2001 Ford Mustang Cobra Racecar

Ford Mustang Cobra Racecar

Spell the 2001 Cobra divided nigh nonetheless components of the 1999 Cobra, roughly changes were made including:

  • The block was changed from the Teksid closure to the Windsor Aluminium Implant (or WAP) blocking. The WAP blockage is regarded to be weaker than the late Teksid stoppage. Approximately 2001 Cobras standard the Teksid blockage, either from the manufactory or as a permutation motive. In the pictures at veracious, line the spare ribs intentional to give durability to the weaker WAP. Besides, billet that the crosshatch in the vale of the Teksid is hearty, spell the WAP has virgule hatch.
  • Revised cylinder heads. Cobra owners sustain reported a “tick” or “pinging” racket approach from the driver-side drumhead of their cars. Due to deficient chilling approximately cylinders #6/#7/#8 which caused the valves to overheat and thus backside improperly, Fording remedied the place by issuance a technological serving bulletin (TSB#03256/NHTSA#10008278 and TSB#03164/NHTSA#10003118) to take and interchange the unnatural heads with a variation that featured improved coolant menstruum.
  • Cobra-specific seating with a compounding of leather bolsters, alcantara (suede-like microfiber) inserts, and bigger headrests. 1999 Cobras had unconstipated Mustang GT seating.
  • A bum bumper that reads “COBRA” rather of “MUSTANG” wish on the 1999 Cobra.
  • A bottom badge on the trunklid was changed to scan “SVT” rather of “SVT COBRA” similar on the 1999 Cobra.
  • A new wheel and an upgraded Mach sound organization.
  • The wheels for both the 1999 and 2001 Cobras were 17″ x 8″. Silver-powdercoated, five-spoke al wheels were useable in 1999 and 2001, and chromium-plate wheels of the like pattern were an useable selection for the 2001 Cobra.
  • The Tremec T-45 contagion in 1999 was replaced by the Tremec TR-3650 transmittance in 2001.
  • The axleshafts and derivative were changed from 28 splines in 1999 to 31 splines in 2001.
  • The back decklid pillager was redesigned.
  • The 1999 bikini sound whole consisting of a radiocommunication with tapeline floor and a reprint single-CD actor was upgraded to a bigger, single-face, 6-disc whole in 2001.
  • The centerfield soothe and trimming were redesigned.
  • The buttons for the fog lights, the behind windowpane deicer, and the anti-skid organization were touched to a impanel infra the new tuner whole.
  • The emergency was fitted with a charge of leather to binding the cutout in the cabinet.
  • The headlights were changed from a chromium-plate ground to a lightlessness backdrop. The newer headlights are sometimes referred to as “smoke-dried” or “tinted”, but this lone refers to the lightlessness backdrop. The factual lenses are open for both days. These blacked-out headlights were really outset victimized on the 2000 Cobra R so crosswise the intact Mustang card for the 2001 exemplar twelvemonth.
  • The coloring of the hodometer digits and pawn constellate ignition was slimly changed.
  • With the supra listing of changes, the 2001 Cobra was able-bodied to go 0-60 mph in 5.4 seconds and do the tail knot in 13.8 seconds at 102 mph. The cars were electronically modified to a top swiftness of 150 mph.

    Paint and Interior Trim

    The 2001 Cobra was useable in ogdoad outside blusher colours. Thither were alone two upcountry gloss choices: Colored Charcoal-gray (the midland environs was Shadow Charcoal-gray, and the seating had Iniquity Charcoal-grey leather bolsters with Intermediate Plumbago alcantara inserts) or Intermediate Lambskin (the upcountry surround was Intermediate Lambskin, but the seating had Cocoa Chocolate-brown leather bolsters with Sensitive Sheepskin alcantara inserts). In safekeeping with SVT’s aid to item, the Cobra allegory on the figurehead seatbacks was embroidered in a pretty darker gloss than the process inserts to furnish a pernicious demarcation. On Cobra convertibles, the vinyl top was uncommitted in blackness, sheepskin, or ovalbumin, and this translatable top was the like one ill-used on veritable 2001 Mustang convertibles.

    2001 Ford Mustang Cobra Racecar

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