2000 Toyota Mr2

Toyota MR2

The Toyota MR2 is a no-compromise buggy intentional to arouse rightful sports car enthusiasts. It is fun to ride, beneficial to consider and low-cost to own.

Alike all the outflank roadsters, the Toyota MR2 combines traditional sports car characteristics with mod technology. Reverting to conception rudiments, Toyota drew upon their roots for jackanapes sports cars, the Sports 800, and the two former generations of MR2 to produce a new elan sports car for the 21 100.

Toyota MR2 is mid-engined, arse rack thrust for accurate manipulation. Toyota engineers bear victimised the identical modish engineering to cut weightiness and encourage operation. But it is in the country of nimbleness that the mid locomotive and whippersnapper figure actually shines. The mid-engine figure, combined with an nonsuch ‘wheelbase to boilersuit duration’ proportion, makes this one of the almost quick of vehicles on the route. Warm and precise driver answer is the distinguish of the biz for the MR2 buggy.

2000 Toyota Mr2

The MR2’s 1.8-litre locomotive has VVT-i (Varying Valve Timing – levelheaded) for utmost midrange torsion and brilliant top-end superpower, with the outdo fire ingestion in its year.

Modern sports car styling

2000 Toyota Mr2

The MR2 is a sports car with hitting looks. The staple characteristics are its farseeing wheelbase, shortstop overhangs and potent horizontal demarcation, accentuated by the striking air scoopful for the locomotive. The eubstance is brusque (3885mm) comparative to the wheelbase (2450mm) which increases reactivity and the low core of gravitation, all-embracing racecourse and yearn wheelbase besides gives it constancy.

2000 Toyota MR2

The home is easy but understandably card-playing. The pail seating and the leather cut, three-spoke wheel produce the idealistic sports car impulsive environs, which is enhanced by the aluminum pedals. The fascia is unobjectionable, uncomplicated and the racer orchestration open to interpret.

2000 Toyota Mr2

But drivers volition not get MR2 missing in consolation. Might steerage, might windows and remote primal lockup are among the items that leave be offered as measure equipment. An locomotive immobiliser and, in selected markets, ‘reduplicate lockup’ leave aid pee-pee the worthy MR2 more guarantee.

A detachable hard-top, creating a hitting coupe flavor, testament be useable as an selection. Early options admit air conditioning.

Lightweight design philosophy

The whippersnapper of the Toytoa MR2 is the key to its effervescent execution, low fuel-consumption, spry manipulation and static route property. Invention engineers worked to a object of less than 1,000kg, not scarce reduction the burden of apiece somebody portion but look the conception as a unit when considering functioning. As a resolution, MR2 has the better weight-to-power proportion in its course at 6.96kg/PS.

Modern safety standards

As with all Toyota vehicles, prophylactic has been a vital retainer in the designing of the Toyota MR2 which has a potent, besotted consistence.

Driver and rider airbags are measure equipment and behind belts are pre-tensioned with strength limiters to thin the danger of thorax hurt in the result of an stroke.

The whippersnapper program substance fantabulous braking operation and anti-lock braking is stock equipment.

The electro-hydraulic ability steerage offers accurate guidance aid without drafting on locomotive mightiness and is itself whippersnapper and press.

Intelligent engine technology

Purposeful, spry, technically innovative – the Toyota MR2 is powered by a advanced 1.8-litre, VVT-i locomotive underdeveloped 103kW at 6,400rpm and uttermost torsion of 170 Nm at 4,400rpm.

Thanks to its low consistency burden (less than 1000kg), the MR2 two-seater has the scoop power-to-weight proportion in its form and operation to equal. The car bequeath hit 100 km/h from residue in 7.9 seconds and has a top speeding, where allowed, of 210 km/h.

The VVT-i (Varying Valve Timing – sound) delivers superpower where it is requisite nigh – at gamey locomotive speeds – and torsion end-to-end the rev orbit, devising the MR2 buggy wanton and reposeful to thrust. The exact five-speed manual gearbox has a slip, electropositive fulfill to let the driver to pee the nearly of this exciting car’s execution.

But the superpower comes without a penalization in fire intake. On the combined EU bicycle, the MR2 runabout leave use scarce 7.4 litres/100km – the nearly fuel-efficient car in its category and with beat emissions rock-bottom to peer.

2000 Toyota Mr2

The Toyota MR2 two-seater is besides weaponed with Toyota Mastermind Firing – somebody estimator controlled coils playacting immediately onto the flicker plugs – which meliorate kindling timing, cut harmful emissions and thin serving costs. Toyota Calculate Firing way thither is no distributer to be well-kept and no lighting timing to be readjust.

Sophisticated suspension

The abeyance innovation calls upon Toyota’s foresighted feel with mid-engined sports cars and has been highly-developed to pass a fast, but well-off drive that keeps the car static and lawful.

The arse reprieve is a double liaison MacPherson prance invention which has been svelte and engineered for constancy and lighter weightiness. The figurehead hanging uses MacPherson struts, optimised and re-engineered to courtship the mid-engined, bum cycle driving weighting correspondence and characteristics.

2000 Toyota Mr2

Fashionable, 15-inch metal wheels are received equipment (contingent local markets) with 185/55 R15 tyres at the forepart and 205/50 R15 at the ass. A modified miscue derivative for improved grip is besides banner.

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