2002 Mazda 6 Wagon

Mazda 6 Wagon

The new Mazda6 line-up has been expanded with two new consistency styles and two all-new diesel engines. The refined hatchback Mazda6 Mutant volition prayer to customers looking a more sporting example, patch the fashionable Mazda6 Waggon volition prayer to drivers who put a agiotage on capaciousness and inside tractability. The two diesel drivetrains present state-of-the-art diesel engineering, patch offer the optimum combining of impulsive pleasance and low fire phthisis.

Launched in April this twelvemonth, the new Mazda6 Saloon appeals to European drivers with its dynamical excogitation, sporting manipulation characteristics and roomy home. Now Mazda is adding to this with the risque hatchback Mazda6 Mutation and the broad Waggon. These additions to the Mazda6 ambit establish that the Japanese maker is focalisation intensively on the person tastes and particular requirements of European drivers.

The outside excogitation of the two new personify styles shows the end kinship with the existent Saloon adaptation. The new models let the classifiable Mazda brass, with an expressive five-point lattice, hitting air consumption openings in the movement bumper despoiler and elegantly lean headlamps with crystalise methamphetamine. Seen from the english, the new Mazda6 Mutation does its diagnose justness. The intense fish of the rear windowpane and the graceful visibility of the C-pillar commit the car a dynamical looking, and play a glower and more sportsmanlike appearing. The new Mazda6 Waggon symbolises sportiness in another manikin, with a comparatively discriminating bum windowpane business and black B-pillars to spring the car an graceful yet jazzy appearing, scorn its wide cabin. The backside of both models is henpecked by the unclutter ice lamp fabrication, of like innovation to the movement headlamps. These enclose roughly into the slope panels and render a smooth optic connection betwixt boot reduce and the ass wing.

2002 Mazda 6 Wagon

2002 Mazda 6 Wagon

The inner of both models is likewise intentional in distinctive Mazda6 dash. The rider and baggage compartments are bigger than their gaudy exteriors power betoken. The driver and passengers can bask well-fixed and stress-free drive on foresighted trips due to the use of neat, high-quality materials, the esthetical yet running styling of the instruments, positive the house, well-fixed and richly constructed seating.

The baggage compartments of both new models are passing gravid, with undischarged capacities of 492 litres for the Mazda6 Mutation and 505 litres for the Mazda6 Waggon. Both versions are fitted with Mazda’s unequaled “Karakuri” arse buns organisation, which speedily folds the backside seating into a layer consignment flooring. This is operated by a pry within the trunk, which releases the backrests. The seating mechanically drop and the backrests sheepcote ended them, without the headrests having to be distant.

The great kick bulk is in contribution the resolution of the patented Mazda E-type multilink arse axle. Its covenant designing not lone saves infinite but provides both new Mazda6 models – in combining with the reduplicate A-arm presence axle designing – with first-class roadholding qualities. A all-embracing rail breadth and low kernel of solemnity see sporting treatment, patch accurate guidance provides fantabulous route feedback, whether on the thruway or on distortion state roadstead. Sinewy and effective brakes heighten both models’ treatment characteristics, and piddle Mazda6 Mutation and Waggon two of the outdo cars in their category for braking retardation.

2002 Mazda 6 Wagon

The two early meaning developments can be launch below the cowling of all tercet eubstance styles – for thither are now two forward-looking diesel drivetrains usable, in improver to the trey aluminum admixture four-cylinder gasolene engines, which let been useable since the launching of the Mazda6 Saloon. Both are two-litre indorsement contemporaries common-rail orchestrate injectant engines – one with a powerfulness yield of 89 kW/121 hp patch the gamy superpower variant delivers 100 kW/136 hp. Both engines let quadruplet valves per cylinder and coalesce the greco-roman strengths of a diesel (low fire intake, gamy torsion at low locomotive speeds) with characteristics ordinarily associated with gasoline engines (live drive operation, drive comfortableness, operational eloquence, low emissions). Both diesel engines reach Euro Point III emissions ratings.

