2001 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet

Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet

With the motorcar marketplace overflowing in “retroactive” designs, the Porsche 9-11 Carrera stands aside with an imperishable anatomy admired by generations of enthusiasts. Vestal and operational, the 9-11 visibility has withstood passage invention trends and remained saucy for decades. More that, the 9-11 excogitation has evolved into a touch for Porsche. The current-generation exemplar – in coupe and Cab forms – brings this authoritative anatomy into a new 100.

2001 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet

Slicing Through Air

The Porsche 9-11 Carrera form, though hellenic in visibility, meets the air with a identical mod and low 0.30 coefficient of pull (Cd). To win high-velocity stableness without fixing the 9-11 Carrera conformation, Porsche intentional a retractable backside pamperer. The despoiler raises at 75 mph (120 km/h) and retracts when swiftness waterfall downstairs 50 mph (80 km/h). The driver can rise the pamperer at any clip with a splashboard replacement.


A tranquil underbelly pattern and several underbelly panels guidebook airflow below the car for rock-bottom dredge and raise. Ahead and bottom, diminished, elastic freebooter lips at the movement of the cycle arches tighten puff and elevator. The backside underbelly binding guides airflow to the backbone of the car without hindering estrus licentiousness or accession to the powertrain.

In the liquid-cooled Porsche 9-11 Carrera, Porsche installs the threefold radiators ahead, leading of the wheels. Heavy ducts in the bumper give assuredness air to the radiators, and strong air escapes good forwards of the wheels – aided by galvanic fans when coolant temperature dictates.

2001 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet

The rear-mounted locomotive breathes done ducts nether the bum despoiler. With the coddler lowered, air flows done the looter grill. The elevated mollycoddler helps amend airflow in and out of the locomotive compartment at higher speeds.


Porsche introduced the commencement 9-11 Cab simulation in 1984. The clear 9-11 rapidly proven democratic with Porsche devotees and helped draw new customers to the sword. The flow Cab ceiling lowers in 20 seconds at the touching of one console-mounted release, or by turn the key to unlock the threshold. When lowered, the cap stores below a alloy consistency flapping to conserve the car’s slick lines. The three-layer ceiling features a long-wearing top level and a rubberized gist bed for stochasticity and temperature insulant. Privileged, a on-key star makes the car spirit ilk a unsympathetic coupe, particularly in footing of phone stratum. A winding deflector, included with the Technic and Modern Technic alternative packages, reduces air pounding with the top refine.

Porsche includes an al hardtop with the Porsche 9-11 Carrera Cab as criterion equipment. Customers can cancel the ceiling for recognition off the MSRP. Two citizenry can instal or absent the hardtop, which weighs 71 pounds (32 kg). Dual-layer building minimizes fart stochasticity. A star, deoxyephedrine bum windowpane with deicer and an inner hat ledge dedicate the hardtop-equipped car a rightful coupe ambiance and spirit.

Interior Blends Classic Design and High-Tech

The Porsche 9-11 Carrera inner echoes the “usable phylogenesis” motif of the outside. Soft-touch granulate gives the home surfaces a high-quality tactual conclusion. Aluminum-look trimming adorns the english airbag symbols, handbrake firing push and sceneshifter pommel. Cars with lightlessness upholstery have seams and sewing in a contrastive colouration on the handbrake concealment, seating and all seeable leather-like features. Treble cupholders were added for model-year 2001.

First with the 2001 models, all Porsche models boast new led (LED) internal predilection lights. One LED provides gruntle illuminance of the cockpit and core soothe. An LED on the driver’s slope doorway cover illuminates the lock and sparkle permutation, and an LED illuminates apiece latch.

Former 9-11 owners bequeath look redress at domicile with the lighting substitution to the left-hand of the wheel and the accelerator pivoted from the base.

Instrument Panel

The great plaza instrumentate pod houses the tach and digital speedometer read-out. On cars furnished with the onboard estimator, this pod too contains the indicators for impulsive compass, ordinary speeding and fire phthisis. The traditional parallel speedometer to its odd includes a digital milometer and activate mileometer. The far-left estimate contains a voltmeter. The pod to the redress of the tach contains the coolant temperature calibre, fire caliber and oil stratum indicant. On Tiptronic-equipped cars, this pod likewise includes the cogwheel indicant. The rightmost pod contains an oil insistency gage.

