2002 Buick Rendezvous

Buick Rendezvous

The Buick Tryst, introduced in the springiness of 2001 as a 2002 exemplar twelvemonth fomite and produced done the nowadays, is a s.u.v. produced by the Buick sectionalization of Universal Motors.

2002 Buick Rendezvous


Tending the fact that the huge bulk of SUVs were seldom interpreted off-pavement by their owners, often less impelled nether good off-road weather, a new typewrite of car-based “crosswalk SUV” was highly-developed that was hoped would ply all the elements that customers really treasured from their SUVs such as freight carrying content, high-minded seats acme and the proposition of an alive out-of-door life-style with less of the veto attributes typically associated with traditional SUVs such as hapless mileage, uncomfortable rag, eminent scanty peak, proclivity to scroll concluded, etcetera. The recipe of a car-based “soft-road” luxuriousness SUV had proved merchantable by the extremely successful Lexus RX300 and was persuasion to be a bright new marketplace family for Buick to tap inside this highly profitable serving of the ever-expanding SUV class.

2002 Buick Rendezvous

Technology and notable features

Buick’s commencement motortruck in its card since 1923, the Tryst was billed as a combining of the better attributes of a minivan (prominent freight capacitance, seats for capable sevener), a lavishness car (tantalise, treatment, fluency) and a s.u.v. (motortruck styling and usable all bicycle crusade).

The Tryst was produced at World-wide Motors’ Ramos Arizpe, Mexico forum engraft, where it divided an line with the Pontiac Aztek.

In stead of iv rack crusade, the Tryst offered Versatrak, a full-time, fully-automatic all bike ride organization which provided surefooted grip in the c and wet could handgrip moderationist off-road surfaces, but was not meant for boulder-climbing Rubicon Trail-type activities.

2002 Buick Rendezvous

2002 Buick Rendezvous

Similar the Pontiac Aztek, the Buick Tryst is based on a sawed-off rendering of GM’s 2nd coevals U program minivans.

Buick benchmarked their Parkland Boulevard opulence saloon as the prototypic aim for tantalise and treatment for the Tryst. In gild to render a deluxe and reactive car-like razz, all Tryst came equipt with a full mugwump bum suspension careless of optional message or trimming stratum.

The Tryst’ pawn flock particularisation featured blue-green well-lighted needles and numbers set in a silver-tongued expression tonic by chromium-plate shave rings that was meant to stir the luxuriant feel and flavour of an expensive lookout or architect watchstrap.

2002 Buick Rendezvous

The Tryst boasted the power to bear vii passengers when equipt with a third-row workbench, a class-leading lineament that Buick brought to marketplace earlier its competitors.

The Tryst is capable to expect inside its internal the proverbial 4’x 8′ rag of plyboard, a commons and utilitarian project well-nigh of its competitors are ineffectual to execute.

2002 Buick Rendezvous

In supporting of the Tryst’ intended function as a various accessory for officious, upper-middle course mass with families, it provided a gist comfort with depot distance and might points for a laptop too as a fork floater to grasp a char’s handbag, a cubicle ring, beeper or early diminished items that the proprietor would deprivation to sustenance unionised and pronto approachable besides as an optional behind load organiser arrangement and back bottom stereo controls with headsets.

On the uplevel CXL example, a driver info center the board provided the exterior temperature, apprehend functions, a slip reckoner that included readings of fire saving, ambit and fire victimised. An optional irregular multiplication wide-awake presentation was besides uncommitted.

An optional outwear ostentatiousness monitoring scheme provided readings of jade insistence and warned if out of the specified compass was a ingenious lineament in the backwash of the Crossing Adventurer/Firestone drubbing that was in enceinte parting attributable to underinflated tires.

Sales success

The Tryst was a gravely requisite succeeder for Buick, precondition the actual die-off of its ageing client pedestal, and singlehandedly brought a plurality of jr., wealthier “seduction” buyers into Buick showrooms who differently wouldn’t sustain considered buying a Buick.

Surely a major subscriber to the Tryst’s succeeder was an fast-growing value-pricing scheme that made the Tryst $6,500 less than a comparably weaponed Acura MDX and $8,000 less than the Lexus RX300.

The Tryst conveniently exceeded GM’s predictions of 30,000 to 40,000 units a class by a big perimeter, which helped stolon the pitiable sales of the Pontiac Aztek with which it divided its Ramos Arizpe, Mexico, line.

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