2001 Renault Talisman Concept

Renault Talisman Concept

The Renault Amulet is a sumptuosity 2-door saloon/takeoveré Construct car intentional aft the 1995 Renault Initiale Construct demarcation by Renault honcho decorator Patrick le Quément and it was presented at the Frankfurt Autoshow in 2002.

2001 Renault Talisman Concept

The commencement sketches were raddled in other 2000 and offset referred as Renault Z12. Thither were 4 net 1/5 shell models and a judgement squad, tether by Patrick le Quément selected this putsché. It was named “Amulet” in June Twentieth 2001

The Amulet was intentional as a opulence saloon with 4 comfy seating but with lone 2 gullwing doors and a takeoveré-style end. It applies the “Contact Figure” construct, where the dealer target is to shuffling materials and controls mild and ergonomic. The equipment is formed by LCD screens alternatively of mirrors, GPS and evening a Tag Heuer time in the heart of the card. The panel slides up big admittance to a hulk glovebox. The seating are dyed of iniquity red, and interrogatively, the arse belts are set at the inverse position of every car; in the odd for the veracious behind and in the rightfulness for the odd one. Quatern monolithic 380mm 6-pistons record brakes are in tutelage of fillet the car. Thither are too pair metal suitcases situated in the body, and rigid thereto.

2001 Renault Talisman Concept

The figure of the Amulet was followed by the Mégane II.

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