2002 Volvo S60 Awd

Volvo S60 AWD

At its unveiling, the Volvo S60 was described as the Swedish manufacturers’ sportiest and almost active saloon…always. The succeeding leg in the fellowship’s committal to enhanced impulsive delight is now useable – the Volvo S60 AWD – the outset Volvo with electronically controlled all-wheel-drive.

2002 Volvo S60 Awd

Electronically-Controlled All-Wheel Drive

The Volvo S60 AWD features electronically controlled AWD. The Active-On-Demand (AOD) organisation has been highly-developed in coaction with one of the pioneers therein airfield – the Swedish troupe Haldex. Therein new arrangement, the might is distributed betwixt the forepart and bum wheels via a wet multi-plate hold.

2002 Volvo S60 Awd

The procedure of this alone figure is shared into tercet parts: hydraulic, mechanical, and electronic systems.

The whole can be regarded as a hydraulic ticker that when a hurrying departure ‘tween forepart and backside wheels occurs, a hydraulic ticker generates oil insistency that forces two sets of wet clasp plates to finale. When both axles are rotating at the like fastness, insistency is rock-bottom delivery the effort wheels into equipoise.

As it is a mechanical plunger heart, the reaction is most instant – some 15″” of bike revolution, without any holdup occurring as a resultant of decelerate pumping.

The arrangement is electronically controlled done a faculty mounted on the backside derivative. It forms share of a whole with the hoofer centrifugal and the ascendancy valve. The derivative electronic faculty communicated with the Locomotive Restraint Faculty (ECM) and bracken ascendance faculty via the Command Expanse Meshing (CAN). The derivative electronic faculty uses detector signals to ascendancy oil coerce on the wet clutches plates by adjusting a controller valve.

2002 Volvo S60 Awd

2002 Volvo S60 AWD

The oil force on the wet grip plates determines the torsion that can be transferred to the bum wheels where the trapping and the doughnut-shaped plunger are affiliated to one axle spell the plunger command whole is affiliated to the over-the-counter axle. When both axles are rotating at the like swiftness, no pumping takes office. As presently as a remainder in amphetamine arises, the pumping and menstruation of oil starts.

Oil is supplied to a clench plunger which compresses the wet clench gang accordingly reduces the swiftness remainder. The oil returns to the source via an adjustable throttle, which controls the oil pressing, and hence the insistence on the wet grip.

The electronic mastery agency that the clasp functionality can be altered to dissimilar impulsive situations.

Intelligent System

The AWD arrangement is electronically well-informed. It senses what route stipulation (done route bicycle slippage) and what the driver wants. This info provides the groundwork for whether and how the scheme is to act.

2002 Volvo S60 Awd

When accelerating on a unmanageable rise, e.g. loosen dumbfound, flying sinewy and instant booking takes post. During a low velocity cornering or parking operate, the arrangement knows that the deviation in speeding ‘tween the wheels does not need employment – and as a resolution, the inactivity experient with early systems in interchangeable situations is avoided.

The AWD arrangement is attached to the fomite Manifold electric arrangement. As a termination, it communicates with the early systems in the car in edict to optimise all-wheel cause to lucifer most any drive position. This digital communicating involves the Grip Controller Organisation (TRACS), e.g..

Source January 2002, it testament likewise be potential to fit the Volvo S60 AWD with DSTC (Active Constancy and Grip Command) for improve slue command during contrary brave weather.

Lightning-Fast Engagement And Disengagement

2002 Volvo S60 Awd

The electronically controlled AWD scheme is characterized commencement and firstly by its highly flying booking and pullout multiplication, a encourage instance of Volvo Cars’ dedication to drive condom.

“The hurrying of the arrangement gives what was already a well-adjusted car exceptionally beneficial route manipulation. Abaft all, the possessor of a saloon does not use all-wheel effort principally for handiness but for optimum roadholding and stableness,” says Hans Gustavsson, Older V.p. Explore, Exploitation & Buy at Volvo Car Tummy.

Five-Cylinder Turbocharged Intercooled Engine Developing 197hp

The Volvo S60 AWD is weaponed with a five-cylinder, 2.4-litre locomotive with a light-pressure turbocharger. Outturn is 197 hp at 5,100 rpm and uttermost torsion is 210 lb./ft. at a low 1,800 rpm.

This locomotive is besides victimised in the Volvo S60 2.4T. It is a mem of the new contemporaries of RN engines, which sustain undergone across-the-board modifications to shuffling them cleanser and more fuel-efficient.

Straightaway responding turbocharged locomotive direction package substance that the locomotive has a lightning reaction and telling exponent at low locomotive speeds – two rattling significant features when it comes to the Volvo S60 AWD’s dynamical characteristics.

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