2002 Porsche Boxster S

Porsche Boxster S

The Porsche Boxster S develops its master index from a six-cylinder pugilist locomotive displacing 3.2 litres. Utmost turnout at 6250 rpm is 185 kW or 252 bhp. Crown torsion of 305 N metres or 225 lb-ft comes from 4500 rpm. But fifty-fifty at glower locomotive speeds the 3.2-litre does not inevitably indigence a glower train. For one of its nearly out-standing fortes is its exceedingly quiet and proportionate torsion curl from the earth up clear to utmost locomotive fastness. Deliberation 1295 kg, the Boxster accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 5.9 seconds and reaches a top fastness of 260 km/h or 161 mph.

Six gears for pure driving pleasure

The six-speed manual gearbox featured as touchstone on the Porsche Boxster S is matched absolutely to the locomotive and its particular characteristics. Tiptronic S, successively, is uncommitted as an alternative, furnished with Porsche’s manual ascendance in the machinelike manner: Eve with the infection in situation D, this part allows the driver to interfere via a toggle on the wheel, unfirm up or devour inside fractions of a irregular.

Incredibly smooth and stable in bends

Another challenging sport of the Porsche Boxster S is its owing impulsive doings boosting the car’s dynamical operation to the highest layer. The requisite stimulant providing this criterion comes not sole from the well-adjusted mid-engine conception, but too from the sportsmanlike Porsche-style reprieve offer optimal stableness in aeroembolism. The springiness/muffler organization features tied firmer springs and blow absorbers reflecting the car’s sovereign execution. A finical gene receiving extra circumstance from Porsche’s developing engineers is the brakes, extra-large bracken discs oblation tremendous operation militia requiring solitary a cold-shoulder step-up in wheel forces evening in Porsche’s long-familiar attenuation tryout conducted below uttermost weather with the brakes existence applied full-scale no less than 25 multiplication in a row.

2002 Porsche Boxster S

Wide range of standard features

Titanium-coloured air scoops at the breast and the titanium-coloured Boxster S appointment on the arse trunk lid place Porsche’s runabout at selfsame kickoff vision. Advance signs of eminence placeable compensate from the starting are the measure 17-inch wheels in exceptional invention for the Porsche Boxster S, bracken callipers motley red, and the duplicate eject tailpipe. The all-inclusive grasp of stock features includes an alarm with full-of-the-moon surveillance of the inside also as a office ascendence whole likewise helping to surface the breast and bum lids electrically.

Built for Performance

2002 Porsche Boxster S

The Porsche Boxster S – intelligibly, this substance evening quicker, flush more potent, flush safer. Featuring a six-speed manual gearbox as banner, the Boxster S accelerates to 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds. Quickening from 80-120 km/h in top gearing takes just 10.3 seconds, and the top velocity is 260 km/h or 161 mph.

From extraneous you bequeath scarce observation the higher-up mightiness and functioning of the Porsche Boxster S. Peradventure the 17-inch light-alloy wheels featured as banner, with the Porsche logotype in inkiness, too as the cross-drilled bracken discs with the bracken callipers multicolor red, are the clearest preindication of preeminence. Differently alone a few circumspect details grass the additional powerfulness and operation this car has to propose. Examples are the extra air aspiration best at the figurehead inwardness and the powerful-looking counterpart tailpipes replacement the common egg-shaped shriek.

Extra power behind the cockpit

Alike its “stock” vis-a-vis, the Porsche Boxster S comes with the locomotive in midship organisation betwixt the cockpit and the bum axle. The flat-six displaces 3.2 litres – an increment in sizing guaranteeing not sole a meaning hike in superpower by 23 kW or 38 bhp to 185 kW or 252 bhp at 6250 rpm, but besides importantly more torsion up from 260 N metres (192 lb-ft) clear to 305 N metres (225 lb-ft) at 4500 rpm. The 3.2-litre might whole excels too done its rattling symmetrical torsion bend, with duplicate brawn peculiarly at glower and higher locomotive speeds. The ingredients providing this higher-ranking index and execution clear to the uttermost locomotive hurrying of 7200 rpm are four-valve engineering, adjustable VarioCam camshafts and the two-stage sonority uptake multiply.

Gearshift – either manual or automatic

In edict to capitalize fully on the superordinate index and functioning of the 3.2-litre locomotive, the Porsche Boxster S comes with a six-speed manual gearbox. This ensures proportionate appurtenance increments at all speeds, fashioning entire use of locomotive torsion and avoiding fifty-fifty the slightest “gaps” betwixt gears when shift up.

