2002 Porsche 911 Targa

Porsche 911 Targa

The Porsche 9-11 Targa updates a sliding spyglass ceiling conception kickoff secondhand on the previous-generation 9-11 Targa, offered in the U.S. in 1996 and 1997. The all-new Porsche 9-11 Targa shares the 3.6-liter, 320-horsepower locomotive, 9-11 Turbo-inspired front-end styling and inside enhancements with the redesigned 911 Carrera models that Porsche introduced for 2002. The bigger locomotive makes these the well-nigh potent unremarkably aspirated 9-11 models e’er offered in N America. In visibility, the Porsche 9-11 Targa can be magisterial by its precipitously narrowing backside position deoxyephedrine. Cart coefficient is the like as the 9-11 Carrera Coupe – 0.30.

Unique Sliding Glass Roof

The 2002 9-11 Targa expands on the conception of the premature modelling, which introduced a enceinte power-operated sliding ice ceiling that slid below the bum windowpane. The biggest dispute from the old Porsche 9-11 Targa is that the behind windowpane in the new modelling is hinged to clear, providing commodious admission to the back trunk. In the 2002 9-11 Targa, fold the behind seatbacks refine provides 8.1 three-dimensional feet (230 liters) of lading quad, compared to 7.1 three-dimensional feet (201 liters) in the 9-11 Carrera Coupe. The step-up is due primarily to unlike inside passementerie to oblige the ice cap.

The 2002 Porsche 9-11 Targa offers a crystalize panorama of the sky done more 16 straight feet (1.5 feather meters) of spyglass, more any 9-11 framework always. Urgent one release activates two electrical motors that restfully afford the cap by most 20 inches, (0.5-meter), providing a ceiling hatchway of most 700 foursquare inches (0.45 foursquare meters), near doubly the sizing of the 9-11 Carrera Coupe sunshine-roof orifice. The cap is made of the like pre-tensioned laminated safe ice as the windscreen.

2002 Porsche 911 Targa

Quiet Ride, Protection from The Sun

When the deoxyephedrine cap opens, a lead deflector deploys at the stellar border, reduction upheaval and allowing alfresco impulsive, eventide in colder upwind. Porsche intentional the deflector to dungeon flatus haphazardness to astir the like storey as that of the 9-11 Carrera Coupe with sunshine-roof. A material sunshade mechanically extends out below the methamphetamine cap when unsympathetic to protect occupants from the sun’s passion and spotlight (ice has UV tinting, too). The unsighted besides provides an extra bed of detachment from insensate endure.

The seatbelt anchors disagree from those in the 9-11 Carrera Coupe and are placed below the wider cap pillars. The curler housings are bigger, with plenty way for constitutional lights that crystallise when the ass chalk brood is open.

2002 Porsche 911 Targa

Remote Opening

The ceiling likewise opens remotely with a consecrated clit on the key fob. In add-on, the driver can surface the ceiling and english windows with the remote by property refine the door-unlock clitoris for more tercet seconds. Retention the mesh release for more trey seconds closes the ceiling and windows.

The 2002 Porsche 9-11 Targa is the low 9-11 to boast a bottom incubate hatchway. The meth cover opens either by the galvanizing liberation set close the threshold sill or remotely from the key fob. In either lawsuit, it requires but a rebuff rhytidectomy, so gas-pressure struts obscure ass the windowpane passementerie clear it the ease of the way. When the cover is lowered, an automatonlike nigher pulls it amply shut.

Unique Upper Body Structure

All 9-11 models for 2002 standard geomorphologic enhancements. Porsche intentional a unequaled speed structure for the Porsche 9-11 Targa to assure the forcefulness and safe expected of any Porsche fomite.

Exploitation an estimation borrowed from the 911 Cabriolet, Porsche engineers strengthened the A-pillars internally victimisation 1.2-inch (30-millimeter) loggerheaded high-strength sword tubes. In the Porsche 9-11 Targa, this supererogatory nerve reward extends clear dorsum to the C-pillars and is welded to the structure done adjunction plates. The B-pillars widen upwards into the ceiling rail to supply optimum face lastingness. This Targa-specific technology ensures torsional and flexing force on par with the 9-11 Coupes.

The Porsche 9-11 Targa, which weighs astir 150 pounds more the 9-11 Carrera Coupe, features its own springiness and shock tuning to commit it the like manipulation capacity as that example. The extra weightiness has minimum hob on the car’s operation: the Porsche 9-11 Targa accelerates from zero-to-62 mph (100 km/h) in equitable 5.2 seconds, compared to 5.0 seconds for the 9-11 Carrera Coupe.

