2002 Ford Gt40 Concept

Ford GT40 Concept

The Fording GT40 – the fabled car brought to aliveness by H Crossing II to commute execution car story – finds new liveliness in a forward-looking route car that re-ignites Crossing’s hallmarks of cacoethes, functioning and swiftness.

2002 Ford Gt40 Concept

The new high-performance construct is divine by the fomite that roared into the hearts of car enthusiasts everyplace during the Sixties. The new GT40 joins Fording’s “Livelihood Legends” card of yield and conception cars, including the Fording Thunderbird and Mustang, and the Il conception.

“GT40 is the ultimate Livelihood Fable,” explains J Mays, Crossing v.p. of Invention. “It’s a genuine supercar with solicitation capable that of the sterling sports cars in the mankind, but with the increase of a inheritance no one can mates. Necessity elements of the archetype – including the sensational low visibility and mid-mounted American V-8 – uphold therein up-to-the-minute rendering of the authoritative.”

2002 Ford Gt40 Concept

Spell the new conception and the archetype both parcel the mystique of the GT40 gens, they portion not a ace attribute. The conception is more a fundament and a one-half thirster and stands about 4 inches taller. Its new lines haulage upon and down the outdo features of GT40 chronicle and limited the car’s indistinguishability done bodoni dimension and open exploitation.


The Crossing GT40 conception casts the conversant, aerodynamic silhouette of its namesake, yet every property, every bend and every demarcation on the car is a unequaled reinterpretation of the master. The GT40 features a farseeing presence beetle redolent of 1960s-era racecars. But its wholesale hood, pernicious dialect lines and fiberoptic headlamps rap a clearly contemporaneous beat.

2002 Ford GT40 Concept

The presence fenders sheer terminated 18-inch wheels and Goodyear white-lettered tires. In the custom of title racers, the doors dig the ceiling. Big on the stellar bound of the behind tail empanel are operational chilling scoops that channelize overbold air to the locomotive. The arse bike wells, filled with 19-inch Goodyear tires, set the ass of the car, piece the emphasize demarcation from the strawman hood rejoins and finishes the car’s visibility at the unified “ducktail” coddler.

The inside invention incorporates the fresh “ventilated seating” and instrumentate layout of the master car, with aboveboard linear gauges and gravid tach. Modernistic versions of the pilot car’s toggle switches manoeuvre key systems.

“Ilk its namesake, the GT40 construct is not over-wrought with advance technologies,” Mays says. “Piece it represents the outdo of Fording excogitation, technology and expertness, it is a no-frills automobile. You won’t obtain voice-activated telematics hither – not tied ability windows – good virtuous, tasteful operation.”

2002 Ford Gt40 Concept

Look in done the backlight, one finds the center of the sports car in the MOD 5.4-liter V-8 locomotive and its composite align of svelte stainless-steel head pipes, braided stainless fire lines with anodized aluminium fittings and supercharger with intercooler.

“The GT40 construct should do tercet things: go quick, deal exceptionally and feel enceinte,” says Chris Theodore, Crossing’s v.p. of Northward America Intersection Evolution. “To be rightful to its Fording inheritance, we had to produce a supercar that would be unambiguously a Crossing. Anyone can do engineering showpieces, high-displacement engines and modern designs, but thither’s often more to a GT40. Thither’s inheritance and ticker. We cogitate this car stiff straight to the intent of its predecessors.”


As on the historical car, the complex trunk panels are unstressed. Rather of nerve or honeycomb-composite tubs exploited in the Sixties, Crossing’s SVT Technology radical highly-developed an all-new al spaceframe as the introduction for the Fording GT40 conception. It features four-wheeled freelance respite with unequal-length mastery munition and lengthways mounted spring-damper units to allow its low visibility.

Braking is handled by six-piston al Alcon calipers with cross-drilled and vented rotors at all quadruplet corners. When the bum canopy is open, the backside abatement components and locomotive get the car’s focus. Precision-milled aluminium abatement components and affiliated 19-inch Goodyear tires – combined with the consuming front of the V-8 powertrain – make a hitting appearing and transmit the GT40 construct’s execution certificate.


The powerplant is an all-American V-8 from Crossing’s modular locomotive kinfolk. The MOD 5.4-liter V-8 in the Crossing GT40 construct features al four-valve heads, bad crankshaft, H-beam bad rods and aluminium pistons fed by a supercharger, all combination to pee more 500 h.p. and 500 foot-pounds of torsion. These figures compeer or outperform those of the nigh knock-down menses GT40, a car that could conveniently top 200 mph on the Mulsanne straightaway at Le Mans. Because of the supercharger and high-revving, free-breathing valvetrain, the new car produces this stupefying ability from an effective 5.4-liter V-8 locomotive. The superpower is put to the route done an RBT six-speed manual transmittal.

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