As an selection the Porsche Boxster S is likewise usable with five-speed Tiptronic S over with transmitting ratios matched to the car’s higher-up functioning. The 5 speeds countenance the driver to use the locomotive powerfulness and execution usable separately and without the slightest attempt passim the potential fastness scope. Manual treatment via the toggle levers on the wheel enable the driver to switch gears manually eve with the picker prise unexpended in the reflexive manner.

The suspension – dynamic all the way

Reflecting the eventide higher story of functioning and the slender growth in slant complete the “veritable” Boxster, the anatomy and abatement of the car too had to be limited. Isolated from firmer springs and anti-roll bars, the focussing therein serve of qualifying was principally on the impact absorbers now fifty-fifty firmer than ahead and with optimised springiness reception. Piece the movement axle, with the exclusion of the new respite tuning, did not ask any vary, the bottom axle features revised bicycle mounts and directional elements as a protection to the car’s enhanced operation. Yearner behind axle restraint weaponry dish to step-up toe-in rigourousness, significance that the alter in toe-in upon condensation of the springs is decreased consequently. A foster gunpoint is that the bigger pedal bearings service to heighten cant rigourousness. In recitation both of these features act unitedly to optimize drive constancy at gamey speeds and in aeroembolism.

More brake power

Intelligibly, the brakes too has to fulfil a new received on the Boxster S, Porsche departure far bey the requirements of internal lawmaking. The new modeling thus comes with a brakes full equal for level utmost mount passes or a well-nigh active panache of motoring. The 17-inch wheels fitted as received, with 205/50 ZR 17 tyres on the figurehead 7J x 17 ET 55 rims and 255/40 ZR 17 tyres on the ass 8.5J x 17 ET 50 wheels, commit the reprieve engineers the exemption mandatory for ensuring the essential slowing. The bracken discs deliver the like dimensions as on the 9-11 Carrera, with diam on the breast wheels now measure 318 mm (12.52″) and bracken record breadth increased to 28 mm or 1.10″. The diam of the bracken discs at the ass, successively, now measures 299 mm (11.77″), piece the breadth of the ass bracken discs, last, is 24 mm or 0.94″. The last head is that the bracken discs are now cross-drilled to guarantee not solitary amend chilling, but besides an optimal reply in wet weather, the piddle celluloid betwixt the bracken platter and facing beingness expeditiously remote. Another essential factor this setting is the four-piston fixed-calliper aluminum brakes. The monobloc construct patented by Porsche, with long-familiar advantages such as superscript rigorousness, optimal licentiousness of oestrus and dependableness, is course too featured on the Porsche Boxster S.

All-round safety concept

Focus on the front of the car, Porsche continues to use a combining of longitudinal and transversal supporting beams providing the needful stableness and an incisively outlined dispersion of impingement forces in a hit. Areas especially open to elf forces such as the doors and bulkhead supports are built as in the yesteryear by highly remains and static b sword members toughened in a peculiar pressure-hardening outgrowth ensuring victor qualities.

Clank behaviour and stableness of the Porsche Boxster S are besides passing goodness in a rollover. The high-strength tubing structured in the ultra-rigid A-posts gives the windscreen bod spectacular constancy. The high-strength stainless roster bar positioned now ass the seating too helps to observe the endurance partition for the driver and rider in a rollover.

Isolated from the head-on driver and rider airbags, the Boxster S comes as received with POSIP Porsche Slope Impingement Shelter featuring sidebags for utmost safe likewise in a hit from the english. The peculiar sport almost POSIP is that the airbags are intentional to render their superordinate guard and auspices too in an unfold exchangeable. In collisions from the slope, the sidebags not solitary give the occupants the requirement touchstone of guard at berm altitude, but besides soften the full consistence of the driver and rider clear from thorax to nous story.

Refined features and equipment

Wish on the Boxster, the blackness soft-paint coating serves particularly to climb the board, kernel comfort and threshold panels. The ceiling comes with just accommodation internal framework liner screening the ceiling bars and minimising any dissonance able-bodied to wear the car via the ceiling from extraneous.

Porsche’s designers birth tending the national of the Boxster S level greater clean elegance than on the “fixture” Boxster. The board, e.g., has been neat by roughly advanced modifications, two especially salient features existence the greyish-silver pawn dials and the aluminium-coloured surrounds surrounding the instruments. So, naturally, thither are the threshold strips on the driver’s and rider’s position presence the “Boxster S” simulation denomination.

To polish its single lineament, the Porsche Boxster S comes with a all-inclusive scope of ease features all fitted as received. These admit, bury alia, an alarm with midland surveillance, remote with galvanising liberation of the figurehead and backside lids besides as a store office on the driver’s bum.

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