2002 Ford Mondeo St220

Ford Mondeo ST220

Launched in October 2000, the Mondeo Mk III was substantially bigger than its harbinger, but is calm based on the Mk I’s floorpan and operative paraphernalia. Although Fording deserted its New Abut invention radical for the Mondeo Mk III, it hush borrowed about styling cues from the Stress Mk I, bounteous it an boilersuit consequence which many critics matte was more guarded and maturate than the Focusing if lots less classifiable. Two of the old car’s biggest weaknesses, the pocket-sized backside legroom and uncompetitive diesel interpretation were addressed by a thirster wheelbase and the new “Duratorq” diesel.

2002 Ford Mondeo St220

Chase the touchstone background inner of the Volkswagen Passat Mk IV in 1996, Crossing gainful much of aid to the Mk III’s inside and was the get-go mainstream producer to respond to the new banner set by Volkswagen. Fording dispensed with the rounded American dash midland of the Mk I and highly-developed a more drab ‘Germanic’ figure which not alone seemed more advanced but, more significantly, was of a higher character due to the use of more expensive materials and was often nicer than any German manufacurer had to propose.

As with its herald, peaceful refuge was a major marketing detail of the 2000 Mondeo. With an evening stronger bodyshell, Fording introduced its supposed “Well-informed Auspices Arrangement” (IPS), which secondhand an “healthy” align of sensors based on a nervous net to adjudicate the trump compounding of prophylactic devices (traditional movement rider airbags, english airbags and drapery airbags) to deploy for a disposed wreck post. To raise combat-ready refuge, all models were fitted with anti-lock brakes and electronic bracken dispersion, with electronic constancy programme (ESP) useable as an alternative.

2002 Ford Mondeo St220

2002 Ford Mondeo ST220


2002 Ford Mondeo St220

For the Mk III, the 1.6 L Zetec locomotive was dropped spell the 1.8 and 2.0 L engines were hard revised and were renamed Duratec. The touchstone 2.5 L V6 locomotive was carried ended, spell a 3.0 L adaptation was highly-developed for the ST220 framework.

The primitive Endura-E 1.8 L turbodiesel locomotive was dropped and replaced by a more advanced 2.0 L Duratorq direct-injection (TDCi) whole with a varying geometry turbine. This cagey turbine arrangement allows a sealed total of overboost, handsome an supererogatory 10% around of torsion for curt periods. This locomotive, known inside Crossing as the “Panther”-type Duratorq, was beginning seen in the Theodolite in detuned mannikin.

2002 Ford Mondeo St220

A new reflex transmitting was added to the grasp called the Durashift. This whole has cinque gears and may be shifted manually or shifted similar an robotic.

For 2004, the Mondeo was precondition a rattling modest climb, the new models beingness identifiable by the bigger chromium-plate honeycomb grill, a new cardinal splashboard made from higher tone materials with electronic clime restraint, either a criterion Crossing radiocommunication, Sony radiocommunication or a planet piloting wireless/CD actor which too has clime controller reinforced into the whole in stead of the infinite haunted by the whole. The Durashift reflex is now useable with wheel mastery, spell a 96 kW (130 PS) vernacular runway edition of the Duratorq turbodiesel locomotive became uncommitted. The petrol engines were revised at this arrange too – the new SCI (direct-injection) interpretation of the 1.8 L Duratec locomotive was introduced which generates 4 kW (5 PS) more the measure whole. In increase, equipment was upgraded crossways the scope – with sail ascendance and a actuate figurer now criterion on all models.

2002 Ford Mondeo St220

In 2005, thither were two new Duratorq direct-injection (TDCi) options, a 2.2L with 114 kW (155 PS) and a detuned variation of the 2.0L with 65 kW (89 PS). Too, the Seatbelt Exemplary Scheme was added and is now criterion, with an hearable/optical alert reminding the driver to tighten his/her seatbelt. The styling was upgraded again, the virtually celebrated conflict beingness tweaked taillights.

+ 1.8 L (1798 cc) Zetec I4, 110 PS (108 hp/81 kW) and 122 ft·lb (165 N·m) (1.8i)
+ 1.8 L (1798 cc) Zetec I4, 125 PS (123 hp/92 kW) and 125 ft·lb (170 N·m) (1.8i and 1.8 Zetec)
+ 1.8 L (1798 cc) Duratec SCi I4, 131 PS (129 hp/96 kW) and 129 ft·pound (175 N·m) (1.8 SCi)
+ 2.0 L (1999 cc) Zetec I4, 146 PS (144 hp/107 kW) and 140 ft·lb (190 N·m) (2.0i)
+ 2.5 L (2495 cc) AJ25 V6, 168 PS (166 hp/124 kW) and 162 ft·pound (220 N·m) (2.5 Ghia)
+ 3.0 L (2967 cc) Duratec 30 V6, 204 PS (201 hp/150 kW) and 207 ft·lb (280 N·m) (3.0)
+ 3.0 L (2967 cc) Duratec 30 V6, 226 PS (223 hp/166 kW) and 210 ft·pound (285 N·m) (3.0 ST220)
+ 2.0 L (1998 cc) Duratorq I4, 90 PS (89 hp/66 kW) and 155 ft·pound (210 N·m) (2.0 TDCi 90)
+ 2.0 L (1998 cc) Duratorq I4, 116 PS (114 hp/85 kW) and 207 ft·pound (280 N·m) (2.0 TDCi 115)
+ 2.0 L (1998 cc) Duratorq I4, 131 PS (129 hp/96 kW) and 244 ft·lb (330 N·m) (2.0 TDCi 130)
+ 2.2 L (2198 cc) Duratorq I4, 155 PS (153 hp/114 kW) and 265 ft·pound (360 N·m) (2.2 TDCi 155)

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