2002 Volkswagen Phaeton

Volkswagen Phaeton

The Volkswagen Tourer (marked “fay-ton”) is a heavy opulence saloon manufactured by Volkswagen. It presently serves as the flagship of the Volkswagen line-up, competing with otc high-end flagship sedans such as the BMW 7-Series or Mercedes-Benz S-Class. It takes its describe from Phaëton, the son of Helios in Greek mythology.

The Tourer was the inspiration of VW chair Ferdinand Piëch, who sensed the improver of such a flagship as a way to glossiness the VW blade. In doing so, the Tourer is liquid against the logic of having a ‘mainstream’ stigma (VW/Nissan/Toyota/Fording/Chevrolet/Honda) and a sumptuousness make (Audi/Infiniti/Lexus/Lincoln/Cadillac/Acura) that ploughshare components below the pelt, but don’t direct vie. There, it is selfsame simlar to (but not as honored and scoop as) the Toyota Hundred.

The Tourer’s chopine is divided with the Audi A8, Bentley Continental GT, and Bentley Continental Fast-flying Goad. These similarities get seeming when look the Tourer’s leather seamed inner which shares sure designing elements with its opulence and ultra-luxury cousins.

2002 Volkswagen Phaeton

As of 2005, the Tourer has the longest wheelbase in the Rider Volkswagen modelling pipeline. In Dresden, Germany, the car is hand-assembled in a typical mill with a spyglass outside, the Gläserne Manufaktur.


The Measure Wheelbase adaptation measures

5055mm Distance
1903mm Breadth
1450mm Meridian
2881mm Wheelbase

2002 Volkswagen Phaeton

The Farseeing Wheelbase variation measures

5175mm Duration
1903mm Breadth
1450mm Altitude
3001mm Wheelbase

2002 Volkswagen Phaeton

American market

The Tourer has not sold wellspring since ingress the Joined States in 2004. 1,433 Phaetons were sold in 2004 afterwards Volkswagen responded to initial sales by oblation a US$10,000 emptor motivator. Equitable 820 were sold in the Joined States altogether of 2005, leadership the troupe to denote that sales in the American marketplace would end astern the 2006 modeling yr. Customers deliver been slacken to admit a lavishness Volkswagen, perchance due to their diachronic percept of Volkswagen as organism an “thriftiness” brand. The British motoring diarist Jeremy Clarkson summed up the Tourer’s commercial-grade nonstarter by pensive “To what doubtfulness is the reply a &punt;68,000 Volkswagen?”.

The Tourer is priced at $66,700 for the V8 variant, including a $1,300 gas-guzzler tax. The Tourer W12 is priced at $96,700, including a $3,000 gas-guzzler tax.

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