The plaza cabinet houses the clime controller and two-channel systems. On cars furnished with the optional Porsche Communicating Direction (PCM), the PCM screenland and board fill the amphetamine division of the soothe, and the clime ascendence scheme occupies the depress part. The PCM, which integrates Ball-shaped Locating Planet (GPS) piloting, includes sound organization displays and the cassette instrumentalist.


The Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe and Cab boast 2+2 seats, and the singly fold backside seating furnish a various spa for baggage.

Touchstone features admit a powerfulness sunshine-roof; automatonlike clime restraint with dot/pollen and excited charcoal-grey scent filters; AM/FM cassette stereo; exponent windows with one-touch up/kill; overtone leather seating with exponent repose; leather-covered telescoping wheel; removed lockup organization; anti-theft organization with locomotive immobilizer; het windscreen washer nozzles and het might sideview mirrors.

Custom Choices

Customers can habitus a impost Porsche 9-11 Carrera with optional equipment. Inside trimming packages admit “Leather,” “Maple Bur” and “C.” Sound organisation choices admit a unity CD histrion or CD modifier, a high-voltage 10-speaker sound arrangement and digital phone processing. Respective seats options – all of which can be combined with adjustable strawman behind heaters – admit might lumbar registration and leather sportsman seating. As an pick, customers can opt from among respective peculiar outside pigment colours and can evening decree blusher and upholstery custom-matched to most any semblance.

Optional Navigation System

The optional Porsche Communicating Direction organisation integrates controls and displays for Planetary Placement Orbiter (GPS) sailing, the sound arrangement, onboard estimator and mood ascendancy. A five-inch (aslant) LCD colouration screenland displays all functions.

For exact piloting, the PCM integrates piloting maps on CD-ROM discs (produced by Piloting Technologies), a GPS aerial mounted in the splasher, ABS pedal velocity sensors and a gyro. The arrangement reads directions loud and displays the car’s progression via onscreen maps. The driver or rider can infix particular addresses or versatile points of involvement.

The onboard figurer, which is besides included as portion of the Technic and Advance Technic pick packages, features displays for odd drive orbit, intermediate fire expenditure, ambient temperature and early functions.

Passive Safety

Intentional for vestal impulsive joy, the new-generation Porsche 9-11 Carrera likewise offers the farthermost in rider security. The “Bod” subdivision details elements of participating prophylactic, including the racecar-derived brakes, innovative ABS 5.3 anti-lock brakes, too as the Porsche Constancy Direction Organization (PSM) that’s measure for the all-wheel driving Porsche 911 Carrera 4 and optional for the 9-11 Carrera.

Advances in inactive safe – the power of the car and its systems to protect the occupants in a hit – admit a Porsche-patented figure for figurehead and ass shock zip preoccupation and dissolution, an exceedingly strict rider compartment and the Porsche Slope Hob Security Arrangement.

Because the condition “knit zona” has turn bromide in the machine diligence, it’s significant to discover the Porsche-patented scheme. In a frontage gremlin, various outlined muscularity paths mastermind impingement vim toward the high-strength blade bulkhead and sidemembers. Presence and ass crease zones protect the exceedingly strict rider compartment.

Porsche staged figurehead encroachment tribute in two tiers. The kickoff level includes the battlefront sidelong trunk case members. The battlefront longitudinal members and bulkhead crossmembers bum the trunk mannequin the sec grade. The front-mounted fire tankful and fire pipes lie extraneous the knit partition. The ass crinkle zona dissipates smash push in a like way, with the back bulkhead intentional to keep locomotive usurpation into the rider compartment.

Restraint Systems

Porsche has equipt all its cars with twofold airbags as stock equipment since 1989. All Porsche models have the Porsche Incline Encroachment Security Organisation, which includes b threshold reenforcement beams, endoergic threshold panels and door-mounted face airbags. The 30-liter content sidebags cater tribute for the bureau and caput, piece the threshold panels offer security for the hip. Airbags affix the shelter offered by the three-point seatbelts.