New Look Enhances Aerodynamics

For 2002, the 9-11 Carrera and Targa models dungeon their plain 9-11 visibility and assume the headlamp conception of the 911 Turbo, summation a new wrought forepart and redesigned ovate fumes tailpipes. The new headlamp invention improves kindling execution. The optional Bi-Xenon headlights use high-intensity gas dismissal bulbs for both the low and highschool beams.

The invention changes are not good decorative. The new presence air intakes gain airflow to the radiators by 15 percentage. Reshaping the radii of the strawman bicycle arches and adding pocket-sized, whippy spoilers beforehand of the movement wheels has decreased facelift at the presence by 25 percentage and 40 pct at the backside. In improver, new air inspiration ducts heighten forepart bracken chilling, and a new underfloor channel enhances infection chilling by 20 pct.

Comfort and Convenience

Ilk the 9-11 Carrera models, the Porsche 9-11 Targa shares its board with the 9-11 Turbo. The criterion onboard estimator conveys entropy on an LCD show inside the tach. In gain to entropy roughly fire usance and drive scope, the calculator can expose locomotive oil story, away temperature and 35 unlike admonition messages in champaign schoolbook.

The Porsche 9-11 Targa benefits from the like national enhancements to the 2002 9-11 Carrera models, including a three-spoke sports wheel and redesigned centre vents. The removed incoming scheme controls backside retentivity purpose when the optional mightiness seating are logical. The distant determines which of the foursome car keys is engaged and transmits the data for driver’s buns post and outside mirrors to the storage controller whole. Aside from the part provided by the four-spot programmable keys, the driver can take two otc ass positions via buttons to the leftfield of the arse.

The lockable glovebox and a cupholder incorporate into the core dassie add gismo, piece flatness surfaces for the switches heighten haptic calibre. The optional Parking Serve with sensors unified into the bumper covers can assist foreclose parking manoeuver “fender-benders” by looking an hearable alive as the car gets finisher to an obstruction. The movement bole is furnished with an anti-entrapment liberation with national address, and the car keys sport a colouring Porsche summit.

All 2002 Porsche models characteristic led (LED) inside predilection lights. One LED provides assuage miniature of the cockpit and gist soothe. An LED on the driver’s slope threshold hold illuminates the lock and sparkle transposition, and an LED illuminates apiece latch.

New Bose Digital Audio System

New for 2002, an optional Bose digital audio organisation combines balanced stereophony, a bird’s-eye vocalise stagecoach, cryptic basso and polish oftenness reaction to make graphic euphony replica eventide in the thought-provoking surround of a car midland. Digital amplifiers furnish cleanse, uncoloured voice at any hearing story. In the Porsche 9-11 Targa, the 11 advance loudspeakers, including a subwoofer, portmanteau seamlessly into cabin passementerie, rearing and turnout the fathom level and ensuring balanced stereophonic.

The optional Porsche Communicating Direction scheme (not usable in Canada) integrates controls and displays for Ball-shaped Aligning Planet (GPS) sailing, onboard estimator, and clime controller. A five-inch (stroke) LCD colouring blind displays all functions.

Enlarged 320-Horsepower Engine

Porsche increased translation of the six-cylinder bagger locomotive in the unremarkably aspirated 9-11 models from 3.4 liters to 3.6 liters. The bigger supplanting, on with over-the-counter powerplant changes, has boosted h.p. to 320 (235 kW) from 300, increased torsion and provided more herculean and sander locomotive answer.

Although based on the 9-11 Carrera locomotive introduced in MY 1999, the locomotive in the 2002 models uses an whole new spinning forum (crankshaft, pistons and connecting rods). The virgule has been increased from 3.07 in. (78.0 mm) to 3.26 in. (82.8 mm), patch aegir cadaver the like at 3.78 inches (96.0 mm), increasing translation from 206.7 cu. in. (3,387 cc) to 219.4 cu. in. (3,596 cc).

Locomotive architecture stiff the like. An al block and heads brand the locomotive spark. Patented LOKASIL high-silicon cylinder liners aid slim rubbing and vesture to such a floor that Porsche can commend a 15,000-mile (24,000 km) oil vary separation and a 30,000-mile (48,000 km) oil percolate commute separation.

New VarioCam Plus

Excursus from the deracination increment, the biggest vary to the 9-11 locomotive is the adjustment of the VarioCam Positive valve timing and elevator arrangement from the 9-11 Turbo. VarioCam Addition not lonesome adjusts camshaft spot to offer incessantly adjustable valve timing, but incorporates two camshaft profiles and two sets of tappets to deviate both valve elevator and continuance, also. The new organization helps diversify and smooth the torsion kink piece portion to thin emissions.

