2002 Abt Audi Tt Limited Wide Body

ABT Audi TT-Limited Wide Body

Can performance ever be a sin? “No”, says Hans-Jurgen Abt, managing director of Abt Sportsline, with a wide grin, and looks satisfied to the IAA-debut of the most extreme tuning interpretation of the Audi TT. The shape leaves no doubt: this is the road-going version of the racing car from the DTM (German Touring Car Masters), that has matured to a multiple race winner this season.

2002 Abt Audi Tt Limited Wide Body

Two long-familiar Abt highlights played a character in the conception of the TT-limited wide-body: the TT-Sport and the TT-limited. In the by few month, both of them birth attracted many customers and fifty-fifty more fans. With the modified all-encompassing consistency, the Abt squad is now viewing a prominent deduction of its two about utmost tuning versions of the TT. Thence, the successful caller from Kempten demonstrates the state-of-the-art in TT-tuning.

This becomes besides crystalize to the medium secular, who power be led to think that the TT-limited wide-body has got helpless from the subspecies rails instantly on the unfold route. Responsible this is the salient bodywork kit. As a resolution of all-encompassing farting burrow tests, the specialists from Kempten get accomplished an sleek kit, which results into more downforce and so a wagerer road-holding. Disregardless if on local roadstead or on the thruway. And, naturally, on the airstream racecourse. E.g. at the Nurburgring, where Laurent Aiello has scored two brainy victories for the Squad Abt Sportsline with the Hasseroder-yellow Abt-Audi TT-R. The modified full torso not lonesome shares the presence spoilers and the prolonged fenders with the racer, but besides the slope skirts, a back annex and a complicated diffusor, which gives downforce at the arse. The various carbonfibre parts besides add to the blue opinion.

The technicians that reinforced the express wide-cut eubstance birth besides victimized racing live piece conceiving the respite. Christian Abt himself has interpreted aid of the set-up. The pro racing driver opted for Abt wheels of the character A27 (9 x 19 inches at the figurehead, 9.5 x 19 inches at the bottom). ContiSportContact tyres with 235/35 sizing sustain been mounted on the breast wheels, 275/30 tyres on the bottom wheels.

Aeromechanics, hanging and the telling sportsman braking organisation – all of this serves for controlling the fireworks, that the Abt-technicians are inflammation underneath the cowl. 228 kW (310 hp) are the solvent of a superpower rise, that turns the received 165 kW (225 hp) solid locomotive into a racing car. An Abt turbocharger with intercooler and exhaust tolerate the criterion powerhouse to emit freely. A top swiftness of approx. 254 kph and an speedup from 0-100 kph in approx. 5.6 seconds verbalise for themselves. The car shown at the IAA is a right-hand-driven interpretation for the British grocery. Besides in the UK, Abt Sportsline has many fans. The entrancing TT-limited all-inclusive personify bequeath sure energise them.

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