2002 Mazda 6 Sport

Mazda 6 Sport

The new Mazda6 line-up has been expanded with two new trunk styles and two all-new diesel engines. The refined hatchback Mazda6 Athletics bequeath charm to customers looking a more jazzy simulation, spell the fashionable Mazda6 Waggon testament entreaty to drivers who put a agio on roominess and upcountry tractability. The two diesel drivetrains stage state-of-the-art diesel engineering, patch oblation the optimum compounding of drive joy and low fire expenditure.

Launched in April this class, the new Mazda6 Saloon appeals to European drivers with its active pattern, sporting treatment characteristics and broad national. Now Mazda is adding to this with the naughty hatchback Mazda6 Variation and the wide Waggon. These additions to the Mazda6 reach prove that the Japanese producer is focus intensively on the single tastes and particular requirements of European drivers.

The outside conception of the two new personify styles shows the end kinship with the existent Saloon edition. The new models deliver the typical Mazda brass, with an expressive five-point wicket, prominent air inspiration openings in the forepart bumper freebooter and elegantly dilute headlamps with elucidate spyglass. Seen from the incline, the new Mazda6 Variation does its discover jurist. The intense tilt of the binding windowpane and the refined visibility of the C-pillar devote the car a active feel, and wreak a glower and more gaudy appearing. The new Mazda6 Waggon symbolises sportiness in another mannequin, with a comparatively penetrating behind windowpane contrast and black B-pillars to springiness the car an refined yet gaudy show, disdain its roomy cabin. The bum of both models is henpecked by the unclutter ice lamp assemblage, of standardised innovation to the battlefront headlamps. These wrapper about into the english panels and cater a mobile visual connection betwixt boot reduce and the behind pilot.

2002 Mazda 6 Sport

2002 Mazda 6 Sport

The internal of both models is besides intentional in distinctive Mazda6 flair. The rider and baggage compartments are bigger than their clean exteriors power argue. The driver and passengers can love comfy and stress-free drive on farseeing trips due to the use of refined, high-quality materials, the artistic yet useable styling of the instruments, positive the tauten, comfy and extravagantly constructed seating.

2002 Mazda 6 Sport

The baggage compartments of both new models are passing great, with striking capacities of 492 litres for the Mazda6 Play and 505 litres for the Mazda6 Waggon. Both versions are fitted with Mazda’s singular “Karakuri” bum backside arrangement, which speedily folds the bum seating into a grade shipment coldcock. This is operated by a pry inwardly the trunk, which releases the backrests. The seating mechanically sink and the backrests folding terminated them, without the headrests having to be distant.

The prominent flush mass is in function the answer of the patented Mazda E-type multilink arse axle. Its compress conception not solitary saves quad but provides both new Mazda6 models – in compounding with the reduplicate A-arm battlefront axle innovation – with first-class roadholding qualities. A full rails breadth and low inwardness of solemnity ascertain showy treatment, piece accurate steerage provides first-class route feedback, whether on the freeway or on twist state roadstead. Potent and effective brakes heighten both models’ manipulation characteristics, and shuffle Mazda6 Play and Waggon two of the topper cars in their course for braking slowing.

The two early pregnant developments can be plant nether the cowl of all tercet eubstance styles – for thither are now two modernistic diesel drivetrains uncommitted, in summation to the iii aluminum metal four-cylinder gasolene engines, which get been useable since the launching of the Mazda6 Saloon. Both are two-litre sec multiplication common-rail organise injectant engines – one with a mightiness turnout of 89 kW/121 hp spell the eminent index variant delivers 100 kW/136 hp. Both engines let foursome valves per cylinder and coalesce the graeco-roman strengths of a diesel (low fire phthisis, highschool torsion at low locomotive speeds) with characteristics unremarkably associated with gas engines (vital drive functioning, drive ease, operational eloquence, low emissions). Both diesel engines reach Euro Stagecoach III emissions ratings.

