2002 Fiat Stilo Multi Wagon Actual

Fiat Stilo Multi Wagon Actual

The Edict Stilo is a minor category car produced by the Italian carmaker Edict since 2001. The Stilo was unveiled in 2001 to interchange the Edict Assassinator/Brava.

It is usable in both 3- and 5-door hatchback versions, also as a waggon called “Stilo MultiWagon”. Earlier, its gasoline engines were the 1242 cc DOHC 16 valve locomotive too powering the Punto and Lancia Ypsilon with an yield of 80 bhp (60 kW) combined with a 6 upper manual gearbox, a 103 bhp (77 kW), 1.6 L with a 5 hurrying manual gearbox, a 133 bhp (98 kW), 1.8 L, again with a 5 fastness manual gearbox and a 170 bhp (127 kW), 5 cylinder, 2.4 L locomotive combined with Rescript’s Selespeed 5 amphetamine semi-automatic gearbox, too secondhand on the Alfa Romeo 147. The 2.4 L locomotive was reserved for the hatchback versions.

The Stilo’s styling standard miscellaneous reviews, with many journalists and enthusiasts criticising it as beingness too flavourless and too German-looking. Critics besides attacked the car’s exuberant weighting and its semi-rigid behind axle, which was seen as a footstep rearward from the acclaimed set-up exploited in the Assassinator/Brava and which resulted in manipulation many institute unimaginative and uninvolving. The locomotive scope, peculiarly the 1.2 and 1.6 gas units, was likewise criticised for organism underpowered. The car’s fire thriftiness was besides seen as misfortunate for its category, a solvent of the car’s gravid burthen and the transmittance, which ill-used rattling foresighted gearing ratios. Another pointedness of critique was the Selespeed gearbox, which was seen as too retard in its reactions and especially unfitting for the high-octane Abarth variant. Withal, the car won kudos for its highschool levels of clench (assisted by the outstandingly all-inclusive tires) and its brakes.

The Stilo was finally a sales letdown. An broad advert safari exploitation Normal 1 stars Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello did petty to aid the car’s sales. In 2004, the 1242 cc locomotive was dropped in prefer of the Punto’s 1.4 L whole, increasing the car’s ability to 95 bhp (71 kW), again combined with the 6 hurrying gearbox. Likewise, the taillights were adapted and the Abarth edition gained a manual gearbox alternatively of the Selespeed.

The Brazilian Stilo

2002 Fiat Stilo Multi Wagon Actual

Just useable in a 5 threshold hatchback rendering, the Stilo was launched in Brazil in 2003. The engines were the Phratry I GM engines 1.8L with 8 (103cv) and 16 valves (125cv) versions. For exportation, the engines elect are the italian made 1.8 16v VIS locomotive with 133cv and the 1.9 JTD Diesel of 115cv particularly for Argentina and Uruguay.

After, an Abarth and a Schumacher limited version’s Stilo was added; the offset with the 2.4 20 valve locomotive and 177cv, the s with Folk I GM 1.8 16v locomotive.

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