2002 Mazda 6 Mps Concept

Mazda 6 MPS Concept

The Mazda Atenza or Mazda6 is a mid-size car from the Japanese automaker Mazda. The discover Atenza (which way Aid) is exploited just in Japan; the Mazda6 cognomen is exploited everyplace else in the humans. The Atenza/Mazda6 replaced the Capella/626, and has sold ended one trillion units general since its founding, devising it the quickest Mazda fomite to reaching the one zillion grade. [1]

The example card consists of a 4-door saloon, 5-door hatchback, and a 5-door wagon. Drivetrain combinations admit the Mazda Z locomotive in configurations of 1.8 L, 2.0 L and 2.3 L, with a 6-speed manual or 4-speed machinelike contagion (with sequential-automatic choice, dubbed the “4-Speed Mutation AT”). In roughly markets a 3.0 L Duratec 30 V6 locomotive is too uncommitted with a 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatonlike (with sequential-automatic pick, dubbed the “6-Speed Fun AT”). European versions likewise boast a four-cylinder turbodiesel. In its kickoff age, the Mazda6 came with a 4-speed reflex, 5-speed robotlike “AT” or a 5-speed manual transmitting.

During 2005, a 6-speed reflex became useable on the 6-cylinder models, spell the 4-cylinder saloon standard a 5-speed manually shiftable reflex. Might is directed to the presence wheels sole in virtually markets, although full-time all bike driving models are usable in Japan and Europe. Not all configurations are useable altogether areas – e.g., the Mazda6 as released in Australia was a four-cylinder car lone, piece the close 626 which it replaced was a foursome or six-cylinder car.

Similar the 626 ahead it, Fording is victimisation the Mazda6’s CD3 program as the fundament for a figure of early vehicles, including the Crossing Coalition, Hydrargyrum Milan, Lincoln Grinder/MKZ, Lincoln MKX, and a grasp of SUVs and minivans. Crossing likewise plans to propose a crossbreed powertrain on the chopine. For its share, Mazda themselves denote to this frame as either the GG (saloon/hachure) or GY (waggon) serial – undermentioned the late 626/Capella in its GF/GW serial.

2002 Mazda 6 MPS Concept

Northerly American Mazda6 product is handled at the AutoAlliance External works which is a roast adventure betwixt Fording and Mazda. The offset Mazda6 involute off this Apartment Rock-and-roll, Michigan line on October 1, 2002, one month aft 626 yield concluded. Hofu plants in Hiroshima grow the Mazda6 for Europe and approximately Asia markets, including Australia. Thither are likewise orbiter plants construction Mazda6 models in Chinaware and Thailand for their several local markets. (Crossing owns a controlling sake in Mazda.)

Mazda6 MPS

The 2006 Mazdaspeed Atenza (known as Mazdaspeed 6 in Northward America and Mazda6 MPS in Europe and Australia) is a high-performance edition of the Mazda6. It features a turbocharged adaptation of the 2.3 L MZR I4 which produces 272 PS (200 kW) (European variant is detuned to 260 PS (191 kW); the Northwards American edition, at 274 hp (204 kW), is more brawny). This 2.3 L DISI turbocharged locomotive features aim fire shot and conforms to the new Euro 5 emissions standards. It has a revised movement dashboard with a brocaded hoodlum, a 6-speed transmittal, and all rack campaign. The all bicycle effort arrangement uses Mazda’s Combat-ready Torsion Rip computer-based mastery which routes capable 50% of the exponent to the bum wheels contingent impulsive weather. Mazda presently has no plans to accede the car into razz racing, and the Mazdaspeed Atenza could be meant to vie with its Japanese-made match, the Subaru Bequest GT and exchangeable athletics sedans comparable the rally-car-derived Subaru Impreza WRX STi and Mitsubishi Lancer Development.

2002 Mazda 6 Mps Concept

Earlier scheduled to be launched in June 2005, the Mazdaspeed Atenza was delayed until November. In N America, the Mazdaspeed6 comes in two trimming levels; the “Mutation” trimness with fabric inner and criterion key ingress and firing; and the “G Touring” reduce with leather home, keyless introduction/firing, and an optional DVD pilotage (of which the Canadian exemplar lacks DVD piloting). Reflexive clime ascendance is banner, as is a 200 W Bose stereo featuring 7 speakers and a 9 in. subwoofer in gain to an in-dash 6-disc CD auto-changer. A sunshine-roof with moonroof sport is optional on the Thousand Touring passementerie.

Although Mazda estimates 0-60 mph multiplication to be 6.2 seconds, late freelancer tests by self-propelling journalists get suggested that the factual numbers mightiness compass ‘tween 5.4-6 seconds (with DSC deactivated).

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