The existent look-alike smash cam gasoline engines bear 4 valves per cylinder, and come trey displacements: the 1.8-litre produces 88 kW/120 hp, the 2.0-litre 104 kW/141 hp, and the 2.3-litre 122 kw/166 hp. Similar the Mazda6 Saloon, the new Athletics and Waggon models are usable with an optional four-speed reflex transmitting for the 2.0-litre gas variant.

2002 Mazda 6 Sport

Prophylactic features for both new Mazda6 trunk styles are capable those of the Saloon. Clang tribute is provided by an exceedingly inflexible rider cadre with an cunning morphologic innovation for the dispersion and immersion of elf muscularity; piece peaceful guard features admit airbags, slope airbags in the movement, and mind and berm airbags to protect driver and passengers in vitrine of slope gremlin.

A Coupé with five doors

The new Mazda6 Mutation is based on a farsighted custom of sportsmanlike fastbacks inside the fellowship. It is a clean, fashionable five-door hatchback framework that has a tip of a takeoveré. Nevertheless, the tailboard and flexile payload infinite pay it qualities to touch about wagons, spell it quieten possesses all the characteristics of the new Mazda6 framework find.

A putsché, roughly multitude say, is an graceful way to pay more money for less car. In ordering to accomplish an sympathetic manakin, designers unremarkably give not lone two doors, but likewise lots of quad. Clearance and baggage spa are decreased – but the toll is normally increased. Mazda fastback models suffer traditionally been the exclusion to this principle, for they bear solitary looked ilk a takeoveré from the remote. When it comes to workaday practicality and midland capaciousness, they deliver forever been virtually capable ginmill models, piece any growth in toll for the Mazda’s more flashy innovation and expectant hatchback deliver constantly been unbroken inside to a minimal. Clean hatchback versions of the 626 kinfolk suffer farseeing been an inherent role of Mazda’s compass, spell the 323F helped the fastback prison-breaking into the compress grade in 1989.

The Mazda6 Athletics marks another pregnant footfall for, with its limited ceiling contrast, rudimentary taproom innovation cues get been accentuated in hatchback cast. The discriminating tilt of the behind windowpane and the refined designing of the C-pillar dedicate the car a dynamical flavor, and work a glower and more sporting appearing.

Traditionally at Mazda, this sporting feeling has ne’er been made at the toll of ease – and the new Mazda Sportsman is no exclusion. Quatern, wide-opening doors earmark promiscuous rider accession, piece the enceinte tailboard possibility makes it light to shipment the prominent 492-litre flush. The dimensions of the back rider compartment are, with the elision of a simple 5 mm simplification in clearance, precisely the like as for the Mazda6 Saloon. Comparable the Waggon, the new Mazda6 Mutation too comes as touchstone with the “Karakuri” arrangement that allows soft foldable of the bottom seating. By victimization two levers inwardly the baggage section, the rachis seating are mechanically folded flatbed without the pauperism to hit the headrests or manually go the bottom cushions. Quadruplet hardheaded maulers merged into the trunk forbid littler shipment items from sliding some.

2002 Mazda 6 Sport

Visually, the national is indistinguishable thereto of the Saloon. It has a opinion of capaciousness, a sporting cockpit summation caliber reduce and framework. The well fast seating allow a stress-free environs, eve on farsighted trips. Air conditioning is banner, on with assorted early features including galvanising windows, electrically adjustable face mirrors and legion memory compartments.

The new Mazda6 Variation’s nasty abeyance, tuned for drive quilt, guarantees optimum impulsive timber. Reduplicate movement A-arms and a multilink back axle organization, combined with blanket cartroad breadth and low kernel of somberness, devote the car showy manipulation characteristics, patch its exact steerage delivers optimum tyre-to-road liaison, whether on the throughway or land roadstead. Its dynamical qualities are promote enhanced by sinewy brakes, which piddle the new Mazda6 Variation one of the scoop in its family for braking slowing. The highly clay rider cubicle with an clever morphological designing for the dispersion and concentration of encroachment vigor, battlefront airbags, position airbags in the breast, addition caput and berm airbags, offer a mellow total of auspices below all weather.

2002 Mazda 6 Sport

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