2002 Lancia Thesis

Lancia Thesis

A car for the new élites

2002 Lancia Thesis

Level the car marketplace has an idealistic amphetamine rope. This is made up of the higher-segment, big élight saloons into which all Manufacturers teem the emollient of their engineering and conception accomplishment. In Europe, these report for a picayune complete one 1000000 cars p.a. from a few honored brands.

As you can ideate, this normally tends to be a static sales stria and buttoned-down in its tastes. The loyal sociable and ethnical changes that bear stirred our company in late days, yet, deliver led to changes level inside this sphere. All marketplace surveys affirm a unrelenting ask for engineering that is less soul-less than that presently on go. A essential can be discerned for heat, higher levels of craft, greater tending to the someone.

These trends are significative of a more worldwide move to re-appropriate the art of livelihood, a more personal and insinuate configuration of satisfaction and a pursuit to be deceased with oneself. This is the ism that represents the feelings of the new managerial year.

Lancia’s august chromosomes arrive bettor than early brands at interpretation this new man of sumptuosity. Its backdrop helps it offering a wide-cut answer to the inevitably of customers who cognize around engineering but are too cognizant of the rate of custom; who need production essence but too exclusivity and prestigiousness.

Lancia offers such motorists the Dissertation, a new car intentional to satisfy new necessarily. A car that brings around interesting new features to the humanity of big saloons. Such as the exclusivity of a typically Italian contact of form and stylistic creativeness. Such as the intersection heart offered by engineering that is all-pervasive yet inconspicuous and serves the motorists discreetly patch anticipating requirements. Such as the power to check the car’s proprietor utmost welfare when he or she is at the rack (treatment, ascendancy, rubber, impulsive atonement) and likewise when experiencing the car as a rider (noiselessness; soft air, twinkle and medicine; advanced telematics).

2002 Lancia Thesis

In former run-in, the Lancia Dissertation offers eudaemonia, essence and exclusivity.

Tradition and innovation

Lancia drew profoundly on its own militia of creativeness and output power to institute into beingness a car that volition show a life-style spell simultaneously relaunching the stain in the esteemed élight big European bar sphere. The like majestic line has brought us cars that sustain scripted the story of the motive car. Such as the Lambda, the low car in the mankind with a supporting consistence and freelancer battlefront hanging. Or the Aprilia that boasted a Cd of 0.47 at the rootage of the 1930s when the modal assess for cars of the menstruation was 0.60. Or the Aurelia, that hidden below its cowl the commencement constrict V six cylinder locomotive always fitted to a banner product car. Cars that smooth because they typify a flux of modern-day technical initiation and the cut caliber of an signally écalorie-free life-style.

2002 Lancia Thesis

The Dissertation is Lancia’s own inimitable rendition of the big prestigiousness bar motif. Without forgetting the stylistic and philosophic example knowing from the Dialogos, the biodynamic car that was a lots fêted laboratory for a new way of envisaging the car: by imagining a ‘stress-free effort’, e.g., patch the rider compartment was intended as an ‘paragon microclimate’ and ‘parlour’.

Now comes the play of the Dissertation, which can be seen as the Dialogos converse to reconcile industrial fabrication constraints. Because the modeling is at the top of the Lancia reach, for an élight sword care Lancia it is boundary to be the one that outflank represents and interprets Sword values: invention heartiness, hi-tech merchandise, perfectly élow-cal quilt and advanced solutions.

2002 Lancia Thesis

Stand out from the crowd, with a dash of Italian style

On the stylistic breast, the Lancia Dissertation is pronounced by an aroused elegance that now rejects freethinking and optic spareness in privilege of a great, magniloquent lattice and diamond-shaped headlamps. The headlamps, isolated by the lattice, are reinforced into graven, shapely wings (the dip ‘tween cowl and english is a nod to cars of the Thirty-something and Mid-forties).

The outcome is a graven yet merged forepart without the formula sticking bumpers and the concomitant beetle from the car consistency that divides the movement into ‘supra’ and ‘infra’. The distinguished, typical motive is bound from now on to go an obligatory reference, a new sept seek Lancia designers to survey.

