2002 Honda Civic Si

Honda Civic Si

The one-seventh genesis of the Honda Civil is an car which was produced by Honda from 2000 to 2005. It was released in September 2000 as a 2001 manakin. Compared to its herald, it maintained standardized outside dimensions, but increased importantly in midland spa hence bumping up Civil to a compact sizing section. Thither was a flatbed ass deck, handsome punter quilt to the bottom backside passengers. This contemporaries deserted the figurehead two-baser wishbone respite, which had been ill-used in the quaternary to 6th generations, replacement it with MacPherson cock.

At its debut in 2000, it won the Car of the Class Japan Accolade for a book one-quarter meter, and it won the Japan Self-propelling Researchers’ and Journalists’ League Car of the Yr honor in 2001.

A 115 hp (86 kW) locomotive powered all Civics (demur EX and Si), up 9 hp (7 kW) from the former manakin. Might in the EX remained at 127 hp (95 kW), and all non-Si engines were stroked to 1.7 liters for Northward America. Littler engines continued to be useable for the residual of the reality.

2002 Honda Civic Si

In 2003, the Civil was presumption new quarter lights which created a round when lit. For 2004, the Civil was minded a facelifted front with new headlights, bumper, and grillwork; it likewise standard slope skirts. In 2005 the U.S Honda introduced the Extra Variation. It was uncommitted in LX or EX Limited Variant.

The crossbreed variant arrived at N America in bounce 2002. It exploited both a pocket-size 1.3 L I4 primary petrol locomotive and adjuvant galvanizing motors, producing a combined 93 hp. The galvanizing motors are powered by a bombardment raiment which is supercharged by regenerative braking during slowing, olibanum reduction fumes emissions and extending fire milage to 46 mpg metropolis / 51 mpg highway with the manual transmitting according to EPA fire milage estimates.

2002 Honda Civic Si

2002 Honda Civic Si

A sporty hatchback simulation called the Si was unveiled in Revered 2005 for the European marketplace sole. This framework featured from launching a 1.4 L I-DSI and a 1.8 L i-VTEC rated at 83 PS (81 hp/61 kW) and 140 PS (138 hp/103 kW) severally, with 177 and 207 km/h (110 and 129 mph) top speeds and 14.2 and 13.6 s 0-100 km/h dash. The Sportsman Hatchback is too useable with a 2.2 L I-CTDI diesel from the Pact, Edix/FR-V and CR-V, rated at 140 PS (138 hp/103 kW) and is able of 205 km/h (127 mph) and accelerating from 0-60 mph in 8.4 seconds.

2002 Honda Civic Si

Start with this coevals, cabin air filters (a.k.a. pollen filters) were installed as stock equipment and are situated arse the mitt compartment internationally.

Trim levels

Putsché: Trims usable in N America for the putsché trunk panache were the VP, DX (capable 2003), EX, HX, LX (EM2), LX Limited Variant or EX Especial Version, and Si. The Takeoveré was no thirster useable in Japan, but was calm marketed in Europe.

Saloon: Trims usable in the saloon soundbox elan were the DX, VP, EX, GX, LX, LX Especial Variation, EX Especial Variant, Loanblend (ES1, ES2, EN2, ES1, ES1, severally), and Si (EP2). EX trimming includes sunshine-roof. The LX or EX Extra Version included a six-disc modifier and arse looter, ABS, bigger 15-inch wheels, and a more herculean locomotive (see infra). Thither was likewise the EX Especial Variation which added a sunshine-roof and back unity cup bearer. The Loanblend was the alone cut usable for the saloon dash in Europe.

Canadian market

Up until 2003 thither were DX and LX models for both saloon and putsché, with the takeoveré additionally having the Si shave, mostly tantamount to the US mart EX takeoveré.

In 2002, Honda Canada, in acknowledgment of the one one-millionth sale of the Civil in Canada, introduced a express variation variant of the Civil called the Civil Coupe Si Veloz (‘Veloz’ import ‘fleet’ in Spanish). The Veloz version adds a movement, bum, and slope skirts, arse coddler, c fibre trimness pieces, chromium-plate beat closer, usance Veloz embroidered base mats and Veloz badges.

In 2003, a Thirtieth Anniversary Version was added to all models, likewise as a Mutation modelling for sedans. In 2004, the DX framework was replaced by a Extra Version (SE) modelling and the old Fun modelling was replaced by a LX-g cut.

