2001 Buick Blackhawk Concept

Buick Blackhawk Concept

DETROIT – The Buick Blackhawk is not hardly any customized car – it’s intentional to underline Buick’s inheritance of classifiable innovation and striking ability for the specialised audiences that serve usage/hot-rod shows.

“This is a real exceptional appearance car,” aforementioned Michael E. Doble, Buick’s limited vehicles director: “It has definitive styling combined with modern-day proportions. If you’re talk almost customized cars, the Blackhawk is the ultimate construction of Buick.”

Retractable convertible with styling from the ’30s

The Blackhawk is fundamentally a 2-plus-2 exchangeable with a retractable top, and a consistence that looks same it came out of the tardy Thirties or ’40s – because it did. Its nerve is a graeco-roman 1939 Buick grillwork, which has a formula of o.k. upright bars, and its major canvass alloy combines the slick bodies of 1941 and 1948 Buick Roadmasters.

All of this exclude the grillwork has been limited, and the terminal show – featuring inkiness reddish pigment, doors without handles and concealed headlamps – is of a sleek yet retroactive head-turner that looks comparable it was created specifically for the Woodward Woolgather Sail.

A show car for a special audience

In a sensation it was. Doble has been in mission of creating Buick read and conception cars besides as approximately speciality yield models for the finish 15 days. Largely, his Buick concepts suffer been reinforced to headline major automobile shows at Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. But the Blackhawk was created to filling a unlike pauperization – one he sensed when he accompanied impost and hot-rod shows and caught the exuberance of their crowds.

2001 Buick Blackhawk Concept

“The folk who see those shows are identical mad and intimate around cars,” he aforesaid. “We mat we required a usage Buick for that interview, but not a hot-rod. Hot rods run to sustain bare bodies, uncovered engines, great backside wheels and gobs of chromium-plate. But when you physique a custom-made, it’s similar you’re redesigning a car.

“The Blackhawk is a extremely neutered car, pick up designing cues from Buick’s inheritance. It testament be a expectant showpiece for much of events as we header toward Buick’s centenary in 2003.”

To Buick World-wide Director Roger W. Adams, the Blackhawk creates “a selfsame interesting command for Buick to pee-pee as we attack our centenary. Buicks let perpetually had a stiff factor of superpower and typical elan – and this is a blast to cue folk of that.”

2001 Buick Blackhawk Concept

He aforesaid Buick leadership bear longsighted promoted the brand’s upscale ikon and such key Buick attributes as puff, gadget, rubber and surety. But in the conclusion mates of days thither has been new accent on more expressive Buicks.

One exercise is the 1999 conception Cielo, a ” no-compromise” transmutable with ceiling runway and retractable top. Another is the 2000 conception LaCrosse, described as a “drop-dead gorgeous” flagship saloon, which packages styling cues from Buick’s yesteryear (such as vertical-bar lattice, portholes and incline carving from the ’50s) in a refreshful way. LaCrosse, accidentally, can likewise divulge a pickup-type bottom hold on a unity vocalization statement. Lull another exercise is Tryst, a product Buick SUV for the 2002 framework yr that Adams says is more various than any former fomite in its grade.

2001 Buick Blackhawk Concept

The Blackhawk, patch not intended for major motorcar shows, adds thereto new style with a more strong-growing encounter styling inheritance and index. And, Doble aforesaid, the Blackhawk is “no lagger fag.” It’s meant to be impelled, perchance eve from impost read to usance appearance nationally.

Blackhawk power: 463-hp V-8; 0-60 in under 5 seconds

The Blackhawk’s functioning destination is 0-60 mph in below 5 seconds. Its powertrain is a 1970-vintage 455-cubic-inch Buick GS Degree III V-8 locomotive, heavy elaborated and paired to the up-to-the-minute electronically controlled four-speed reflex infection. The course aspirated, smash valve, fuel-injected locomotive generates 463 h.p. at 4600 rpm and 510 lb-ft of torsion at 4200 rpm.

