2001 Toyota Yaris T Sport

Toyota Yaris T Sport

The Toyota Yaris T Play adds sports operation to the many gratifying characteristics of the awarding taking Yaris stove. It features a potent 1.5-litre VVT-i locomotive, dynamical new looks, lowered dangling and sports-style upcountry.

2001 Toyota Yaris T Sport

The Toyota Yaris T Fun joins the Celica T Sport as the found models in the new T Sportsman blade. They ponder Toyota’s successful motorsport inheritance and ambitions for the next – offer higher functioning levels, sports manipulation and abeyance characteristics, and increased driver amour without flexible quilt or practicality.

Toyota Yaris T Athletics offers family lead functioning and thriftiness in the European B section. It accelerates to 100 km/h in barely 9.0 seconds and has a top swiftness, where permitted, of 190 km/h.

2001 Toyota Yaris T Sport

Sports respite delivers optimal operation and manipulation, with a dynamical new soundbox styling complementary the Toyota Yaris T Variation software.

Dynamic new look

Although patently from the Yaris folk, the eminent execution Toyota Yaris T Play has a intelligibly strong-growing sports epitome.

The lowered abatement (20mm breast and ass) not just gives more showy manipulation, it besides creates a squatter-looking car – a feeling enhanced by the 15-inch debase wheels and low visibility tyres which now satisfy the cycle arches.

Full-of-the-moon breadth rich movement and behind bumpers with incorporate fog lamps, a sports grillwork and english personify skirts concluded the boilersuit dynamical ikon. The headlight surroundings is melanise for duplicate accent and alone T Variation emblems key the new mark.

2001 Toyota Yaris T Sport

The Toyota Yaris T Play is 20mm thirster than the criterion car (thanks to a thirster bum beetle) and 20mm depress. It is uncommitted in both three-door and five-door bodystyles.

Most powerful Yaris yet

The 1.5-litre, Varying Valve Timing-intelligent (VVT-i) locomotive fitted to the Toyota Yaris T Mutation is the near potent yet in the Yaris ambit. It develops 106 DIN hp (78kW) of might at 6,000rpm and has utmost torsion of 145Nm at 4,200rpm.

Yet, thanks to Toyota’s sophisticated VVT-i engineering, the Yaris T Sportsman cadaver promiscuous to cause and passing frugal. It achieves 6.9 litres/100km on the European combined hertz – the trump in its stratum – and has evenly low emissions (160 gm/km CO2).

This class-leading operation translates immediately into a more pleasurable impulsive live. The Toyota Yaris T Mutation is faster to 100km/h from ease than many 1.6-litre hot hatches and excels in mid-range speedup – quicker from 60 to 100km/h in quarter geartrain (8.4 seconds) than any otc like car.

Performance tuned suspension

The Toyota Yaris T Athletics respite has been tuned to render the rally and treatment execution that T Play customers bequeath bear. Yet it retains the agile tone of the archetype Yaris and beneficial drive consolation for unremarkable use.

Dangling springs are stiffer and dampers are harder, to meet the spare tire clutches and create less eubstance roller. The glower rag tallness adds to the impression of additional constancy.

The low-profile 15-inch tyres addition the cornering power and cater greater steerage reception and straightaway contrast constancy.

Sports style interior

The national shave of Toyota Yaris T Play has likewise been limited to muse the card-playing dash of the car without losing any of the archetype comfortableness or timber.

2001 Toyota Yaris T Sport

New, analog sports dash meters substitute the digital orchestration in the criterion Yaris and the sports seats, addition three-spoke leather sports wheel, add to the mellow functioning surround. The paraphernalia switching is two-tone metal and blackness leather with a individual mannequin kicking.

The Toyota Yaris T Athletics stove is qualified to phoebe consistence colors, including a metier gray-headed metal singular to the orbit, and a new two-tone metal and shadow grayish inside cut.

Powerful, economical VVT-i engine

The 1.5-litre, Varying Valve Timing-intelligent (VVT-i) locomotive fitted to the Toyota Yaris T Sportsman is the near sinewy yet in the Yaris grasp and is too usable in the Yaris Reverse. It develops 106 DIN hp (78kW) of index at 6,000rpm and has uttermost torsion of 145Nm at 4,200rpm.

This class-leading operation translates immediately into a more pleasurable drive know. The Toyota Yaris T Play is faster to 100km/h from balance than many 1.6-litre hot hatches and excels in mid-range quickening – quicker from 60 to 100km/h in one-fourth pitch (8.4 seconds) than any over-the-counter corresponding car.

Toyota Yaris T Sportsman has a top velocity of 190 km/h and testament speed to 100 km/h from relaxation in 9.0 seconds.

