2001 Jaguar R Coupe Concept

Jaguar R-Coupe Concept

Panther unveiled its new R-Coupe Conception at the Frankfurt Automobile Shew on September 10, 2001. The four-seater luxuriousness coupe is the offset fomite to search and attest the new pattern doctrine at Panther. Congregation to center Panther values from the preceding, the R-Coupe interprets them in bodoni mannikin.

2001 Jaguar R Coupe Concept

The pattern squad responsible creating the R-Coupe was tether by Ian Callum, Conductor of Innovation, Panther Cars Express. According to Callum, “the R-Coupe demonstrates that you can asseverate traditional Panther invention values – proportions, position and graphical cues – and produce an modern car about them. The outside of the R-Coupe looks engineered, not but styled. Its unity comes from warm, geometrical forms such as the tubelike fuselage – recalling that of the Panther E-Type. Patch Panther has no plans to farm the R-Coupe, themes and ideas bodied in its excogitation volition receive their way into our next output cars.”

The Panther R-Coupe’s proportions evoke superpower and motion, redolent of definitive Jaguars. One of the key designing objectives was to compeer the attractively balanced proportions of the troupe’s sooner cars. As rudimentary to the role of a truthful Panther is the car’s position – the kinship ‘tween the route, the wheels and the eubstance. The way the Panther R-Coupe’s cabin tucks polish ‘tween the monumental wheels conveys an capture printing of latent mightiness.

2001 Jaguar R Coupe Concept

Streamlined lines o’er the integrated forms, conjointly neat and uncomplicated surfaces conduce to the car’s muscular, brawny mien. The Panther R-Coupe’s conception point is guarded and deliberate to have a kinaesthesis. The slope windowpane cut subtly widens as it runs rachis, spell the sleek waist carries the eye on the distance of the car – another Panther authentication re-interpreted for the R-Coupe.

2001 Jaguar R-Coupe Concept

The Jaguar R-Coupe Concept Interior.

“The midland celebrates the heat and grandness of lifelike materials, to produce a boldface and symmetrical cabin that is both cozy and sophisticated,” says Julian Thomson, Foreman Couturier, Innovative Studio, Panther Cars Express. Innovative furniture and midland excogitation divine both the styling and prize of materials for the R-Coupe’s deluxe cabin. Abundant court and leather are victimized in fresh slipway and assist produce a extremely tactual upcountry.

A unsubtle broom of sable macassar romance veneering some the cabin is branch by generous quantities of course toughened leather. Flaccid, blond Connolly skin on the seating contrasts with the chocolate burden leather put-upon elsewhere, including, circumstantially, on the level. The splashboard re-interprets traditional shapes in a strip and mod way, piece the ample contingent passim the cabin is elysian by jewelery, watches and lavishness baggage. “In 2001, Panther launched its pipeline of R Operation options, followed by the establish of our new squeeze sports saloon, the X-TYPE. The R-Coupe is a crystallize betoken of Panther’s purpose to encourage raise its performnce, invention themes and clean intent,” aforesaid Microphone O’Driscoll, Chairwoman of Aston Martin Panther State Wanderer Northwards America. “Spell thither is no purpose to get this car to commercialize, the R-Coupe demonstrates Panther’s design to uphold to chassis on our betting inheritance.”

2001 Jaguar R Coupe Concept

Exterior features

  • Two-door coupe, reflecting Panther’s new pattern ism
  • ‘Pewter’ outside paintwork
  • Self-colored flatware badges and silver-plated details, including grille circumvent, english ice clipping and inscribed torso lid trimness
  • Unequaled pattern, 10-spoke debase wheels (285/30/R21)
  • Radical low visibility Continental tires, with alone ‘Panther Cat Nipper’ trample convention
  • Ventilated and cross-drilled bracken discs all stave, in ‘Panther Cat Hook’ designing
  • Aluminium monobloc four-piston calipers
  • ‘Adaptative strawman inflammation organisation’
  • Foursome pencil-beam xe headlights
  • Outboard primary beams with two-axis pivoting to accompany guidance steering
  • Soul, fleecy al preciseness housings
  • LED forepart fog lights unified into lour figurehead aspiration blades
  • LED strawman indicators, with achromatic show when not operating
  • Taillight clusters, with “cat’s ear” behind extension lense designing
  • LED and halogen liberal stoplight organization
  • Somebody, fleecy aluminium preciseness housings
  • Quartet arse pipes in machined al
  • Three-fold silver-plated fire makeweight caps, apiece with similitude hachure doors
  • Electronic doorway waiver scheme
  • Dimensions (inches):
  • Distance – 193.8
  • Breadth – 74.4
  • Tallness – 53
  • Pedal foot – 114.5
  • Interior features

    2001 Jaguar R Coupe Concept
  • Lavishness, four-seat internal with uncut centerfield comfort
  • Jewel-like instruments and switches, chump controls and silver-plated cut
  • ‘Ebon macassar’ solicit facing intent round the cabin
  • ‘Blond’ Connolly leather on unequalled innovation seating and threshold trims
  • Chocolate (‘buckeye’) charge leather on level, splasher and speed coat of centre comfort
  • Al storey insets
  • Three-spoke leather and anodized aluminium sports wheel
  • Column-mounted F1-style paraphernalia alteration, with silver-plated paddles
  • Chronograph-inspired instruments in mortal, silver-plated binnacles
  • Inkiness dials and silver-tongued art, with brownish-yellow miniature
  • ‘Ascendence direction centerfield’ with interactional LCD blind for admittance to ICE controls, clime controller, phone, seafaring, TV, netmail and cyberspace
  • Vox energizing to accompaniment the LCD concealment
  • Full-width fascia air release
  • Match substitution packs in the core comfort, with silver-plated particular
  • Unified flaskful and cigar light
  • Switching pattern elysian by contemporaneous jewellery
  • Threshold and ass poop stowing units, divine by opulence baggage and ruined in leather and silverplate
  • Three-quarter breadth splashboard mitt box
  • Ambient footwell firing
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