2002 Hummer H2 Suv Concept

Hummer H2 SUV Concept

The H2 is the secondment fomite sold below the Heater brand of Worldwide Motors. It is a heavy SUV (though littler than the Bullet H1) with board for fivesome passengers and strong off-road power. The hindermost office of the H2 SUV was limited to a pickup bed for the 2004 H2 SUT (“S.u.v. Motortruck”).


The H2 is reinforced below get by AM Oecumenical at a particularly constructed set in Mishawaka, Indiana, USA. Although it shares GM’s GMT820 motortruck chopine with the Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon, those vehicles dissent in many shipway and are constructed in 3 former GM plants. The H2’s concluding framing assemblage is made up of 3 sections: The breast uses a limited GM 2500-Series usefulness anatomy, the mid-section is all new and is wholly boxed-in, and the arse subdivision uses a modifed GM 1500-Series framing which is upgraded for the 8000 hammering (3629 kg) egregious fomite burthen.

2002 Hummer H2 Suv Concept

H2 sales were initially firm, but hide to 28,898 for 2004 and 23,213 for 2005.

The H2 was nominative for the N American Motortruck of the Twelvemonth laurels for 2003.


2003-2005 6000 6.0 L (366 in³) V8

2002 Hummer H2 Suv Concept


With its eminent land headway, great tires, protective underbelly plates, and low gear, the H2 is able of climb concluded a 20-inch-high (0.4 m) increase rampart. A monumental motortruck bod and wide-cut raceway offering constancy against overturning compared to around of the more green lightness motortruck SUVs, although accusative tests bear not been performed by the regime or former international parties due to its specialized fomite category.

Fuel economy

For distinctive traveling on improved roadstead, users story fire saving of ‘tween 10 and 14 miles per gal, which converts to betwixt 14 and 17 L/100 km. Pip showcase urban drive is aforementioned to be in the ambit of 8 to 14 U.S. mpg (21 to 25 L/100 km). Although Cosmopolitan Motors does not offer prescribed H2 fire thriftiness ratings, about reviews suffer discovered highschool unity to low double-digit milage, exchangeable to the numbers supra.

2002 Hummer H2 Suv Concept

2002 Hummer H2 SUV Concept

It should be celebrated that over-the-counter heavy vehicles besides get piteous fire thriftiness specially with optional bigger engines including the Stratagem Ram 1500 serial pick-me-up trucks furnished with either the 8.3L V10 (MSRP US$48,500) or the 4.7L V8 Whippy Fire locomotive run E85 fire (MSRP US$31,300). Both of these engines are rated at 9 U.S. mpg metropolis and 11 U.S. mpg highway by the E.P.A. as one instance.

Tax benefits

Below the Joined States income tax inscribe, the be of vehicles terminated 6,000 pounds (2722 kg) can be deducted from income. This subtraction was enacted decades ago to help freelance multitude in buying a fomite for line use. The angle minimal was intended to demarcation the subtraction to commercial-type trucks. For many geezerhood, the entailment remained downstairs the ordinary price of a new fomite, since prominent trucks were comparatively cheap. Since it is a diminution in nonexempt income, the factual assess of this discount averages 30% of the damage of the fomite dubious.

2002 Hummer H2 Suv Concept

The increasing popularity of these vehicles in the close tenner, notwithstanding, pushed their median cost to about doubling the mean coach toll. In reception, the 2002 Tax Act increased this “Part 179 derogation synthesis” to US$75,000, and it roseate again to US$102,000 for the 2004 tax twelvemonth. This is more threefold the flow ordinary toll of a carriage in the Joined States and covers a pack of opulence models, including the Smoke H2. In belated 2004, the synthesis was again rock-bottom to US$25,000.


The Bullet H2 is one of the well-nigh gravely criticized civilian vehicles on the commercialise nowadays. Critics let verbalised pertain at the fire saving which they acknowledgment as beingness among the about ineffective of vehicles. The Environmental Security Way does not run them for fire saving because of their angle, they are olibanum categorized as igniter trucks and thusly are not boundary to fire thriftiness standards.

The Smoke H2 is criticised for contributory towards oil comsumption in the Joined States. In add-on, they are criticized for obstructing the views of drivers bum them with their gravid vehicles. Critique is likewise leveled at the H2 by guard advocates who deliver explicit fear that their sizing and altitude micturate them far deadlier to littler vehicles besides as bicyclists, and pedestrians since the breast of the Bullet H2 bequeath probably hit the mind and/or dresser where injuries are far more serious alternatively of the knees where even cars are near probable to gremlin a prosaic.

2002 Hummer H2 Suv Concept

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