2002 Mazda 6 Awd

Mazda 6 AWD

Higher-up impulsive operation, first-class ease, generous inner infinite, optimum grip and gamey levels of drive safety-these are the qualities that characterise the newest simulation in the Mazda6 compass. With its polish and brawny 2.3-litre locomotive, innovative five-speed reflex transmittance, and perm all-wheel thrust transmitting engineering, the Mazda6 AWD is a desirable leader for the successful Mazda6 line-up.

With its active optical and proficient attributes, Mazda6 meets the inevitably of demanding drivers of mid-sized cars. But roughly customers wish eventide more: more solace, more grip and more combat-ready guard features. It is for these drivers that Mazda highly-developed the AWD.

For this all-wheel campaign example, the exponent is genetic permanently to the route coat via all quadruplet wheels, which provides optimum grip on wet, tricky roadstead, and enhances both rubber and drive delectation. An electronic scheme distributes mightiness outturn betwixt the battlefront and back axles according to drive demeanour and aerofoil characteristics, thence optimizing impulsive stableness and fire usance.

Mazda6 AWD’s new five-speed “activematic” automatonlike transmittance provides the idealistic compounding of nuance and sportiness. Activematic’s kickoff deuce-ace gears are comparatively brusk, to cater dynamical quickening. Gears quartet and fivesome are clear thirster, conducive to frown disturbance levels and decreased fire use. If the driver chooses to chemise manually a irregular shifting trough is useable that operates plainly by affecting the shifter. A especial detector perpetually monitors the careen weight of the fomite and is incorporate into the ascendance electronics of the transmission to supply extra impulsive comforter. This organisation not sole efficaciously prevents sudden shift on yearn upgrades, it mechanically selects a depress paraphernalia on declivitous stretches and supplies major backup for the braking organisation.

2002 Mazda 6 AWD

The outside innovation of the Mazda6 AWD is about selfsame thereto of the Mazda6 Fun Demesne. Its five-point grillwork, the salient air inlet openings in the presence bumper mollycoddler and the elegantly sparse headlamps of crystallize deoxyephedrine accentuate its sporting lineament, as do its silhouette with comparatively keen slant of the ass windowpane and inkiness B-pillar. The arse figure of the car is henpecked by the back lamps-similar in invention to the presence headlamps- and which wrapping some into the position consistence and manakin a optic contact ‘tween boot clipping gore and the back face pane.

The national has been intentional in distinctive Mazda6 flair. The dimensions of rider and trunk are more generous than its flashy appearing indicates. The use of tastily elect, superiority materials, artistic and useable dials and gauges, likewise as the well loyal upholstery of the seating, shape the ground for an national ambiance that ensures that driver and passengers are well-fixed on longsighted journeys. Thither is likewise plenteousness of place for baggage. The Mazda6 AWD offers a capacitance of 490 litres, which can be expanded to 1697 litres erst the behind seating are folded. The internal measurements of the loading distance are as telling with a distance of 1906 mm and breadth of 1365 mm, to arrive one of the largest therein course.

This has been achieved by the use of the patented Mazda E-type multi-link arse axle that combines with the figurehead axle gathering with two-baser A-arms to birth salient route belongings capabilities. The car’s full cycle rail and its low inwardness of solemnity assure sportsmanlike manipulation characteristics, spell the car’s exact direction transmits a reassuringly orchestrate link to the drive rise, both on the pike and on whirl land roadstead. Extremely effective brakes shuffle the Mazda6 one of the outdo in its family for bracken retardation.

2002 Mazda 6 Awd

The Mazda6 AWD is powered by the 119 kW (162 hp) 2.3-litre gas locomotive, which employs serial valve timing (S-VT) to optimize superpower outturn, fire phthisis and emissions, too as the locomotive’s torsion characteristics. Two haltere shafts service the 4 cylinder whole to furnish optimum operational suaveness.

The Mazda6 AWD has salient rubber attributes, including an exceedingly set rubber cubicle which is an cunning organization for the dispersion and preoccupation of hit push. Peaceful condom features admit figurehead airbags, battlefront english airbags and alleged mind and berm airbags which protect passengers in the forepart and behind of the fomite against injuries in slope elf collisions. Dynamic refuge features admit a modernistic, four-channel anti-lock braking organization (ABS) with electronic bracken dispersion (EBD), bracken help (EBA), active stableness mastery (DSC) and automatonlike ride-height command.

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