2002 Fiat Ulysse Emotion 20 16V

Fiat Ulysse Emotion 2.0 16v

“Eurovans” is a plebeian epithet applied to most monovular expectant MPVs resulting from Sevel, a joint-venture of PSA and Rescript, and manufactured at Sevel Nord manufactory in France, cheeseparing Valenciennes. The get-go eurovans were sold as Citroën Equivocation (Synergie), Decree Ulysse, Lancia Zeta and Peugeot 806. The acquaint, irregular multiplication, saw the renaming of all but the Ulysse to Citroën C8, Lancia Phedra and Peugeot 807 severally.

The eurovans disagree footling technically and visually, organism a bloom instance of badge technology. The eurovans ploughshare mechanicals and structure with Sevel sparkle commercial-grade vans, Citroën Jolty (Despatch), Rescript Scudo and Peugeot Good. They are more technically related PSA than Decree vehicles, as PSA governs the Sevel Nord portion of the joint-venture.

Second generation

The first-generation eurovans were superseded by a new manakin in 2002. The floorpan, wheelbase and respite frame-up were not neutered, but all outside dimensions too as forepart and bum tracks were increased. Particularly, the growth in distance by nigh 30 cm greatly enhanced internal capacitance. The new eurovans were afforded a practically more foaming, coeval face, on with a modern-looking fascia with centrally mounted gauges. The differences are now more marked, blanket full figurehead fascias and ass sections (including head- and taillights), too as dissimilar inside colour themes. The Rescript and the Lancia are slenderly wider than PSA vans, and the Phedra is besides thirster than over-the-counter eurovans.


Demur for the Edict Ulysse, all the models deliver been renamed. The 806 was, as expected, replaced by 807, piece Citroën chose to put the minivan in cable with its new appellative stem, where models were called Cx (x existence a numeral rough comparable to the proportional sizing of a presumption framework), so the Citroën C8. As the new Lancias didn’t use Greek letters anymore, the new minivan was called Lancia Phedra, in pureness of the Greek fabulous build Phaedra.


2002 Fiat Ulysse Emotion 20 16V

The locomotive reach comprised again of unlike versions of the PSA EW/DW locomotive, opposite with either 5-speed manual or 4-speed robotic transmissions. Additionally, top-of-the-line versions came with the PSA ES V6.

All diesels were PSA’s HDIs, but billed JTD by Edict besides.

2002 Fiat Ulysse Emotion 20 16V

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