2002 Honda Civic Si


The EP3 Civil Si of the USA and EP3 Civil SiR of Canada was marketed as Northwards American reading of European EP3 Honda Civil Character R. Dissimilar over-the-counter generations of the Civil Si, this Si was not produced in Canada or the Joined States, and it does not contribution a soundbox manner or midland with the USDM Civil (offered alone in saloon and putsché forms) sold thither. Rather, the 2002-05 Civil Si is manufactured in Swindon, England, and exported to Canada and the Joined States. The Si/SiR was the but trimness useable for the hatchback fashion in Canada and the Joined States.

Honda of Europe intentional the EP3 Civil Typecast R hatchback to be marketed in Europe. So Honda of Japan marketed the EP3 Civil Case R victimization the Honda Integra DC5 Japanese-spec K20A powertrain victimisation electrical steerage wrack. The Civil Si returned to shape as a hatchback, subsequently having been sold lonesome as a takeoveré in the former genesis. The consistence cast of this example was based on the “New Bullet-Form” conception, which aimed to make a more active expression and ply greater stableness patch travel on highways or rambling area roadstead. The midland layout besides grand itself from former Civil Si generations with a dash-mounted sceneshifter. The EP3 Civil Si hatchback is likewise exploited for the sec contemporaries Civil Typewrite R which was sold in Europe and Japan.

Unfirm outside from the B-series locomotive, the one-seventh contemporaries Civil Si adoptive the K-series K20A3 locomotive secondhand in the Acura RSX stand example rated at 160 bhp (120 kW) at 6500 rpm and 132 lb·ft (179 N·m) at 5000 rpm. With a redline of 6,800 rpm, the Si distanced itself from the specify, high-rpm powerband locomotive of its herald, and as a answer saw a 20 pct growth in torsion. Functioning was comparatively underwhelming compared to the contest; the switching to MacPherson struts from double-wishbone dangling resulted in less antiphonal manipulation, and a near-150 lb (68 kg) step-up in slant to 2,744 lb (1,245 kg) contributed to slower quickening than the barge ’99-’00 Si. Often of the weighting amplification is attributed to the figure’ stouter construction when compared to the old propagation hatchback, with the ’02 Si self-praise an increment in torsional rigidness by 95 percentage and a bend inflexibility gain of 22 pct.

With the increased figure inflexibility compensating for slant win, the 5th-generation Civil Si saw about the like execution numbers as the former genesis Si, with 7.6 seconds to 60 mph and 15.9 seconds at the fourth knot, which were like thereto of Fording SVT Stress and Hyundai Tiburon GT V6. Former factors adversely impacting operation included the miss of an LSD (special miscue derivative) and having to switching into third to bother 60. First ends at almost 30, s ends at 55, and 3rd ends at 82 mph (132 km/h).

The 2004-05 models standard tiddler revisions. Ornamental changes included revised headlamp (three-fold medulla apparatus) and taillight designs, measure incline skirts, and an alternative for a HFP (Honda Manufactory Operation) elevate. The respite was updated with a variety from 4 lug to 5 lug absquatulate formula, a bigger back swing bar, and a commute from 15-inch wheels (195/60-15) to 16-inch wheels (205/55-16). The national standard more eloquent accents in post of the chromium-plate ones (the mesh switching).


Nearly DX and LX models were reinforced with the D17A1, the HX had the D17A6 and the EX was powered by the D17A2. The Si/SiR (EP3) had the K20A3. The JDM 5-door hatchback (EU) had the D15B. The GX runs on CNG. The Philippine and Heart Eastward variant of the 7th propagation Honda Civil victimised the 3-stage VTEC mechanics for their VTi/VTi-S/RS and the Pakistan variant VTi Civil, furnished with a D16W9 rated at 130 hp (97 kW). The Japan RS modeling was furnished with the D17A. Factbook.

2002 Honda Civic Si

In Europe the Civil was sold with a D16V1 rated at 110 hp and a D14Z6 rated at 88 hp ,too a common-rail diesel produced by Isuzu Motors Polska. This locomotive is a 1.7L 4EE2 Rope L locomotive with 100 hp (75 kW) the European Case R Civil was weaponed with a K20A2

The one-seventh multiplication Northward American Civil DX/LX/Assess Parcel engines were the death in the Honda and Acura not to use Honda’s varying valve sentence organization alias (VTEC) on with the 1996-2004 Acura 3.5RL Non-Vtec engines.

U.S. sales

In 2004, Honda Civil was the 7th outdo merchandising fomite boilersuit and 3rd topper marketing carriage in the U.S.

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