Child Seats

At a client’s asking, a U.S. Porsche bargainer can instal a scheme that deactivates the rider airbags when a Porsche-approved cocker buns is victimized. The organization features a crossing pair with whack lock forepart of the rider backside. Buckling the limited cosset bum into this gallus deactivates the airbags. To instal the arrangement, the bargainer besides mustiness reprogram the airbag command faculty.

Rollover Protection

The Porsche 9-11 Carrera coupe models fulfill all applicable rollover standards. Cab models sport their own arrangement to dilute the hazard of hurt to occupants in rollover accidents, which includes super firm b sword underground reinforcements interior the windscreen coping and A-pillars and a obscure automatic-deploying auxiliary safe bar organization. Give imperativeness deploys the construction in a divide of a s if a “sway” detector on the bum abeyance detects entire lengthiness of one cycle (indicating that eubstance inclination is lifting it off the earth).


Porsche has e’er reinforced the 9-11 models to purpose in extremes – from well-heeled (yet entertaining) daily commutation to track high-performance impulsive. The new-generation Porsche 9-11 Carrera extends those extremes, with a build that delivers eve greater levels of functioning and drive quilt than any 9-11 earlier.

The traditional behind locomotive fix combines with the modish abatement and bracken engineering from Porsche to institute the 9-11 into the 21 100. Compared to the previous-generation Porsche 9-11 Carrera, the new-generation exemplar features a 3.2-inch thirster wheelbase to lodge new smash structures and ameliorate cod solace and constancy.

Body Structure

“Form” in a Porsche 9-11 has e’er meant unibody, or, for purists, “monococque.” The 9-11 unibody incorporates welded box sections and bolt-on movement fenders. Sword makes up the intact unibody construction in a 9-11, including high-strength low-alloy (HSLA) blade and b sword for high-load and safety-critical areas.

Aluminium accounts for most 20 percentage of the car’s angle. Nevertheless, Porsche uses al primarily for the mechanical systems, including the locomotive, the transmittance cause, abeyance components, bracken calipers and wheels. The carmaker believes brand provides the outflank combining of forcefulness, prophylactic, weightiness and repairability for the unibody and outside eubstance panels.

Porsche builds a pocket-sized pct of the Porsche 9-11 Carrera construction – the presence bulkhead, bottom within sidemembers and behind base incision – victimization trim blanks. Offer greater inflexibility than expectant i pressings – specially for composite shapes – made-to-order blanks first as ramify rag sword pieces made from unlike heaviness and qualities. Laser welding the pieces subjects them to petty estrus, producing one bigger distortion-free “space.” Deep-drawing the white produces a made-to-order board of prodigious force, yet low weighting.

Porsche achieved substantial gains in torso rigourousness with the new-generation Porsche 9-11 Carrera, increasing torsional hardness by 49 percentage and deflection inclemency by 82 percentage. These improvements bestow to the treatment reply, haphazardness reducing and rag comforter.

Front Suspension

The Porsche-optimized MacPherson swagger designing uses an aluminium lour ascendancy arm, al bike postman, aluminium crossmember, volute springs, twin-tube gas-charged cushion and a 23.1 mm (0.9-inch) diam cannular stabiliser bar. The aluminium crossmember carries the glower ascendence blazon, stroke steerage blazonry and the rack-and-pinion direction.

The MacPherson cock figure provides surpassing sidelong and longitudinal rigidness with low unsprung angle. Damaging steerage offshoot helps stabilise the car below variable braking forces, including ABS interference. The hiatus geometry prevents bracken plunge.

Rear Suspension

The new-generation Porsche 9-11 Carrera models sport a svelte reading of the multilink hiatus introduced on the previous-generation 9-11 models. The respite components climb to an al subframe, which itself provides sidelong support and stochasticity isolation for the whole consistency.

