2002 Ford Ba Falcon Xr6 Turbo

Ford BA Falcon XR6 Turbo

BA Falcon’s eminent execution Barra 240T locomotive in the XR6 boasts a turbocharger and intercooler to rise mightiness to a class-leading 240kW.

2002 Ford Ba Falcon Xr6 Turbo

It bequeath be useable in both XR6 saloon and Ute models in manual and robotlike transmitting guises.

The ably named Garrett GT40 turbo blows to 6psi, portion the 4.0-litre in-line six-cylinder locomotive to 450Nm of torsion betwixt 2000rpm and 4500rpm.

The Crossing BA Falcon XR6 Turbo shares the enhanced rev limitation of the banner I6 locomotive, now redlined at 6000rpm.

The turbocharged locomotive has a knocking detector can run on even leadless fire. Withal, for optimal execution Mush is recommended.

Wide wastegate command is managed by the limited Powertrain Ascendancy Faculty and oil and piddle are victimized to poise the turbo during impulsive and besides in shut-down.

The locomotive is graduated for minimal lag, ensuring utmost delectation of the redundant exponent and torsion.

A particular roll stainless beat multiply has been intentional to cater enduringness and dependability in help. Molding stainless tucker manifolds is the new preferent engineering employed by Fording ands its bounty European brands for turbocharged vehicles.

The stand I6 locomotive is limited with the espousal of new pistons with a patelliform bowlful and full aimless goby pin. The top two plunger rings are of a unlike pattern, in fiat to meet the higher visor operational temperatures and the burning press.

2002 Ford Ba Falcon Xr6 Turbo

The contraction proportion is 8.7:1, consume from the 9.7:1 of the stock in-line six, and a heavier tariff grease is secondhand in the locomotive.

2002 Ford BA Falcon XR6 Turbo

Retaining all the Barra I6 locomotive updates of the banner locomotive, the Turbocharged variant has revised varying camshaft timing propulsion to courtship the turbo locomotive characteristics.

2002 Ford Ba Falcon Xr6 Turbo

The cylinder psyche is limited to match the higher temperatures incorporating unequalled discharge valves. It is topped by a red cradle concealment over with melanize inset presence the caption ‘Turbo’.

Connecting rods and bearings and crankshaft are all carried o’er from the stock locomotive.

The fire livery organisation is up-rated to 4 bar, a 40 per centime gain on the banner fire coerce. The Turbo has a bigger content in-tank fire ticker.

The cooling is up-rated to match the supererogatory passion generated by the turbocharger and uses mate chilling fans.

To defend locomotive operation in distinctive Australian summertime weather, the Fording BA Falcon XR6 Turbo uses a Garrett air-to-air intercooler.

The intercooler is mounted low in the movement of the car, seeable done the nether bumper air ingestion slot.

Rut shields are put-upon in respective locations to protect components such as the steerage pillar gathering and the nether base are supra the three-inch diam dumpsite pipage and the catalysts.

The discharge shriek splits into two tracts on going the accelerator ahead recombining at the back silencer and exiting as a big elliptic tailpipe. The release billet has been particularly tuned for the Turbo locomotive and matches the hi-tech vocalise of the revised I6 locomotive.

Scheming the turbocharger and intercooler to conniption the Barra locomotive bay needful important travail by the calculator assisted technology squad. Maturation of the turbo bundle was contracted to Fording Functioning Vehicles.

The Turbo locomotive is paired to either a five-speed BTR T5 manual gearbox or the Serial Sportsman Switch four-speed reflex, with limited adaptative shift unequalled to XR models.

2002 Ford Ba Falcon Xr6 Turbo

Manual models birth a unequaled clasp, and grip ascendance is stock on all Turbo saloon models.

The Crossing BA Falcon XR6 Turbo retains the hefty touchstone XR6 braking set-up featuring functioning levels on a par with the (optional) premium-braking parcel of the premature contemporaries fomite.

2002 Ford Ba Falcon Xr6 Turbo

Reprieve standardization was fine-tuned by V8 Supercar racer Can Bowe in connexion with Crossing Operation Vehicles.

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