Yet, thanks to Toyota’s advance VVT-i engineering, the Yaris cadaver soft to campaign and passing stinting. The T Mutant (3 doorway) achieves 6.9 litres/100km on the European combined oscillation – the topper in its year – and has evenly low emissions (160 gm/km CO2). The new locomotive complies with European Tone 3 emissions lawmaking.

Lightweight engine design

The Toyota Yaris T Athletics locomotive, designated 1NZ-FE, is a igniter, al debase blocking whole which has been intentional for maximal efficiency.

The use of aluminum in the block and oil sink pan, shaping in the inhalation multiply and piddle recess, and a worldwide reducing in the summate act of constituent parts, has unbroken burthen to a minimal. In add-on, climb methods and placement of accessory devices birth been reviewed to drop-off locomotive elevation and breadth for concentration.

The 1497cc locomotive is a 16-valve, similitude smash camshaft locomotive with a high-efficiency compressing proportion of 10.5:1. The Toyota Organise Ignition, comprising quadruplet person kindling coils operational forthwith on apiece plug, agency more effective fire electrocution, less emissions and less sustentation – with no kindling timing to be familiarized and no allocator to be serviced.

Low clash has been achieved by design parts, including the outgrowth crankshaft, to dilute the mechanical losings of the locomotive by 25 per centime. This, successively, contributes to a step-down in fire use.

The role of VVT-i

Toyota’s Varying Valve Timing-intelligent (VVT-i) engineering volition caper a key function in the exploitation of T Sportsman products. It bequeath appropriate Toyota to use more hefty, but ignitor, engines crosswise the T Play stove to crack supererogatory execution and agile, sports treatment.

By variable the lap meter ‘tween discharge valve windup and uptake valve hatchway, the VVT-i locomotive characteristics can be changed to make optimal combust – resulting in more effective use of fire, cleanser tucker discharge and increased torsion production, especially at low and average locomotive speeds.

The Toyota highly-developed organization has the profit of oblation unceasingly varying (not stepped) valve timing and allows the locomotive direction figurer to intend the optimal timing for the good scope of drive weather. It agency the valve convergence timing no thirster has to be set beforehand to courtship a preset drive surroundings.

More discharge burning, at a higher burning temperature, way less n oxide emissions. An increment in valve lap results in roughly recycling of unburnt fire which reduces unburnt hydrocarbons and too results in inner fumes gas recirculation, boost reduction n oxides.

Sports exhaust

The Toyota Yaris T Mutation is fitted with a peculiarly intentional expel piping and muffler which maintains low emissions and high-pitched fuel-efficiency, but adds to the sports part of the car.

The heavy diam tail-pipe is a conception characteristic of the bum sight ad the silencing organisation has been tuned to grow a deeper, more dissipated locomotive line a low locomotive speeds patch it reduces flowing randomness at gamy speeds.

Close ratio manual gearbox

The Toyota Yaris T Mutant is fitted with a closing proportion, five-speed manual infection to offer optimal sports operation and pee-pee trump use of the 1.5-litre VVT-i locomotive.

The clean gearchange is emphasized by the aluminum enter, shortstop confound gearlever and melanize leather spat.

Sports suspension provides optimum handling

Toyota Yaris T Mutation is intentional with a new sports reprieve set-up to assure it delivers the manipulation and bait characteristics demanded by T Play customers – but without sacrificing an satisfactory floor of comforter for routine use.

The diddly-squat looks created by lour rag elevation and increased tire sizing likewise springiness Toyota Yaris T Mutant a more fast-growing, clean face which suits its new epitome.

The Toyota Yaris T Play is 20mm depress than the schematic hatchback which reduces the core of graveness elevation and consistency paradiddle. The lour essence of sombreness bequeath too imply bettor treatment conduct and constancy at the confine.

Stiffer body structure

The Toyota Yaris T Play torso has been stiffened in sure key areas to ameliorate torsional rigidness and guidance reply.

A new rigidifying bar has been fitted crosswise the frown ass of the personify, below the back bumper, to advance rear-end route belongings and grasp. This improves cornering stableness at the confine.

The sidelong harshness of the ass torque broadcast dangling has been increased by 15 per penny with a stronger bushing bracket to commit more exact sidelong effect direction.

Sports profile tyres and wheels

Low-profile 15-inch tyres do more add to the card-playing appearing of the Toyota Yaris T Athletics. They step-up the cornering power and offer greater steerage answer and neat cable constancy.

The 185/55 R15 tyres interchange the 175/65 R14 units fitted to the schematic manakin, increasing cornering mightiness by 15 per penny and sidelong rigorousness by 10 per penny.