The Lancia Dissertation slope besides features cleanse, unlittered shape. The slope cable starts from the forepart flank and runs unplowed on the car’s waist from headlight to tail-light. It helps reenforce the limo impression by perpetuation the car. This panorama gives a punter estimation of the car’s farsighted wheelbase (2.80 metres) and generous dimensions (4.88 metres in distance and 1.83 in breadth), requisite features when flock of internal rider spa is requisite.

The car’s well-proportioned and hit bottom features an intact bumper that leaves board for upright trunk traits. Near authoritative of these are the Flaminia-like fins that spark the pernicious and innovational led tail-lights to flawlessness. By day, these looking same two unostentatious chromium-plate decorations; by dark they are red and orangish stripe that pee the car unparalleled and instantly recognizable eve on the expressway.

The Lancia Dissertation rider compartment is voluptuary, spacious and protective. The resulting infinite provides a nearly reposeful scene for passengers, whose knees confrontation lonesome subdued surfaces covered in voluptuary materials. A big key editorial nether the fascia on the midriff seems to reinforcement and separate the two strawman seating, safekeeping them obscure to parting board for a high-pitched, full arm ease. This substance that both figurehead occupants can use the armrest simultaneously without acquiring in apiece over-the-counter’s way.

The technical psyche of the Dissertation is too housed in the like office: a seven-inch coloring blind flanked on either slope by switches for calculate admittance to the diverse menus and realized underneath by a row of reconfigurable keys.

The Lancia Dissertation seating too typify the stream submit of the art in damage of ease and bioengineering because we solicited the assistance of Prof Dal Monte, the internationally-renowned physiologist. The presence seating boast rounded, cushy shapes that see utmost solace and the artistic collection of a luxuriousness environs. Duplicate, riveted seams add a touching of craft and elegance, patch saddle-shaped head-restraints are signally Italian modish. In the Comfortableness adaptation, the Lancia Dissertation figurehead seating are amply electrically-adjustable and likewise propose challenging and rotatory functions such as respiration, warming, adaptivity and knead. Bottom behind passengers leave too bask all the ease and enjoyable wellbeing of their own life suite. The new Lancia flagship offers one of the topper ass rider board ratings in the section.

A spa is too reserved for customers who do not effort their Dissertation themselves and moldiness be able-bodied to traveling with sufficient stylus and self-regard in the bum. Thence the pauperization for case-by-case air outlets and the hypothesis of choosing an air temperature and menstruum that may be dissimilar from that imposed at the movement. A big fold-way armrest in the midsection of the dorsum ass can home a remote that is put-upon to correct the TV and Hi organization.

The high-grade materials admit leather, ultra-soft Poltrona Frau leather, Alcantara and woollen, an strange passementerie corporeal that brings to head the illustrious Lancia textile cut of the preceding. These masking the seating and a cardinal stripe that encircles the rider compartment without a breakout. The character of this passementerie is activate to idol by an unostentatious enter made out of woo: an open-pored untreated sepia in which the cancel cereal is patent. Finally, the fundamental cabinet and burrow are made out of pressing mold mg.

2002 Lancia Thesis

The resultant is an surround made out of top-grade, fond, sole materials – an emotionally involving billet where top-grade materials let been elect for their tactual and acoustical qualities to produce a multisensorial unit that represents the terminal frontier of the Lancia humanity.

The conception of quilt has been superseded by that of welfare, in the signified of genial and strong-arm satisfaction. When alongside the Lancia Dissertation, eudaemonia is sincerely multisensorial, because the air and fathom (also as the sparkle) forever orbit occupants in an collateral mode without always existence over-invasive. Air is diffuse easy from a all-embracing banding of micropores situated before of the breast rider. Vocalise comes from the 11 speakers that manakin portion of the ultra-sophisticated Bose® Hg organization.

2002 Lancia Thesis

On-board instruments and controls are course linear and sport prominent, stave, open, 3-D faces with numbers that ostensibly swim in spa (the citation is to the Aurelia and the Flaminia, two cars that gambol an significant character in blade story). One glimpse provides all the data needful. When the lights approach, the splasher combines the simpleness of the preceding with ultra-new electroluminescent engineering that makes the instruments easier to understand by scene them against a flaccid blueness desktop. Standardised charge has kaput into the courtesy lights that go functionality – with office lights that near and igniter a particular expanse so that passengers can study or workplace – and too an collateral, disseminate spark that adds third-dimensionality and makes the midland face more pleasing by dark.

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