2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo High Sport

Chevrolet Monte Carlo High Sport

For 2000, Chevrolet not just again called upon GM Motorsports for conception stirring, but besides to Monte Carlos of the preceding. Among the traits carried terminated from senior Monte Carlos were the conventionalized bicycle flares, vertically orientated quarter lamps, and a conventionalized back bumper. Another hellenic trait for 2000 was the comeback of the “Dub” badging, too as a good calibre bunch, not seen on the Monte Carlo since 1988. Cover again was the Ace Fun byname, replacement the Z34 appellative of the 5th propagation, which was a Lumina Coupe bequest. At the petition of racing teams, Chevrolet stylists added a slender “excrescence” on the behind torso – alike to, although littler than, a Lincoln Score 7. It was a trenchant trait that stayed with Monte Carlo until its death, eventide though subsequently in the coevals every trimming stratum would get a pamperer that all but disguised the excrescence. From the NASCAR tour came the sleek styling and dodge stern coddler. The 6th Genesis Monte Carlo Is Based on The Monte Carlo Intinidator Conception.

Specialty nameplates

Chevrolet released various models divine by then-current NASCAR drivers: The offset framework released was the 2002 Dale Earnhardt “Intimidator Version.” This car had two colouring schemes; a blackbody with galax flatware cradle panels and figurehead and behind air dams, and an all blackbody with blackness undercoat effects. A sparse red stripes supra the silver-tongued earth effects was likewise included. Upright arse the ass position windows, the Dale Figure 3 logotype was situated. The car likewise featured ag “Intimidator” SS badges on the compensate english of the body and received Monte Carlo SS badges the merchantman of the fomite, fair ahead of the back tires. An Intimidator badge with the figure 3 too appeared on the das, and Earnhardt’s touch appeared on the calibre clustering. The home is all lightlessness (“fusain”) leather. This version likewise came with 5 rundle, adamant cut wheels and standard GMs L36 3800 V6 locomotive.

2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo High Sport

In 2003, the Jeff Gordon variant was released. The fomite came with a superscript blueing consistency and fluent undercoat effects, hardly same the Intimidator Variation; yet, the Jeff Gordon variant too standard ignitor blueness spectre flames on the consistence. It featured the act 24 bottom the back english windows. A Jeff Gordon touch was set on the correct incline of the bole and within the car standard a Jeff Gordon badge on the hyrax table and a two-tone grayish a lightlessness leather-wrapped wheel and slip boss. It featured the 5 rundle, rhombus cut wheels and standard GMs L36 3800 V6 locomotive.

In 2004 the Dale Jr. Variation came out, it was red in colour and sported a melanise heights athletics kit. The routine 8, with an “E” band excogitation carried from the doors to the arse bumper. The 5 rundle rhomb cut wheels featured a melanise streak done apiece rung and Dale Jr.’s touch appeared on the rightfulness position of the bole lid. On the sides, the fomite standard Charged SS badges. Indoors on the cony a #8 badge appeared and Dale Jr.’s touch on the bundle. This version likewise got #8 coldcock mats and headrests. This was likewise the get-go nameplate car to welcome GMs L67 Charged 3800 V6 locomotive.

To vie, the Intimidator Variant was re-released in 2004, this clock, still the fomite featured “Intimidator” badges on the body lid and both face panels of the fomite. The car was all nigrify in semblance, standard the 5 rung, rhomb cut wheels and this meter standard GMs L67 Charged 3800 V6 locomotive.

2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo High Sport

2005 pronounced the future and concluding nameplate, the Tony Stewart variant. It was all nigrify, but featured a albumen/orangeness occupation that calloused as it reached the rear of the fomite and contained numeral 20 barely ahead the backside tires. Tony Stewart’s touch likewise appeared arse the ass windows on both sides. The Harry bow-tie on the body was whiten on this variation and another was multi-colored on the breast of the punk. The Monte Carlo badge was distant and rather replaced by the blackness Tony Stewart grill. The wheels were the like excogitation as the Dale Jr. Version, omit the bow-tie on the core cap was ovalbumin this sentence. This version too standard GMs L67 Charged 3800 V6 locomotive.

Pace cars

2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo High Sport

Oecumenical Motors released various Monte Carlos branded as “Gait Car” replicas. Annually featured a unlike coloration and all cars were express to yield numbers, notwithstanding; all cars did sustain about things in park. All gait cars standard: Wandflower Smooth-spoken priming effects, Checked Drooping on fenders & doors, TAZ decals on stern panels and proboscis lid bottom the Monte Carlo book. It besides has a “Run Elysian” bum pamperer that resembles the expression of the NASCAR looter, Special Version Brass on bole lid, Monte Carlo hand on the hyrax is replaced with “Yard CAR”, Approximate bundle displays “Circumscribed Version” infra the speedometer where it would say “Give Bracken To Shifting From Parkland,” 16-inch Diamond-Cut Cast-Aluminum Wheels, Threshold Possibility Boot Plates Featuring the Monte Carlo Nameplate, and Stainless-Steel Twofold Eject Tips. Interiors had two tint leather in 2000 done 2002 to equal outside with 2003 existence firm blacken and Chivvy “Bowtie” embroidered headrests. All cars besides came with GMs L36 3800 V6 locomotive.

  • 2000 Footstep Car: Product circumscribed to 2,222 cars. Sports two-tone leather Lightlessness and Red. Outside: Flashlight Red with Galax Smooth-spoken land effects.
  • 2001 Tread Car: Output modified to 1,300 cars. Sports two-tone leather Inkiness and Smooth-spoken. Outside: Blacken with Beetleweed Fluent earth effects.
  • 2002 Rate Car: Yield circumscribed to 1,150 cars. Sports two-tone leather Lightlessness and Xanthous. Outside: Contention Lily-livered with Galax Flatware earth effects.
  • 2003 Step Car: Product special to 1,401 cars. Sports leather Sable Nigrify seating with Sable and Grayness leather-wrapped wheel. Outside: Higher-ranking Amytal Metal with Wandflower Flatware background effects.
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