Patch Doble had the approximation of creating a enceinte Buick custom-made car with inheritance overtones, he did not make the Blackhawk. He took his ideas to five-spot companies and they came binding with a issue of originative concepts, all of which were advantageously standard by Doble. Lastly he chose one of quadruplet concepts submitted by Steven D. Pasteiner, a erstwhile Buick decorator who owns a conception and paradigm party, Forward-looking Auto Technologies, in Rochester Hills, Mich.

Pasteiner had through major pattern process a turn of Buick concepts concluded the days – such as Questor, Verge, Ballpark Boulevard Heart, Signia and XP2000, all long-familiar names to students of industriousness daydream cars. He had too intentional such product Buicks as GS models of the recent Sixties and Regals from the Seventies until he unexpended Cosmopolitan Motors Conception to make his own caller in 1989.

Designer: “This is the ultimate Buick custom car.”

2001 Buick Blackhawk Concept

Pasteiner’s exuberance for the Blackhawk matches Doble’s.

“This is the ultimate Buick usance car,” Pasteiner aforesaid. “We victimised the 1939 wicket because it is one of the well-nigh substantial in Buick story. Those erect bars are hints of the grilles that became Buick icons in the ’40s and former ’50s. The grill sets the quality for the Blackhawk. But we besides liked the ‘hoagie’ torso from the top-of-the-line Buicks of the Forties.”

Aforementioned Doble: “We cherished the outdo from Buick story, but besides we treasured to make a coeval conception. E.g., the Blackhawk has a rip windscreen, which is correct for that era – yet the windscreen deoxyephedrine is curving, a more forward-looking lineament. Eventide the position deoxyephedrine is curving.”

Hand-made components

Many of the Blackhawk’s major components are paw made, such as the bod, the alone carbon-fiber top and the retractable organization that lowers the top into the torso (departure a modest baggage arena).

Early features admit a full freelancer hiatus, distant keyless ingress (so you can unfold the doors, which don’t suffer outside handles) and double expel with three-inch pipes. The Blackhawk is equipt with 18-inch five-spoke debase wheels (a panache exchangeable to those on uplevel Rivieras, Wildcats and Skylarks of ’65) with eminent hurrying, Z-rated tires — P295/35R18 on the presence and P295/45R18 on the behind.

As an dialect complementing the outside invention, a slenderly dissimilar spook of shadow red is exploited to produce a “sweepspear” on the sides of the torso. The sweepspear is a palm that get-go showed abreast roughly ’49 Roadmasters and ulterior became a anatomy graven into the sides of ’50s Buicks. It’s fundamentally a horizontal demarcation that sweeps in a down cut on the doors toward the stand of the stellar border of the bum pilot, so kicks up complete the bum roll openings. It’s a aspect that reappeared in the 1999 Cielo and 2000 LaCrosse concepts, both Doble projects.

Emphasizes industry first for Buick: Lighted turn signals

Piece the Blackhawk looks to be from someplace yet, it’s difficult to specify where. Borrowed from the like 1939 Buick that donated the wicket, a illuminated logotype gimmick in the halfway of the torso outside incorporates turning signals – a monitor that this especial ’39 Buick sport was the industriousness’s commencement product blinker. Borrowed from present-day engineering, the Blackhawk is weaponed with Ball-shaped Aligning Scheme seafaring even to a lcd blind.

And borrowed from a 1996 Buick Riviera – one of the almost gilded of all Buicks — is the hard limited Blackhawk inside. That includes burnish colouring leather for the threshold passementerie and seating, positive designing of the board and essence soothe (though the wood-rimmed wheel is unparalleled). The custom-made car was created in the bound of 2000.

2001 Buick Blackhawk Concept

Flush the diagnose is borrowed. Buick introduced a subcompact Skyhawk for 1975 and the peddle symbolisation became an image for the full Buick pipeline done the Eighties.

“I’ve worked on lots of gravid concepts for Buick, but this is No. 1 for me,” aforesaid Doble, on the eve of his retreat afterward 35 eld with GM. “We’ll ride it – and I stress ride it – to custom-made and hot-rod shows. Therein car, we’ll be displaying excogitation elements that gave Buick its persona. And the substance bequeath be: ‘Buick is pleased its designing and ability inheritance. And that we’re creating a new flavor based thereon inheritance.’ “

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