2001 Pontiac Vibe Gt

Pontiac Vibe GT

The Pontiac Vibration is a car produced in Fremont, California, in the Joined States by NUMMI (New Joined Drive Fabrication, Inc), a articulatio pretend betwixt Universal Motors and Toyota. It is a myopic and marvelous wagon that is existence marketed as a voguish, quasi-SUV fomite for jr. buyers. Prototypes were shown at the Northward American Outside Machine Establish in Detroit in January 2000 and product vehicles came on the commercialize in 2002 for the 2003 simulation yr.

Toyota markets the like fomite in N America as the Toyota Matrix. Due to deficiency of content at the NUMMI implant in Fremont, the Matrix is produced at a Toyota flora in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

The car features a criterion household-style 115 v AC outlet so that vernacular electric devices can be put-upon inner the car without a fork inverter.

The Vibration is usable in an scotch bag manakin, a “sportsmanlike” GT reduce with more powerfulness, or an all-wheel campaign framework.

Powertrains usable for this car are a 1.8 L I4 16-valve locomotive producing 126 hp on the fundament exemplar (manual or reflexive transmittal), 118 hp on the all-wheel driving manakin (robotic solitary), or a variant with VVTL-i producing 164 hp for the GT (manual 6-speed lone). The Vibration is presently the well-nigh fire effective fomite sold by GM in Northward America.

Thither get been about shaver changes betwixt example age. The Vibration was low produced in 2002 and went on sale as a 2003 exemplar. Hp ratings for the beginning 3 framework geezerhood were slimly higher, with the GT capable 180 hp, the stand framework rated at 130 hp, and the all-wheel ride framework rated at 126 hp. Locomotive index claims decreases to flow levels for 2006, as a outcome of Toyota’s re-testing of its engines for the new SAE ratings stock.

The movement dashboard was freshened in the 2005 framework yr. In an try to ‘meet’ the Pontiac face, the strawman grillroom was restyled to resemble the aspect of the Pontiac Solstice, besides adoptive by over-the-counter vehicles in the Pontiac pipeline.

2001 Pontiac Vibe Gt

The all-wheel effort and GT versions bequeath be dropped afterward 2006 due to pathetic sales and new federal emissions standards, departure but the fundament Vibration.

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