2001 Toyota Yaris T Sport

The sports tyres are complemented by impudent, six-spoke al metal wheels which are alone to the Toyota Yaris T Fun framework.

High performance suspension

Although Toyota Yaris T Variation uses the like introductory abatement conception as the criterion Yaris hatchback – MacPherson swagger strawman and tortuousness transmit bottom – the units let been tuned to courting the sportsmanlike characteristics of the car.

The abatement tuning reduces consistence cast and adapts the Yaris to the greater clasp offered by 15-inch tyres. It too ensures the reprieve can meet rock-bottom rally altitude and avoids bottoming out.

Hiatus bush-league mountings bear been tempered to insert more sidelong harshness and bound rates are up by 30 per centime. Muffler forces are besides up, by 20 per penny, and harder arctic is put-upon in amphetamine hiatus mounts and former hanging points.

Efficient, safe brakes

The Toyota Yaris T Athletics boasts splendid braking operation to mates its increased mightiness and sports treatment.

Platter brakes, 14-inch, are fitted presence and bum and a wide-cut anti-lock braking scheme is banner. Toyota Yaris T Mutant is besides fitted with electronic bracken effect dispersion (EBD) to ameliorate constancy on slippy roadstead and nether sudden braking.

The EBD restraint uses the ABS to optimize the dispersion of braking personnel betwixt the battlefront and bottom wheels in reaction to impulsive weather and fomite consignment. It likewise helps optimize the braking violence, leftover to correct, during cornering.

Dynamic new look, inside and out

2001 Toyota Yaris T Sport

The Toyota Yaris T Athletics is intentional to play heads. Piece hush patently share of the Yaris folk, this high-pitched functioning hatchback has a understandably belligerent sports epitome.

The lowered abatement and bigger 15-inch wheels and tyres make a squatter-looking car – a sight which is enhanced by the limited T Mutant bodykit.

The trench presence bumper and cross-woven grille add force to the excogitation and commit a crystalise gaudy content. Headlight surrounds bear been changed to melanise and minor, turn presence fog lamps are merged into the bracken chilling vents.

English personify skirts add astuteness below the doors and the back bumper is a i small-arm construction, again adding optical durability. Backside fog lamp and reversing spark are reinforced in. New bum compounding lamps look red but the blinker is, in fact, colored, smoke-dried pinkish.

A ass cap looter is an optional duplicate.

Choice of body styles

The Toyota Yaris T Mutation is useable in both iii and five-spot threshold bodystyles. The T Fun is fractionally yearner than the stock modelling, mostly due to the thirster arse beetle.

Boilersuit duration is now 3,635mm spell the breadth is unaltered. The T Mutant simulation is, course, 20mm frown, at an boilersuit tallness of 1,485mm.

Distinctive, discreet badging

The circumspect T Athletics emblems testament shortly get recognized as marks of calibre technology and sports execution.

The Toyota Yaris T Mutant is pronounced out by its scoop T Mutation badge on the grille and unequalled Toyota badging, with a red secondment O, on the behind venire.

Sports interior

The national trimming of the Toyota Yaris T Mutation has been upgraded to ruminate the dissipated stylus of the car without losing any of the archetype comforter or caliber.

The iniquity grayness flat panel accentuates the showy simulacrum and this is boost reflected by the contrastive use of gray-headed metal and vivid metal finishing on many shave details.

Driver and forepart bottom rider are held securely in office by sports-style seats and a leather, three-spoke wheel with metal passementerie is fitted. The sports gearstick likewise features gray-headed metal trimming with leather and a wide, leather spat.

Beforehand of the driver the digital instrumentality has been exchange by elucidate, linear meters for tach and speedometer, recitation lightlessness digits on a crisp, gabardine backcloth.

Foster use of metal clipping highlights the ability windowpane switches, the internal doorway plow and the bullet controller knobs. A metal mule shell, featuring the manakin gens, completes the sports persona.

Full safety package

Toyota Yaris T Athletics is a car that can be compulsive laborious – but it besides benefits from all Toyota’s mellow engineering condom packages that bear contributed to qualification Yaris one of the safest diminished cars in Europe (NCAP 4 maven valuation).

Toyota Yaris T Sportsman features driver and rider SRS airbags as measure with SRS position airbags an selection contingent local markets. Figurehead buns belts are pre-tensioned and forcefulness special to downplay the jeopardy of dresser scathe during an encroachment.

The solid Yaris bodyshell is intentional to fling maximal tribute in the result of a hit and to twist increasingly to engross push and concentrate rider compartment usurpation.

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