2002 Porsche 911 Gt2

Porsche 911 GT2

The Porsche 9-11 GT2 combines the clean quality of the 9-11 GT3 with the as sovereign functioning of the 9-11 Turbo. The quickest phallus of the 9-11 category, the 9-11 GT2 accelerates to 100 km/h in a simple 4.1 seconds, stretch the 200 km/h grade afterward fair 12.9 seconds. And this press for onging gait and accomplish does not pertain an end until the car has reached its top swiftness of no less than 315 km/h or 195 mph. Racing beat the northerly tour of Nürburgring, the 9-11 GT2 flush outperforms the GT3, with a lap meter of 7:47 transactions.

Biturbo engine developing 340 kW (462 bhp)

The powerfulness whole featured in the new Porsche 9-11 GT2 is a high-performance phylogenesis variant of the six-cylinder horizontally opposed locomotive commencement appearance in the 9-11 Turbo. The two turbochargers now deliver an eve higher air throughput allowing an growth in guardianship insistence nether wax loading to 2 bar. Yield of the 3.6-litre ability whole is now 340 kW (462 bhp) at 5700 rpm, that is 10 per penny more on the 9-11 Turbo. Maximal torsion of 620 Newtonmetres or 457 lb-ft comes at a low 3500 rpm and stiff systematically uncommitted until 4500 rpm. All this tremendous powerfulness from the locomotive of the GT2 goes to the bottom wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox.

2002 Porsche 911 Gt2

Ideal weight for a genuine athlete

The focussing in underdeveloped the GT2 was intelligibly on betting powerfulness and functioning to the sheer uttermost. Consequently, the aim was not sole to hike locomotive production, but likewise to cut the burthen of the car. Advisement in at 1440 kilos or 3175 lb, the GT2 is incisively 100 kg or 221 lb flatboat than the 9-11 Turbo, this step-down in burthen linked with the growth in locomotive outturn providing an nonesuch power-to-weight proportion of 4.23 kg/kW or 12.68 lb/bhp.

2002 Porsche 911 GT2

Dynamic performance to the extreme

The execution and drive demeanour of the Porsche 9-11 GT2 distinctly center betting, nimble treatment of the highest measure. Whether the demand is sidelong speedup, freight changes in aeroembolism or lane changes at gamey speeds – this sincerely undischarged Porsche excels in every impulsive position with its rattling heights layer of combat-ready rubber. The cornerstone for dynamical functioning of this sort is ensured by the car’s enhanced aeromechanics and thrifty retuning of the presence and bum hanging with a firmer saltation/cushion organisation and limited bicycle fix.

Ceramic brake discs fitted as standard

The Porsche 9-11 GT2 comes as banner with the subversive Porsche Ceramic Complex Bracken (PCCB) arrangement. Deliberation about 50 per penny less than alloy bracken discs of the like sizing, these ceramic bracken discs concentrate unsprung mass in the car by 16.6 kg or 36.6 lb. Advance qualities of these bracken discs are their selfsame flying reaction, sovereign anti-fading, first-class reception and demeanour eve when wet, a farseeing serving sprightliness and out-and-out immunity to corroding.

The Top-Performance Athlete

The combining of graceful streamlining, an passing active and sporty abeyance, and locomotive outturn of 340 kW (462 bhp) gives the Porsche 9-11 GT2 a measure of operation and drive kinetics higher-up eve to the already owing operation of the 9-11 Turbo. With its power-to-weight proportion of 4.23 kilos per kw or 12.68 lb/bhp, the rear-wheel-drive GT2 accelerates from 0 – 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds, arrival the 200 km/h scratch in a simple 12.9 seconds. Top upper is 315 km/h or 195 mph.

Air consumption scoops redesigned and touched far to the out-of-door at the bum fulfil the car’s greater need for chilling air, an air exit direct ahead of the trunk lid charge testimonial to the graceful streamlining of the GT2. Another augury of preeminence context the new modeling divagation from the 9-11 Turbo is the fresh highly-developed behind annex steadfastly rigid in place. Compared with the ass annex of the 9-11 Turbo, this new streamlining characteristic has been positioned both higher and promote to the cover for an extra increment in downforces. Air inlet ducts in the two tips of the annexe process moreover to ply impudent air to the locomotive: air upcoming in done these ducts goes into a gatherer box within the backside lid and from thither immediately into the air permeate.

2002 Porsche 911 Gt2

Flat-six power unit with outstanding power and performance

The mightiness whole is a high-performance phylogeny reading of the flat-six already featured in the 9-11 Turbo. The two turbochargers cater an eve higher air throughput allowing an addition in mission insistency nether total loading to 2 bar. Scorn the higher densification proportion, burster air temperature cadaver the like as ahead, new care air coolers with an eventide higher layer of efficiency providing the requisite equalizer. At the locomotive’s tokenish amphetamine of 5700 rpm, tutelage coerce is now 1.95 bar and peaks off at 6200 rpm, thusly providing a nigh ordered might bend likewise supra the locomotive’s nominative hurrying contempt the increment in beat counterpressure. Utmost production of the 3.6-litre mightiness whole is 340 kW (462 bhp) at 5700 rpm, that is 10 per centime more on the 9-11 Turbo. Utmost torsion of 620 Newtonmetres or 457 lb-ft, successively, comes at a low 3500 rpm and stiff logical clear to 4500 rpm.