Broader Torque Curve

The dual-stage rapport air ingestion scheme – optimized for the bigger shift locomotive – likewise helps further powerfulness and torsion at midrange locomotive speeds. The 2002 9-11 locomotive produces 273 lb.-ft. (370 Nm) of crest torsion at 4,250 rpm, with leastwise 236 lb.-ft. (320 Nm) usable from 2,500-7,000 rpm and a midrange torsion “tableland” of leastways 265 lb.-ft. (359 Nm) from 3,800-6,000 rpm.

Consecutive multi-port fire injectant features fork fire intermixture command for apiece cylinder camber, and a coil-on-plug ignition provides nimble reply and dependable surgery. The ME 7.8 locomotive mastery faculty incorporates the E-Gas electronic confine. In situation of a traditional bound line frame-up, E-Gas electronically transmits bike post to the locomotive ascendancy whole. Mufflers with less backpressure than those on 2001 9-11 models breathe a more potent audio done fresh intentional elliptical tailpipes.

Aluminum Suspension Components

The four-wheeled mugwump respite features a Porsche-optimized MacPherson-strut designing ahead and a multilink frame-up in the arse, both with aluminium abatement components to slenderize unsprung burthen. Movement and arse stabiliser bars and gas-charged jounce absorbers cater blandish cornering. Banner index rack-and pennon direction yields a straightaway 2.98 turns lock-to-lock and a nasty 34.8-ft. (10.6-meter) turn rope.

The banner “Carrera II” al debase wheels amount 17 x 7 inches before and backing 205/50 ZR17 tires; the 17 x 9-inch back wheels setting 255/40 ZR17 tires. The optional 18-inch roll/outwear packet encourage enhances the already acute treatment. The wheels step 18 x 8 inches ahead and 18 x 10 inches in the backside; tires are 225/40 ZR18 before and 285/30 ZR18 in the bottom.

2002 Porsche 911 Targa

Racecar-Derived Brakes

The 9-11 Targa not just owes its epithet to Porsche racing inheritance, but its bracken engineering, also. The four-wheeled vented saucer brakes with ABS 5.3 anti-lock restraint are derived from the Porsche GT1 racecar. The “monoblock” (one-piece) bracken calipers concentrate rut and unsprung weightiness.

The strawman discs mensuration 12.5 inches in diam and 1.1-inch midst (318 mm x 28 mm). The ass discs measuring about as enceinte at 11.8 inches in diam and 0.95-inch boneheaded (299 mm x 24 mm). The cross-drilled discs fritter rut to asseverate braking functioning and bracken tone flush nether heavy utilisation. (Porsche requires brakes to supply 25 successive full-force chicago without slice.)

Porsche Stability Management

The optional Porsche Stableness Direction organization (PSM) can heighten manipulation below a kind of impulsive weather. Exploitation information from respective detector inputs, PSM can find a release of bag at the strawman or arse and slim imbalance by applying braking to mortal wheels and, if necessity, neutering locomotive exponent.

On slippy roadstead, PSM can assistant dungeon the Porsche 9-11 Targa exit in the focussing the driver steers. The PSM scheme operates so quick that virtually drivers probably volition not flavour the corrections. The driver can free PSM with a splashboard transposition. Nonetheless, for rubber, PSM testament betroth nether braking then free whenever the driver lifts off the bracken. Piece the arrangement provides active manipulation aid, Porsche cautions drivers that PSM cannot subvert the laws of physics.

Choice of Transmissions

Porsche offers a prize of two transmissions on the 2002 Porsche 9-11 Targa: a precisely-shifting banner six-speed manual and the optional Tiptronic S five-speed robotlike. Porsche increased the torsion content of the manual transmittance for the more sinewy 2002 9-11 models by victimization a stronger debase nerve on key components. In increase, the yield cock runs in ternary bearings alternatively of two, and the derivative uses stronger chamfer gears. As earlier, a dual-mass flywheel ensures low shaking, and a hydraulic clutches provides uniform functioning.

For 2002, the 9-11 Carrera and Targa models espouse the Tiptronic S contagion from the 9-11 Turbo, which can deal greater torsion production than the transmittance victimised in the 2001 models. The lock-up torsion convertor and shifty programs deliver been peculiarly trim to the course aspirated locomotive. With the ripe Tiptronic S, the driver can spot the shifting jimmy into “D” and let the contagion do the shifty, or shifting into “M” and controller gearshifts with steerage wheel-mounted hitchhike switches.

Tiptronic S uses one of phoebe programmed switch maps to react to the impulsive flair. E.g., during easygoing drive, Tiptronic S leave upshift former to supply a placidity rag and the topper fire efficiency. Faster gas accomplish leave recall a flashy sack syllabus, which holds apiece appurtenance yearner for chip reply and index.

