2001 Rinspeed Advantige R One Concept

Rinspeed Advantige R one Concept

The challenge : guilt-free pleasure

For RINSPEED developers the end was crystallise: make a strikingly intentional, earthy sports car that offers lots of singular drive fun with emblematic environmental friendliness. The Advantige Rone with its tallness of lone 97cm (38″) is the last-place car and the kickoff sports car in the man that runs on biofuel made from kitchen and garden dissipation.

The design : straight from pit lane

The roots of the Advantige Rone are evident eventide at low peek: Virtuous drive racing. The well-adjusted combining of Pattern 1 and LeMans racecars results in an strange, extremely aerodynamically effective conception with the driver at its centerfield. The car’s eubstance lines are built by longitudinal air inlets in the contour of shark gills. The bottom panorama mirrors get been replaced by 3 colour cameras whose images are familial to LCD monitors in the cockpit.

Lean : the dynamic cockpit

The well-nigh outstanding feature in the cockpit of the Advantige Rone is the exchange and super low seats billet of the driver. As in sooner Rinspeed conception cars (Mononucleosis Ego and E-Go Roquette) the driver sits in the heart and – leastwise piece impulsive – corpse unique.

The most reclining situation of the driver allows for an super low eubstance visibility. The boilersuit fomite meridian is barely 97cm – low plenty that a stunt driver could original it underneath a flat preview.

2001 Rinspeed Advantige R one Concept

To ameliorate visibleness in metropolis impulsive and help parking, Rinspeed specialists highly-developed the

“Active Cockpit Ascendence Conception (DCCC)”.

This new and alone arrangement allows active position of the cockpit. Peak and tilt of the cockpit – and with it the driver – are familiarised electronically according to fomite hurrying: Capable 40 km/h the cockpit is mechanically in the highest billet. Bey 75 km/h the cockpit is lowered by astir 30 cm into its last office.

2001 Rinspeed Advantige R One Concept

The cockpit besides leans into turns in cycle manner, governed by the motor forces created by turn upper and r. The answer is a altogether new turn sense. Says Rinspeed emboss Postmark M. Rinderknecht, 45: “This singular compounding of car, bike and racecar cries out for the eternal hairpin curves of Mediterranean coastal roadstead – a rightfully particular shiver and kickshaw.”

Clean : forward-looking biofuel

The Advantige Rone with its double thrust construct (gasolene/biofuel) is the cleanest sports car in the reality. Fifty-fifty fueled with tight gas (CNG) the environmental advantages are telling: Fumes emissions are 60 to 95 pct beneath nowadays’s rigorous discharge limits for petrol or diesel vehicles.

Eventide more environmental favorable is the surgery with resource-conserving Kompogas. It is produced by zymosis constituent wastefulness – largely kitchen and garden barren – and is thence CO2 achromatic. With the get-up-and-go extracted from 100 kilograms constitutive barren the Advantige Rone testament covering 100 kilometers without contributive to the supposed nursery impression.

This new engineering is a exploitation of the Swiss Kompogas AG in Glattbrugg. It is already busy in legion plants roughly the humankind. Among the licensees and concerned parties are companies from Switzerland, Germany, France, Austria, Japan, USA, Brazil and Australia.

A Kompogas embed with a yearbook capability of 20 000 metrical dozens produces the vigour tantamount of 1.4 meg liters (370,000 US gallons) of gas. If all constitutional rot were recycled in Kompogas plants a considerable parting of case-by-case deportation could be effected exploitation CO2 indifferent fire.

Advantige : Audi Individual

Opposite to many conception cars by otc tuners the Advantige Rone is not fair a simple showpiece. It is a rocker for new ideas and technologies and a outset glance of the new single tuning curriculum Advantige Audi Person of Rinspeed GmbH, which besides debuts at the Hollands Drive Demonstrate 2001. On the Advantige Rone Rinspeed GmbH first presents its archetype split-rim 8.5 x 19-inch wheels with their patent styling. The Remus tailpipes in Advantige pattern likewise pee their introduction on the Rone.

The technology : lightness of being

The rear-mounted divalent 1.8-liter four-cylinder locomotive (16V) produces 120 hp at 5,500 rpm and delivers its uttermost torsion of 165 Nm at 3,000 rpm. Powerfulness is transferred to the back axle via a five-speed manual gearbox.

The consistence of the Advantige Rone is made from seldom exploited Pre-Preg complex and lends the Rinspeed Advantige Rone over-the-top stableness at highly low slant. Thanks to this monitory jackanapes excogitation the Swiss “shark” weighs in at a bare 750 kg. The resulting power-to-weight proportion is plenty to set hearts racing _ fifty-fifty among pilots of single Italian sportscars. Operation is correspondingly telling: The Advantige Rone accelerates from 0 – 100 km/h in less than six seconds and has a top velocity of 205 km/h.

The bikini Advantige 19-inch wheels are severally suspended victimisation custom-developed Eibach springs. The sizable wear dimensions of the spic-and-span SportContact 2 by Continental (235/35 before and 255/40 in back) vouch rubber grasp at all multiplication. Collectively the exceedingly low plaza of gravitation of the fomite, the tires tolerate over-the-top high-pitched cornering speeds. High-gloss chromium-plate plated tailpipes by Remus farther punctuate the sporting nature of the Advantige Rone. The hybridizing drilled brakes disks from Derendinger assure good fillet.

The interior : envy of formula pilots

The flashy inside is a bewitching conflate of technological functionality and conveniences. An innovational hectogram organization by Sony delivers melodious pleasance. Locomotive and fomite information is displayed by two expectant circle gauges also as by two futurist head-up displays from in.pro. Scorn the congenator confines of the inner an sole rug from Rieter Self-propelling Systems and prime upholstery real from X-Mobil make a prosperous ambiance. Foliatec contributed many acute styling elements for the inside and the outside. The blatant blusher job by Standox in the ‘Sole Cable’ hues Standox “Imola Ice” and “Catalunya Spatter” changes coloring from blueness and flatware to red contingent the twinkle lean.

The development : 100-percent Swiss

Weenie M. Rinderknecht victimised extremely ripe engineering and a Swiss-based web of self-propelled specialists for his externalize. Although thither is no car yield in Switzerland to utter of, thither is a selfsame fighting self-propelling provide diligence thither. Many extremely advanced prototypes get been highly-developed and manufactured in Switzerland.

The Swiss technology caller Esoro was leased as oecumenical declarer for the stallion undertaking, including for undertaking direction, technology, invention and manufacture of the Advantige Rone. Esoro accomplished the thought-provoking tax on agenda with the service of tercet of its outdo Swiss-based suppliers. Protoscar oversaw the pattern and vitality on a advanced 3D CAD organization. Logos manufactured the moulds and complex parts and Schwaller Move Technology – a provider of the Sauber Expression 1 squad – did the metallic employment. The squad translated initial sketches into a amply usable paradigm in upright iv and a one-half months.

Esoro is an main technology fellowship that delivers solutions for the self-propelled manufacture. The fellowship is fountainhead known for its innovations in the areas of complex materials, product technologies, whippersnapper expression and fire cubicle vehicles. Esoro’s prototypes are celebrated for their originality, character, conception and fire efficiency.

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