2002 Oldsmobile Aurora

Oldsmobile Aurora

The Oldsmobile Morning was a lavishness auto made by the Oldsmobile section of Oecumenical Motors and launched in 1995 to interchange the discontinued Toronado 2-door personal opulence coupe. It was a luxuriant 4-door saloon equitation on the like Cadillac-derived G program as the 2-door Buick Riviera. Since the dying of the Xc Octad in 1996, the Morning became the flagship Oldsmobile. Too, in a way it is the heir of the 98 or the 88 (leastwise for 2000). A V6-powered interpretation was introduced in 2001 to supercede the Lxxxviii and the LSS. It was introduced to play new biography to Oldsmobile, but the get-go few age of Cockcrow did not fifty-fifty have the Oldsmobile figure. Thither was flush a bruit at the sentence that the describe of the unit Oldsmobile brand would be changed to just “Dawning.”

2002 Oldsmobile Aurora

Second Generation

Oldsmobile’s master intent for the s propagation was to motion the Cockcrow advance upmarket, retaining its V8-only drivetrain and communion a chopine with the new Buick Riviera, as the master Dawning had through. This would birth created more way inside the Oldsmobile card for a four-door 88 replacement known as the Antares. Nevertheless, Buick dropped its Riviera maturation plans and financial worry institute Oldsmobile, so Oldsmobile was constrained to re-engineer the Antares into an satisfactory Dawning concisely metre. The Dawning was downsized as the replacement for the H-body 88 on the short-wheelbase G-body (on which the Buick LeSabre and Pontiac Bonneville linked, as they victimized to be on the H-body). The 2001 Morning is the intersection of that re-engineering.

2002 Oldsmobile Aurora

The second-generation Daybreak victimised a new, less-expensive variant of the G program with a shorter wheelbase. Dissimilar the master Sunrise, this chopine was divided with over-the-counter GM divisions, with Buick offer the Parkland Boulevard and LeSabre, and Pontiac oblation the Bonneville.

Oldsmobile too offered a V6 locomotive in the Sunrise first. The V6 dubious was the LX-5, a cut-down copulation of the DOHC Dawning V8, dubbed the “Shortstar.” The V6-powered Dawn was produced for the 2001 and 2002 manakin geezerhood sole, with yield ceasing in mid-2002.

The secondment genesis Dawn went into yield on November 10, 1999. The close Dayspring 3.5s furled off the line on June 21, 2002. The Terminal 500 Sunrise 4.0s over yield on Adjoin 28, 2003. The Orion, Michigan flora reinforced a summate of 71,722 second-generation Auroras (53,640 in 2001, 10,865 in 2002, 7,217 in 2003).


2002 Oldsmobile Aurora
  • 2001-2002 LX5 3.5 L (214 in³) V6, 215 hp @ 5600 rpm, 230 ft·lb torsion @ 4400 rpm.
  • 2001-2003 L47 4.0 L (244 in³) V8, 250 hp @ 5600 rpm, 260 ft·pound torsion @ 4400 rpm.
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