As on the GT1 and GT3, oil is supplied to this high-performance exponent whole by hellenic dry sink lubrication with a furcate oil cooler fitted now to the locomotive. Thanks to the optimal contour of the oil pumps and the particular mass of the oil tanks, this arrangement ensures an perfectly dependable add of oil to the locomotive flush nether utmost, durable transversal and longitudinal speedup. The boilersuit number of oil in the oil circle as a unharmed is roughly 11 litres or 19.4 pints.

Obscure from the mufflers with glower expel gas counterpressure, the full exhaust is fundamentally the like as on the 9-11 Turbo. Release emissions are besides at the like story as with the 9-11 Turbo, well complying with the selfsame stern D4 discharge banner. This, successively, substance fulfillment of the EU4 average nether measure trial weather, that is a necessity not orgasm into personnel until 1 January 2005. And it nearly goes without expression that the Porsche 9-11 GT2 complies with the LEV measure applicable in the USA.

911 GT2 with VarioCam Plus

Pursuit the 9-11 Turbo, the 9-11 GT2 is Porsche’s irregular manakin featuring VarioCam Asset. This valve airlift fitting organisation upgrading the long-familiar VarioCam axile allowance of the camshafts to the new VarioCam Positive stock is made up of two interacting, switch cup tappets on the uptake face of the locomotive operated by two cams of unlike sizing on the inlet camshaft. This serves on the one manus to optimize both might and torsion and on the former handwriting to ameliorate fire ingestion and discharge direction, concurrently purification the locomotive’s suavity and graceful demeanor to an level higher criterion than earlier.

Available exclusively with a six-speed manual gearbox

Might is familial to the backside wheels of the Porsche 9-11 GT2 by a six-speed manual gearbox, an evolutionary maturation from the quondam exemplar with international chilling of transmitting mobile and splashing oil lubrication. The transmittance ratios of the somebody gears besides as the net effort get both been carried o’er from the 9-11 Turbo, conjointly all the measures interpreted for enhanced durability and stableness likewise as higher-ranking interference ascendancy. The synchronizing rings on the gears are made of brand rather of cheek, the greater enduringness and immunity of this cloth encounter the eve higher requirements to be fulfilled therein suit.

Sporting suspension in conjunction with ceramic brake discs

The form and hanging of the GT2 is intentional for dissipated operation to the uttermost addition victor treatment at all multiplication and altogether situations, frankincense header with an eventide higher banner of execution higher-up level thereto of the 9-11 Turbo. Isolated from the ecumenical requirements made of the presence and arse axle pursual from these demands, this, entomb alia, way that the car’s center of sombreness has been lowered by 20 millimetres, the use of adjustable anti-roll bars and a suspension compatible with racing springs, likewise as redundant alteration of axle geometry for the use of racing tyres.

The GT2 is Porsche’s kickoff sports car fitted as stock with the Porsche Ceramic Complex Bracken (PCCB) scheme. Advisement 50 per centime less than alloy bracken discs, the cross-drilled, innervented ceramic complex discs mensuration 350 mm or 13.8″ in diam cut unsprung people by 16.6 kilos or 36.6 lb. In continuative with the all-new bracken facing, these ceramic bracken discs forthwith see rattling eminent and ordered rubbing during the intact slowing treat. Corrasion is rock-bottom to a minimal in equivalence with alloy bracken discs thanks to the uttermost coat rigour of the ceramic discs. The overhaul aliveness of the discs is improved consequently, scarce as the fabric is dead immune to erosion in every deference. A promote vantage, last, is that ceramic bracken discs are not touched in any way by self-coloured or liquidity salinity on the route.

Looks and features

The GT2 is allow from the 9-11 Turbo by a routine of comparatively meek and circumspect opthalmic changes. Peculiarly spectacular features are the forepart, the bum annexe frozen in billet, and yellow-painted bracken callipers as the symbolical gloss of the PCCB brakes. The 18-inch light-alloy wheels ejaculate as received with 235/40 R18 tyres and 315/30 R 18 tyres at the back.

Leather-covered glass-fibre pail seating in the GT2 exchange the common seating in the over-the-counter 9-11 models, guaranteeing not fair optimal slope reinforcement, but too splendid solace both on farseeing distances and when entry/exiting the car. Again, it nigh goes without locution that driver, rider and slope airbags all occur as banner, also as former features such as electric windowpane lifts, an electronic immobiliser over with a transponder arrangement, key lockup with remote, and an alarm. As an alternative at no supernumerary price the GT2 is moreover uncommitted with the Porsche CDR 23 CD wireless and reflex air conditioning including an excited c permeate.

Also available in Clubsport guise

The Porsche 9-11 GT2 besides comes as a Clubsport rendering especially highly-developed for the racing partizan capable to enter therein way in prescribed motorsport events without having to pee any major modifications for this aim. A specific lineament therein suit is the rollbar bolted immediately on to the consistency, which can be magnified to shape a ended peal coop.

2002 Porsche 911 Gt2

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