2002 Ford Thunderbird Neiman Marcus

Ford Thunderbird Neiman Marcus

The Crossing Thunderbird is a car manufactured in the Joined States by the Crossing Motive Companionship. It entered product for the 1955 example twelvemonth as a roadster showy car; different the superficially like (and somewhat sooner) Chevrolet Corvette, the Thunderbird was ne’er sold as a matured sports car. Crossing described it as a personal luxuriousness car, a description which named a new grocery section. In 1958, the Thunderbird gained a endorsement row of seating for greater practicality. Next generations became bigger and more deluxe, until the demarcation was downsized in 1977 and again in 1980. Sales were effective until the Nineties, when expectant 2-door coupes became unpopular; output ceased subsequently 1997. In 2002, a reanimated 2-seat modelling was launched, was uncommitted done the end of the 2005 modeling yr.


Iii men are mostly credited with creating the archetype Thunderbird: Lewis D. Crusoe, a retired GM administrator lured out of retreat by H Crossing II; George Footer, chieftain hairstylist and a Crossing vice-president; and Wiener Hershey, a Crossing intriguer. Crusoe and Go-cart met in France in October 1951. Walk-to in the Thou Palais in Paris, Crusoe pointed at a sports car and asked Go-cart, ‘Why can’t we deliver something same that?’

2002 Ford Thunderbird Neiman Marcus

Baby-walker readily telephoned Crossing’s HQ in Dearborn and told couturier Wiener Hershey approximately the thought. Hershey took the mind and began workings on the fomite. The conception was for a two-passenger spread car, with a prey burthen of 2525 lb (1145 kg), an Interceptor V8 locomotive and a top swiftness of o’er 100 mph (160 km/h). Crusoe saw a multi-color mud example on May 18, 1953, which corresponded nearly to the terminal car; he gave the car the enterprise in September aft comparison it with flow European trends.

2002 Ford Thunderbird Neiman Marcus

Dissimilar the Corvette, the Thunderbird was ne’er a matured dissipated fomite; Crossing’s description was personal luxuriousness car, and the companionship fundamentally created this commercialize section.

2002 Ford Thunderbird Neiman Marcus


Thither was approximately difficultness in appointment the car, with suggestions ranging from the alien to the derisory (Hep Cat, Stovepipe, Detroiter, Roadster, Arcturus, Savile, El Tigre, and Coronado were submitted among the 5,000 suggestions). One good mesmerism was Whizzer. Crusoe offered a $250 causa to anyone who could summon with a bettor distinguish.

2002 Ford Thunderbird Neiman Marcus

Hairdresser Alden “Gib” Giberson submitted Thunderbird as office of a number. Giberson ne’er claimed his booty, subsiding for a $95 wooing and an spare couplet of trousers from Saks One-fifth Boulevard.

According to Ribbon Springs Animation cartridge, the car’s terminal figure came not from the Indigen American symbolisation as one power gestate, but from an ultra-exclusive caparison pamphlet in what would afterward be integrated as Rancho Mirage, California: Thunderbird High.

2002 Ford Thunderbird Neiman Marcus

2002-2005 “Retro Birds”

Nonetheless, 2002 saw a new Thunderbird launched; this Retroactive Hoot was again a roadster and standard the simulation’s 3rd Motive Style Car of the Yr laurels. It was likewise nominative for the Northwards American Car of the Twelvemonth laurels that twelvemonth.

The new Thunderbird was based on the Fording DEW program, divided with the Lincoln LS. It followed the late tendency for nostalgic recreations of passee (or “retroactive”) styling (see VW New Beetling, Chrysler PT Cruiser), beingness a refreshment of the 1955-1957 two-seat Thunderbird in a modernistic manner. Uncommitted sole as a transmutable with a obliterable hardtop and, according to self-propelling author Jerry Stony, the new Thunderbird “off heads wheresoever it went.”

Fording expected sales of 25,000 units p.a., but were ne’er that eminent. Jerry Flinty, composition for Forbes cartridge on the death of the newest Thunderbird, summed it all up by penning, “Crossing dealers sustain been successful marketing 35,000-45,000 USD trucks but bear petty get merchandising automobiles in the near-luxury toll stove. If thither was a merchandising sweat by Crossing Motive, I wasn’t mindful of it. Course, sales didn’t satisfy expectations.”

The car had been intended for debut during the 2001 simulation class, but rather was delayed for a yr, belike moistening the initial exuberance of the purchasing world. The 40,000 USD damage tag was considered absorb, presumption the car’s pretty intermediate treatment and exponent (although the treatment and might were both commensurate with that of the pilot 2-seater Thunderbird).

When the car was outset introduced, need far exceeded append, which led to Crossing dealers overcharging for the car. So, when supplying began to outstrip ask, dealers began their common practice of “incentives” (discounting) to “go the car off of trader dozens,” as reported in the 2004 New Car Buyers Scout, frankincense alienating pilot customers.

Though the Retroactive Hoot consistency styling ne’er changed, outside and internal colouration promotion was discrepant from class to yr. For 2002, the car was usable in hopeful red (“blowlamp red”), brilliant xanthous (“aspiration yellow-bellied”), and aqua (“Thunderbird blueness”), all redolent of Fifties colours. Moreover, “retroactive” two-tone interiors (inkiness and the coloration twin the outside), were opposite with these outside colours.

“Whispering tweed” and “eventide blacken” exteriors were too useable in 2002, though with twinned self-colored colouration interiors. They proven to be the simulation for the odd eld. Commencement with 2003, the two-tone “retroactive” interiors were raped in favour of all-black (or otc one-color) interiors. Asleep were the brilliant white-livered and aqua exteriors, replaced with more low-key colours: “lot trace grayish,” “abandon sky blueing,” and coral. Outside and midland colours added for both the 2004 and 2005 example geezerhood remained dim.

2002 Ford Thunderbird Neiman Marcus

If Crossing’s tinkering with the outside/home packages were intentional to hike sales, it didn’t study, as sales continued to tumble shortstop of the accompany’s hopes. Good 11,998 were sold in 2004. The Fording Centrifugal Caller proclaimed in Border 2005 that the Thunderbird would again be discontinued in July of that class, with 9,548 sold for 2005. Crossing plans to firing a new Thunderbird old in the geezerhood to seed, but an take appointment has not been specified. Interestingly adequate, thither was too babble of a functioning version from SVT, but again, Crossing distinct it wasn’t necessity. This could birth been the saviour of the retroactive birds nonetheless. The pilot 55-57 Thunderbirds came with various locomotive upgrades, and was unquestionably a gamey operation car of the day. Crossing made no attempt to commit a functioning simulacrum to the new Thunderbirds, and patch the V-8 in the “Retro-birds” looked near on wallpaper (280 hp, 286 ft·pound), it failed to run. At upright 3.9Liters of translation and a bodyweight of concluded 3700 lb, combined with sooner pitiable train prize, it made for a flavour more cognate to a heavy opulence car than to a play coupe. Patch a gamey operation variation may not get protected the Thunderbird from what is leastwise a irregular extermination, it real perchance could let helped sales, as these cars had a stain approximately them as an overpriced sumptuosity car.

In the conclusion 50 eld, approximately 4.2 billion Thunderbirds sustain been sold.

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