The computer-controlled Tiptronic S responds similar a driver workings a manual transmittance, downshifting or retention frown gears when cornering and impulsive on hills. Tiptronic S likewise allows the driver to blue-ribbon manual way by pressure an up- or downshift clit, eventide with the sack jimmy in the “D” post.

Innovative Safety Technology

With the eminent functioning potentiality and alfresco drive delight of the Porsche 9-11 Targa comes a highschool stratum of resident security. A patented rumple district structure protects the strengthened rider compartment. New seatbelt pretensioners and loading limiters appurtenance the three-point inertia-reel seatbelts altogether 9-11 models for 2002. All new Porsche models admit double battlefront airbags addition the Porsche Incline Shock Tribute Organisation that includes boron-steel threshold reward beams, endoergic threshold panels, and door-mounted english airbags. The 30-liter capability sidebags allow extra auspices for the bureau, drumhead, and hip, as stock equipment.

Available U.S. Child Seat

At a client’s quest, a U.S. Porsche trader can establish a arrangement that deactivates the rider presence and position airbags when a Porsche-approved shaver behind is ill-used. The organization features a crossbreed bitstock with bash lock presence of the rider arse. Buckling the limited fry bum into this bracing deactivates the airbags. To instal the scheme, the trader besides mustiness reprogram the airbag ascendence faculty.

Targa Heritage

The get-go Porsche 9-11 Targa exemplar presented a rightfully groundbreaking overture to alfresco motoring when it was introduced to Northward American customers in 1967. (Porsche did not insert a 9-11 Cab modeling until 1984). Ahead introducing the commencement 9-11 coupe exemplar in 1965, Porsche had traditionally sold a gravid balance of unfold cars. Porsche intentional the 9-11 Targa modelling so the companionship could propose an alfresco car in the upshot that new guard regulations eliminated unfeigned convertibles.

The offset Porsche 9-11 Targa featured a great, obliterable laborious ceiling division ended the doors. A stainless-steel-covered geomorphological basket ended the mid-section of the car provided both extra eubstance strengthener and a unequaled (and oft imitated) innovation constituent. Arse the ring, a cushy cap department folded refine below a tonneau masking. For 1968, buyers could take a rigid, wraparound chalk bum windowpane on the Porsche 9-11 Targa, and this became the touchstone pattern for 1972. Spell terminated the geezerhood standardised ceiling designs birth been called “targa roofs,” the diagnose Targa as it applies to automobiles is a Porsche-owned brand.

2002 Porsche 911 Targa

The 9-11 Targa manakin continued with this eubstance form until 1993. By so, the popularity of the 9-11 Cab had decreased need for the archetype ceiling conception of the 9-11 Targa. Porsche engineers recognised the dispute of inventing a new eubstance elan to ingathering to the respectable share of 9-11 buyers who calm treasured something in betwixt a sunshine-roof and a unfeigned transmutable. Their resolve arrived as the sliding methamphetamine ceiling for the 1996 Porsche 9-11 Targa, a conception enhanced for the all-new 2002 manakin.

Named for A Race

Though the intelligence “Targa” translates into “cuticle,” the figure was not derived from the car’s cap designing. Sooner, the describe stems from Sicily’s graeco-roman Targa Florio (“harbour of Florio”) route run, low run in 1906. Porsche cars had enjoyed practically winner in the Targa Florio in the Sixties and Seventies, fetching various multiplication in consecrated racecars. A Porsche 9-11 Carrera RSR won the conclusion “master” Targa Florio wash in 1973. Nowadays, a historical Targa Florio slipstream runs done Sicily. Interestingly, a racecar intentional by Ferdinand Porsche called “Sascha” won a course triumph in the 1922 Targa Florio.

Custom Options

Porsche Cars Northwards America offers customers in the Joined States and Canada the chance to personalise their cars done two option-selection channels. Collectively the quality of limited-availability especial blusher colours, the especial options let a client to piddle a Porsche into a really one-of-a-kind car.

The Porsche Undivided plan offers a wide-cut raiment of optional features installed at the manufactory. Options admit tradition inside clipping packages and mortal shave items. The Porsche four-year/50,000-mile (80,000-kilometer) bumper-to-bumper warrantee covers all Sole options, and Porsche dealers can admit the be of the options in the letting or finance declaration.

The Tequipment (“Tech-quipment”) plan offers a occupation of accessories usable lone from authoritative Porsche dealers. Tequipment options admit such items as peculiar wheels, a new-for-2002 aerobody kit, board shave kits, CD changers and usance floormats. Customers can club Tequipment options at the clip of leverage or regaining to the franchise for instalment ulterior. Spell facility of Tequipment may expect roughly modifications to the car, such modifications do not sham the car’s stock special warrant. Tequipment items accompany a biennial warrant when installed by a qualified technician at an authoritative Porsche franchise.

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