2002 Mercury Marauder Convertible Concept

Mercury Marauder Convertible Concept

From 2003 to 2004, Fording produced the Piranha as a “high-performance” reading of the Hydrargyrum Thousand Marquess saloon.

2002 Mercury Marauder Convertible Concept

The 2003 Hydrargyrum Predator was based on the Fording Jaguar chopine which utilizes a hydroformed blade anatomy, presence excruciate and quill direction, in accession to entirely revised breast and behind hiatus with monotube jounce absorbers, the Vulture besides had a course aspirated 4.6 L DOHC V8 with 302 hp and 318 ft·lb torsion. 2004 was the finale twelvemonth for this Vulture generally due to lustreless sales, damn by approximately on flavourless styling and an faulty aim interview. Earlier, they were produced in “any coloring the client craved, adieu as it was blacken.” Finally, the Predator was offered in smooth-spoken, amytal, and red but in circumscribed quantities.

Subsequently the Predator was discontinued, the Crossing Cap Victoria LX Fun clay and bears a like appearing to the Piranha but is powered by the lesser 4.6 L 2-valve SOHC V8 locomotive rated at 239 hp. The LX Play lull offers the like outside and home colours of the Piranha, withal it uses woodiness cut on the fascia and doors, dissimilar the Piranha, which victimised aluminium.

Summate yield for the 2003 – 2004 Hg Vulture was 11,052:

  • 2003 – Aggregate: 7839 (328 Dingy, 417 Fluent, 7094 Blacken)
  • 2004 – Sum: 3213 (980 Wickedness Bullfighter Red, 997 Fluent, 1236 Melanise)
  • This clause is accredited below the GNU Release Corroboration Licence. It uses fabric from Wikipedia.

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