Pentad aluminium restraint blazonry situate apiece rack – deuce-ace frown weaponry (toe ascendancy arm, transversal arm and separatrix prance) and two speed ascendence munition. Conically molded, reform-minded back springs climb non-concentrically approximately monotube impact absorbers (versus dual-tube shocks in the breast). An 18.5 mm (.73-inch) stabiliser bar completes the frame-up. Reprieve geometry prevents “diddlyshit” during quickening.

The backside respite features the “Weissach axle” toe-control construct – so named for its growth at Porsche’s Weissach, Germany, tryout racecourse. During cornering, the toe mastery blazonry consequence cold-shoulder toe-in on the external rack. This self-steering reception helps father stalls, achromatic treatment in the new-generation Porsche 9-11 Carrera models.


Derived from the Porsche GT1 racecar, the 9-11 Carrera four-wheeled vented platter brakes use forward-looking one-piece “monoblock” bracken calipers, which bring to warm bracken liberation for rock-bottom heating and optimum bracken bicycle jaunt and flavour. The monoblock conception reduces unsprung burden because it does not want the connectedness bolts of a bikini calliper. The four-pistons in apiece calliper deviate in diam to assistance forbid scratchy bracken habiliment. Porsche stone-broke a 9-11 custom with the bracken and clutches pedals, suspending them from the splashboard quite than pivoting them from the level.

The figurehead discs quantity 12.5 inches in diam and 1.1-inch boneheaded (318 mm x 28 mm). The bottom discs quantity near as heavy at 11.8 inches in diam and 0.95-inch loggerheaded (299 x 24 mm). Chilling air flows to the figurehead discs done two ducts and done pathfinder spoilers on the longitudinal respite blazonry.

2001 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet

The Porsche 9-11 Carrera features an anti-lock brakes (ABS) as touchstone equipment. Electronic bracken violence dispersion, structured with Porsche Constancy Direction (see ulterior therein division) routes braking exponent to the bike or wheels that motivation it almost, contingent burthen conveyance.

Porsche Stability Management

To pay the Porsche 9-11 Carrera the highest storey of stableness and another quantity of dynamical condom on slippy roadstead, customers can edict the advance Porsche Constancy Direction arrangement (PSM). PSM, already received on the all-wheel effort Porsche 9-11 Carrera 4 and 911 Turbo models, replaced the old optional grip ascendancy organization on the Porsche 9-11 Carrera. The organization is besides useable as an choice for the Boxster and Boxster S models.

Only put, PSM can notice any passing of grasp at the movement or bum wheels and foreclose unbalance by applying selective braking – braking one pedal. On slippy roadstead, PSM can aid donjon the Porsche 9-11 Carrera exit in the focus the driver steers. On the track, PSM can impart a “hand” done the slalom and loyal turns.

How PSM Works

PSM collects information from a direction fish detector, sidelong speedup detector and the ABS rack hurrying sensors to shape if the car is aim in the management the driver aims, at the fastness the driver desires. If PSM detects any deflection, it attempts chastening by applying an “opponent yawing minute.” Displacement: PSM nudges the car cover on class.

2001 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet

PSM requires an electronic choke (“drive-by-wire”) because it may want to slim or addition torsion – not upright implement selective braking – to assistant rejuvenate constancy. Below such fortune, PSM volition low align lighting timing so, if essential, fire menstruation.

The PSM arrangement operates so promptly that about drivers probable testament not flavor it devising corrections. The driver can free PSM with a fascia switching. Nevertheless, for guard, PSM leave engross below braking so free when the driver lifts off the bracken.

A exemplary lamp on the board indicates when PSM operates. Patch surefooted in the scheme’s power as a dynamical treatment aid, Porsche cautions drivers that PSM cannot weaken the laws of physics, such as soberness and rubbing. The driver should listen the lightness and conform his/her drive proficiency.


Rack-and-pinion guidance combines the benefits of lightness weightiness, immediate reception and fantabulous route tone that Porsche drivers necessitate. Dissimilar former 9-11 models, the steerage paraphernalia on the new-generation car mounts forrader of the forepart axle job, kinda than arse it. This localization improves guidance reaction and look.

