2002 Lancia Lybra Intensa

Lancia Lybra Intensa

The Lancia Lybra is a agio mid-size car from Italian Edict Machine’s upscale brand Lancia. Based on the Alfa Romeo 156 floorpan (and hence organism related the fecund Edict Tipo program), it replaced the Dedra inside Lancia’s card, and was likewise low-profile to its forerunner, instead than as democratic as its Alfa sib. Upright comparable the Dedra, the Lybra is uncommitted as both a saloon and wagon (billed SW by Lancia)

2002 Lancia Lybra Intensa

The manakin’s epithet, which can be seen as a denotation to both the zodiac preindication of Libra and the Latin news for reconciliation scurf, signals an end of the premature Lancia designation root involving the use of Greek letters as manakin names. The Lybra is reinforced in the Rivalta engraft nigh Turin.


2002 Lancia Lybra Intensa

The Lybra was styled in Centro Stile Lancia, wayward to sooner Lancia models, which were licensed from extraneous pattern studios. Its styling is a open expiration from “orthogonal” shapes prevailing in Eighties and Nineties Lancias, victimisation heritage-inspired stave headlights and former styling touches elysian by Lancias of the Fifties, similar the Aurelia and Appia.

On the early script, it wasn’t as restive as the Lancia Dissertation and ulterior models, and distillery carried many references to Nineties Lancias, such as the form of the grillwork, or the discourse of the amphetamine eubstance segment of the waggon (redolent of that of the Lancia Kappa SW). Interestingly, the Lybra’s rattling typical taillaights were borrowed for the 2001’s rhytidoplasty apt to the Order Marea saloon for the Latin American markets.

2002 Lancia Lybra Intensa


Lancia Lybra is a front-wheel thrust car with transversely-mounted engines. The Lybra is useable with a 5-speed manual, and the 2.0 L had an selection of a 4-speed reflex transmittal, called the Comfortronic by Lancia.

2002 Lancia Lybra Intensa
  • 1.6 L 16v DOHC I4 – 1596 cc, 103 PS (76 kW), 145 N·m
  • 1.8 L 16v DOHC I4, VVT, V.I.S – 1747 cc, 130 PS (96 kW), 156 N·m
  • 2.0 L 16v DOHC I5, VVT, V.I.S – 1998 cc, 150 PS (110 kW), 181 N·m
  • 1.9 L 8v SOHC JTD I4 park track turbodiesel – 1910 cc, 103 PS (76.8 kW), 255 N·m, uprated for 2002 to 115 PS (85 kW), 275 N·m
  • 2.4 L 8v SOHC JTD I5 park runway turbodiesel – 2387 cc, 133 PS (99.2 kW), 304 N·m, uprated for 2002 to 150 PS (110 kW), 308 N·m
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