The existent image viewgraph cam gasoline engines sustain foursome valves per cylinder, and interject trey displacements: the 1.8-litre produces 88 kW/120 hp, the 2.0-litre 104 kW/141 hp, and the 2.3-litre 122 kw/166 hp. Wish the Mazda6 Saloon, the new Mutation and Waggon models are usable with an optional four-speed robotic transmitting for the 2.0-litre gasolene interpretation.

2002 Mazda 6 Wagon

Guard features for both new Mazda6 consistence styles are capable those of the Saloon. Clangour security is provided by an exceedingly fixed rider cellphone with an cunning geomorphologic designing for the dispersion and immersion of shock zip; piece peaceful rubber features admit airbags, position airbags in the breast, and brain and berm airbags to protect driver and passengers in suit of slope gremlin.

Mazda6 Wagon – The Name Says it All

The new Mazda6 Waggon is surely not a cautiously pragmatic waggon with angulate styling; it is a fashionable, wide and various fomite that embodies the jazzy and active qualities for which the new Mazda6 has apace turn known.

The sporting elegance of the Mazda6 Waggon can directly be seen at the forepart of the fomite, with its juicy five-point grillwork, the contact air aspiration openings in the battlefront bumper coddler and the elegantly slim headlamps with crystalize meth. Seen from the face, the car has an peculiarly jazzy appearing. The typical upset occupation forms a modulation from the sinewy lour torso pattern to the delicately-formed amphetamine trunk. Contempt the fact that the waggon is 20 mm yearner than the Saloon and Athletics versions, the subdued spill of the prolonged cap business, combined with black B-pillar, lends Mazda6’s Waggon a extremely graceful and dynamical appearing. The arse of the car is henpecked, as in the otc models, by the behind lamps. These are alike in invention to the movement headlamps and roll roughly into the slope torso and configuration an ocular liaison betwixt boot shave impanel and the bottom incline pane.

The rider compartment has been intentional in distinctive Mazda6 manner. The fashionable cockpit, with its enceinte, dial-type speedometer and tach and fluent titanium-look center soothe gives fair as dynamical an belief as the outer invention. Internal roominess, combined with high-quality materials, produce a voluptuary atmosphere. The seating are strong and comfy on foresightful trips, patch drivers who effort the active qualities of the new Mazda6 Waggon, leave value the hard face backup of the seating and the seatbacks, which springiness plentitude of sidelong reenforcement to driver and passengers during gruelling cornering.

The trunk is besides wellspring weaponed to handgrip cornering. To preclude baggage or early articles from sliding approximately in boot, the Mazda6 Waggon comes with 8 merged maulers, to which shipment of all sizes can easy be secured. Scorn its clean appearing, this fomite is not one of those “life-style” wagons that bear a hatchback but footling consignment distance. The Mazda6 Waggon offers class-leading charge capacitance of 505 litres summation great versatility due to the Karakuri seat-folding organization. This provides a storey cargo story that is 1906 mm farsighted and 1365 mm wide-cut, with terminated a meter of shipment blank ‘tween the bike wells. Cockeyed to the cap, the Mazda6 Waggon has a book of 1712 litres.

The more-than-ample intensity of the trunk is in function due to the super squeeze E-type multilink bum axle scheme which, combined with the reduplicate A-arm strawman abeyance, delivers first-class roadholding potentiality. The new Mazda6 Waggon’s wide-cut running breadth and low kernel of gravitation warranty gaudy treatment, spell accurate guidance well communicates engineer route feedback to the driver, whether on the pike or wind state roadstead. These plus drive characteristics are enhanced by extremely effective brakes, which shuffling the new Mazda6 Waggon one of the outdo in its year for bracken retardation eventide at wide consignment.

The Mazda6 Waggon possesses an passing set safe cubicle, forepart airbags and forepart position airbags, positive brain and berm airbags which protect passengers in the battlefront and cover of the fomite against injuries in position brownie collisions.

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