2002 Ford R7 Concept

Ford R7 Concept

Fording R7 construct fomite, unveiled this dawn at the Melbourne External Motorshow, provides the offset clue of how Fording’s new fomite contrast volition acquire.

“We proclaimed in November 2001 that we are investment $500 jillion in the output of an all-new fomite cable,” aforementioned Crossing Australia Chairperson, Mr Geoff Polites.

“The R7 is the commencement figure looping of what that new fomite occupation may crack to the Australian populace.”

Produced by Fording Australia’s invention squad, the Crossing R7 is unlike to anything antecedently produced by an Australian self-propelled producer. It crosses all stream boundaries and definitions ‘tween traditional cars and sports utility-grade vehicles in Australia.

“The R7 was highly-developed out of enquiry we began rear in 1998,” aforementioned Mr Polites.

“We precious to recognize what Australian customers were genuinely looking in a fomite. What they liked and disliked, what their actuate points were, so patently how we could trump fulfill their inevitably.

“Out of that enquiry we driven that thither was a maturation circle of consumers who were looking something that wasn’t presently existence offered by an Australian maker. Our new fomite demarcation is intentional to provide for those consumers and R7 gives them the outset take the kinda fomite they can look when we occur sale in 2004.”

2002 Ford R7 Concept


The outside innovation of the fomite reflects its straight nature, with the aerofoil lyric providing contemporaneous, crystallize, overconfident surfaces, with crease particularization that generates a feel of strenuosity matched with exact, well-crafted solidness.

2002 Ford R7 Concept

“We purposefully intentional a fomite that would have a dispatch content some its capabilities,” aforesaid Crossing Australia Figure Manager, Simon Butterworth.

2002 Ford R7 Concept

“We’ve alone hinted at the first-class inside adjustment with this construct, but it is wondrously matched by the fomite’s self-assertive appearing, which too gives a intimation of the victor drive kinetics that testament be such a big parting of the last output fomite.

“The R7 was intentional by one of our new designers, Grade Richardson, and he real took the abbreviated we gave him – which was to produce an exciting conception fomite that would case one country of our succeeding pattern guidance – and delivered thereon emphatically.”

2002 Ford R7 Concept

Although a alone fomite, the R7 incorporates a solid front-end Fording DNA touch, which was identical authoritative to the excogitation squad.

“It was imperative that this fomite fit into the remainder of the Crossing stove,” says Mr Butterworth. “We’re creating something new and exciting but we besides neediness it to be well accepted as a Fording.”

2002 Ford R7 Concept

The presence of Fording R7 incorporates:

  • Eminent vividness Xe dismission lamp engineering
  • LED play signals
  • Marked and knock-down cowl powerdrome prima into the wicket.
  • Like engineering and invention cues are contained in the backside of the fomite, with:

  • Cleave ass tailboard for gentle entree
  • Secret turnaround sensors
  • Quarter lamps reflecting the battlefront lamp particularisation with LED bit signals
  • Off auto admixture discharge.
  • Crossing R7 likewise includes monumental 20″ rhombus off debase wheels and 20″ laser cut trample tyres.


    Crossing R7 is presented in Ancestry Orangish. The gloss was elect specifically to keep the dynamical and passionate epitome of the fomite.

    2002 Ford R7 Concept

    “Everything astir the fomite is intentional to seize your care,” aforementioned Mr Butterworth. “The parentage orangish color unquestionably does that!”

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