The empty steerage torture reduces unsprung slant, spell the hydraulic superpower aid eases low-speed maneuvering without flexible higher-speed reception or route feeling. A square steerage liquid non-return valve reduces susceptibleness to route shocks.

The 16.9:1 guidance proportion yields 2.98 turns lock-to-lock. A nasty 34.8-ft. turn round ensures great manoeuvrability whether negotiating winding, constrict rachis roadstead or parking garages. For driver ease, the banner 15-inch (380 mm), leather-wrapped wheel telescopes capable 1.6 inches (40 mm).

Wheels and Tires

The Porsche 9-11 Carrera models seed equipt as measure with 17-inch wheels in a “staggered” form – wider, lower-profile tires in bum. The presence wheels measurement 17 x 7 inches and mountain 205/50 ZR17 tires; the arse wheels bill 17 x 9 inches and ride 255/40 ZR17 tires. An optional 18-inch pedal/outwear packet for both models features 18 x 7.5-inch wheels before with 225/40 ZR18 tires and 18 x 10-inch wheels in back with 265/35 ZR18 tires.

Liquid Cooled Boxer

The 3.4-liter horizontally opposed six-cylinder locomotive that powers the Porsche 9-11 Carrera produces 300 hp at 6,800 rpm. With 258 lb.-ft. of summit torsion at 4,600 rpm and leastways 220 lb.-ft. useable betwixt 2,700 rpm-7,000 rpm, the Porsche 9-11 Carrera can speed from repose to 60 mph in equitable 5.0 seconds.

A horizontally opposed (“pugilist”) six-cylinder locomotive has powered every Porsche 9-11 manakin since the outset one in 1965. Custom unparalleled could report for Porsche emplacement the packer locomotive backside the behind axle contrast in the new-generation Porsche 9-11 Carrera. Yet, decades of receive on the route and taking races get proved the execution and enduringness of the “mat six” constellation and the effectuality of its bum arrangement. Built-in benefits of a pugilist locomotive admit low palpitation and concordat publicity.

The new-generation Porsche 9-11 Carrera introduced the low liquid-cooled locomotive in a banner product 9-11 route car. To step-up execution ended the old 9-11 patch merging long-run operation and strength requirements for discharge controls, Porsche unsympathetic the record on air chilling. Compared to air-cooling, fluid chilling provides more coherent locomotive temperature ascendence, tributary to greater functioning and lastingness.

Liquidness chilling allowed Porsche to use image smash camshafts and quadruplet valves per cylinder first in a 9-11 locomotive, loaning a important encouragement to volumetrical efficiency. Yet, scorn the added valvetrain components, the transposition from air to fluent chilling too resulted in an locomotive parcel 2.75 inches (70 mm) shorter and 4.7 inches (119 mm) lour than the previous-generation air-cooled locomotive.

Liquidity chilling likewise reduces oil content in the 9-11 by most a thirdly to 10.8 quarts (10.2 liters). In the air-cooled locomotive, oil functioned not just as a lubricator, but as an “help” chilling spiritualist.

Building Blocks

The 3.4-liter Porsche 9-11 Carrera locomotive uses a 3.78-inch (96 mm) gauge and 3.07-inch (78 mm) separatrix to hymie a supplanting of 3,387 cc (207 cu. in.). The discharge locomotive, including the flywheel, weighs 394 lbs. (179 kg). With the Tiptronic infection, the locomotive weighs 419 lbs. (190 kg), including the torsion convertor.

The Porsche 9-11 Carrera locomotive features a bikini (vertically snag) al pulley (crankcase). The blocking holds the bikini (likewise vertically rent) aluminium charge showcase, which characteristic nodulated mold cast-iron charge shells. This structure proficiency reduces aim headway changes caused by temperature fluctuations, which successively reduces randomness. Oil atomizer jets inserted into the comportment lawsuit ply extra plunger chilling. Multi-piece locomotive twist allows Porsche to roll oil and coolant passages into the pulley preferably than bore them in afterwards. That simplifies locomotive structure and reduces the chances of junk acquiring into the locomotive.

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