2002 Audi A4 Cabriolet 24

Audi A4 Cabriolet 2.4

The future A4, internally designated Typ 8E, debuted on 10 October 2000, now equitation on the Volkswagen Aggroup B6 (PL46) chopine. The car’s new styling was highly-developed nether Pecker Schreyer ‘tween 1996-1998, divine by the Bauhaus designing terminology of the C5 (second-generation) Audi A6 introduced in 1997. The 1.6 l groundwork modeling powerplant remained unaltered, but about former gasolene/gasolene engines standard either translation increases, or exponent upgrades. The 1.8 liter 20-valve Turbo was now usable in two extra versions, with 150 PS (110 kW; 148 bhp) or 180 PS (132 kW; 178 bhp), this one with a received six-speed manual gearbox, patch the course aspirated 1.6 liter inline-four locomotive and 2.8 l V6 were replaced by 2.0 l, and all-aluminium debase 3.0 l units, quieten with pentad valves per cylinder, the nigh sinewy of which was subject of 220 PS (162 kW; 217 bhp) and 300 n metres (221 lb·ft) of torsion. The 1.9 Turbocharged Engineer Shot (TDI) locomotive was upgraded to 130 PS (96 kW; 128 bhp), with Pumpe Düse (Whole Injector) (PD) engineering, and was now uncommitted with quattro perm 4wd, piece the 2.5 V6 TDI high-end exemplar was introduced with 180 PS (132 kW; 178 bhp) and touchstone quattro. This contemporaries of quattro consisted of nonremittal of 50:50 forepart to bum dynamical torsion dispersion. A Bosch ESP 5.7 Electronic Stableness Plan (ESP) scheme, with anti-lock braking arrangement (ABS), bracken assistance, and electronic brakeforce dispersion (EBD) were measure crossways the stove.

2002 Audi A4 Cabriolet 24

The Avant was introduced in June 2001 and arrived in European showrooms in September 2001.

For 2002, Audi increased index in the 1.8 Turbo engines to 163 PS (120 kW; 161 bhp) and 190 PS (140 kW; 187 bhp) – the 190 PS form designated by a red ‘T’ on boot lid. Usable with iv rack campaign and in the 2.5 TDI liaise variant to 163 PS (120 kW; 161 bhp). A 2.0 locomotive with Fire Class-conscious Shot (FSI) was too usable. A yr afterward, Audi reintroduced the S4, now powered by a 344 PS (253 kW; 339 bhp) 4.2 L V8 locomotive, besides as an A4 Cab transformable version (Typ 8H), last replacement the 80-based Audi Cab which had been discontinued in 2000. It included an electro-hydraulic operated cap, which lowered in nether 30 seconds and unified approximately styling changes, such as body-coloured frown bumper and sill panels, which after institute their way to the ginmill edition.

Audi introduced a incessantly varying infection highly-developed by LuK, named multitronic, which replaced the dated schematic reflexive contagion on front-wheel thrust models. The contagion won considerable congratulations from the self-propelling jam, and is loosely regarded as beingness the outflank of its character in the humans, due to its lighter burden and punctuality in answer. This mellow durability range determined CVT was made from extremely long-wearing metals and utilized a selfsame high-pitched gradation, purpose-designed amply celluloid lubricator. Notwithstanding, thither let been far-flung complaints from consumers about the humankind that the contagion box is prostrate to electronic glitches too as mechanical problems.

Adoption from the Audi A6, boot was redesigned to hit the elongation of the top border with a sander flock occupation. The taillight assemblies now formed contribution of the top pipeline, these styling cues were finally borrowed by otc European besides as Asian manufacturers.

A fun software named ‘Radical Fun’ was introduced in the Northward American marketplace briefly earlier the B6 was replaced by the B7. It included aluminum home clipping and doorway sills, “S job” wheel, presence and ass spoilers, incline skirts, and quattro GmbH intentional 18-inch RS4 admixture roadwheels.

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