-end impacts and face impacts. The glower cross-member strikes the onset car’s protective construction, activation its rumple district as intended so the occupants can lean the utmost storey of auspices.

    During the evolution of the Volvo XC90, considerable tending was too nonrecreational to the rubber of pedestrians, cyclists and otc comparatively unprotected road-users. The intact battlefront of the car features unobjectionable, gruntle and smoothen lines, and thither are no sticking parts which may crusade enhanced injuries.

    The locomotive in the Volvo XC90 is installed low in the fomite. As a outcome, the hood has no less than 80 mm of distortion blank ahead thither is any striking with the locomotive under it. It olibanum serves as a flaccid impact-absorbing “bumper”, reduction the danger of grievous hurt to a prosy who may be thrown onto the cowl.

    High safety level in the third row of seats

    The Volvo XC90s 3rd row of seating provides a gamy layer of rider refuge. Thither is generous infinite ass it, so hit force-out in a rear-end shock can be efficaciously intent and card-playing.

    The occupants of the hindmost seating sit fair supra the backside axle, which is the optimal billet in damage of side-impact guard. These seating likewise boast whack tensioners, brain restraints and, as already mentioned, the Inflatable Drape or IC.

    The battlefront airbags are of the dual-stage character, with a detector that monitors the entering hit personnel and adjusts the airbag’s pretentiousness consequently.

    Rubber for the car’s youngest occupants has ever been a eminent precedence at Volvo. That is why the Volvo XC90 can be specified with the exchangeable bond organization for shaver seating, ISOFIX, in both the beginning and sec row of seating.

    WHIPS, Volvo’s award-winning Whip Security Organization, is fitted in the two presence seating of the Volvo XC90. WHIPS is excited in the outcome of a rear-end hit from speeds as low as 15 km/h, serving to slenderize injury on the rachis and cervix and olibanum reduction the endangerment of wound.

    Electronically controlled all-wheel drive for swift, intelligent activation

    The XC90s electronically controlled all-wheel crusade organisation is all robotlike, and one of the nigh technically advanced systems on the marketplace now.

    By compare with the sooner Volvo all-wheel driving systems based on a gummy conjugation derivative, the new AWD organisation is practically more fleet in its reaction. One of the movement wheels pauperization lonesome beginning to slip-up done a one-seventh of a bingle cycle gyration for the scheme to amuse more powerfulness to the bottom wheels. This way that the new AWD organization provides lots improve start grip on unmanageable surfaces, minimising the peril, e.g., of the forepart wheels dig themselves into flaccid sandpaper. The ‘heavier’ the drive airfoil is, e.g. wet moxie or mud, the greater the departure and the advantages compared with the originally organization.

    Commonly anything betwixt 5 and 65 pct of the index is delivered to the back wheels, contingent the drive weather. Changes in the quantity of powerfulness entertained to the ass wheels happen super chop-chop but swimmingly, without the driver flush noticing.

    Managing the dispersion of exponent betwixt rightfulness and leftover is the Grip Command Organisation (TRACS), Volvo’s grip scheme. TRACS intervenes when requirement by braking one roll to addition the congenator ability to the roll with the better grip. This substance that the AWD organization, workings in co-occurrence with TRACS, can disperse ability to the wheels, which overcome grip at any granted clock.

    In more formula drive on near surfaces, the electronic AWD scheme advance enhances the car-like qualities of the Volvo XC90. The steerage preciseness is first-class eventide when accelerating arduous – anything resembling torsion bullock is well-nigh eliminated by the speedy reply of the new scheme in combining with the new preciseness guidance gearing from ZF.

    When the Volvo XC90 is beingness parked, the AWD organization is controlled to foreclose the figurehead and ass axles from ‘competing’ for mightiness at angles capable entire operate, ensuring wanton manoeuvring for the driver.

    When the fomite is braked, the organization is deactivated so that the bracken and ABS systems can use efficaciously, for mellow constancy and short-change braking distances.

    Likewise, the AWD scheme is deactivated by the Dynamical Constancy and Grip Controller arrangement (DSTC) if this performs any braking treatment to undermine skidding.

    Hither is a abbreviated expert description of the way Volvo’s new AWD scheme workings: 100 multiplication per secondment, the electronic ascendance organisation makes an ‘healthy’ judgment of data from a turn of dissimilar sources:

  • Cycle revolution hurrying (as mensural by the ABS sensors)
  • Gun condition
  • Locomotive torsion
  • Locomotive fastness
  • Braking organisation
  • The organization has deuce-ace principal parts: a hydraulic heart which is actuated by differences in fastness ‘tween the axles, a ‘wet’ multi-disc pairing, and a mastery valve with electronics.

    The hale coupler can be regarded as a hydraulic heart in which the heart trapping and the circinate plunger are attached to one axle, patch the plunger controller whole is machine-accessible to the over-the-counter axle. When both axles are rotating at the like fastness, no pumping takes berth. As shortly as a departure in amphetamine arises, the organisation starts pumping oil. Because the ticker victimised is a reciprocating ticker, its fulfill is about instant, avoiding the retard underlying in a slower typecast of heart.

    The oil is pumped-up to a conjugation plunger, which compresses the multi-disc helping of the mating, thereby reduction the velocity dispute. From hither the oil is returned to a tankful via an adjustable chip valve which controls the oil insistency and consequently the pressing on the yoke discs.

    Electronic ascendence substance that the coupler responds ideally in a unharmed grasp of impulsive situations.

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