2000 Skoda Fabia Combi

Skoda Fabia Combi

The outside innovation of all Škoda Fabia, Škoda Fabia Combi and Škoda Fabia Sedan models creates a dynamical picture, underlined by the figurehead survey. This is feature of all Škoda cars, where the strawman is henpecked by the grille with its wide-cut chromium-plate trimness and the expectant Škoda logotype. Protective strips hold the virtually vulnerable parts of the bumper against impairment and Puff and Elegance models likewise get protective strips on the sides of the torso. All Škoda Fabia models are furnished with crystalise oculus headlights bountiful an refined and self-assured feeling. The specialise unopen lines betwixt the dissimilar parts of the bodywork are a seeable signal of the timbre of the craft and they minimise air draw and flowing randomness.

With its aggregate duration of 3,960 mm, the Škoda Fabia hatchback makes sinful use of the uncommitted spa and hence provides an super roomy national. Its roommate rider compartment makes it one of the largest cars in its year. This, among early things, contributed to the contiguous popularity of the Škoda Fabia, both among customers and professionals. The trunk is besides really generous: 260 litres. With the behind seating folded it can be increased capable 1016 litres (start from Solace example, the back seating are tear 1/3 : 2/3; burst ass seating are stock altogether UK Škoda Fabia hatchback models).

2000 Skoda Fabia Combi

The Škoda Fabia Combi proves that an demesne does not birth to be scarce a useful car with its features rigorously intentional for use at the disbursement of elegance. The Combi is easy imposing from the Škoda Fabia by its yearner graceful bum department. The shaping body-coloured bumper connects seamlessly to the radiator, mudguards and headlights. Škoda Fabia Combi has a expectant trunk; below the factory-fitted roll-out concealment are 426 litres of various spa. With the behind seating folded (start from Ease simulation, the bottom seating are snag 1/3 : 2/3) it can be increased capable 1225 litres.

The commercial-grade exemplar Škoda Fabia Praktik, peculiarly intentional for entrepreneurs and owners of modest companies, is derived from the Škoda Fabia Combi, Graeco-roman stipulation. The car has board for two passengers. The river’s compartment is shared from the load compartment by a stalwart transversal sectionalisation paries with a grind in the speed function. The shipment compartment with a bulk of 1290 litres is approachable from the 5th threshold or from the correct face threshold (the unexpended slope threshold cannot be open). The full blank bum the figurehead seating is intentional for transporting lots. The coldcock is made of hard batting plyboard with a water-repellent and anti-slip ending, and thither are four-spot flogging eyes in the corners that can be exploited to ensure the consignment. The bottom position doors are ruined with a tough substantial and thither is a soundbox colorful metal-sheet in berth of the windows. Respective utilitarian items get been added to the inside. They admit two interpretation lamps terminated the windshield and a store box for pocket-size items. The car is usable with 1.2 12V HTP/47 kW and 1.9 SDI/47 kW, engines, and in Confect Whiteness, Bullfight Red and Active Blueing.

The Škoda Fabia Saloon has a authoritative three-compartment trunk pattern with a cuneiform english visibility and a slimly high-flown kicking lid, the amphetamine boundary of which is molded as a mollycoddler. The consistence invention emphasizes the car’s dynamical styling, elegance, reliableness and inordinately great national spa. Nigh of the torso elements – from the forepart subdivision to the ass threshold abut – are monovular to the Škoda Fabia hatchback. The “C” mainstay is a ramify arse division shading into the behind splash-guard. The form of the cap, the rachis, the back windowpane and boot lid differs from the over-the-counter versions of the car.

Inside its duration of 4,222 mm the Škoda Fabia Saloon has a broad trunk (428 litres) which bears comparing with many average stratum cars. In increase the Ease and higher specifications models are weaponed with 1/3 : 2/3 rent fold bottom seating singular among little sedans, increasing the trunk book to 789 litres.


From Classical all models are furnished with a driver airbag, breast seatbelt pre-tensioners and an immobiliser. The measure equipment too includes an electro-hydraulic guidance shoplifter (in cars with the 1.2/40 locomotive this is an pick) and removed trunk freeing. The fascia impanel is manufactured from a fabric with a easygoing and pleasant flavor victimisation “splash” engineering. Enceinte, well clear instruments – all versions are equipt with a rev counterpunch and a digital time – deliver jet setting clarification. The fascia board blends swimmingly into the fundamental cabinet, which has a 12 V socket. The heat and ventilation has a inherent pollen dribble and midland air re-circulation. Versatile reposition pockets and compartments for pocket-size items, a can bearer, and a locked box with can and pencil holders on the strawman rider’s face pee-pee the national of the car eventide more commodious (in cars with air-conditioning these compartments are cooled).

Customers testament value the many serious-minded details. All Škoda Fabia cars suffer a lights-on awake when acquiring out of the car. The inner miniature is mechanically switched on when the doors are open and the firing key is distant. It too switches off mechanically subsequently Xxx if incidentally unexpended on. A reflector unofficially of the presence threshold acts as a admonition to expiration drivers.

In gain to the Graeco-roman features, the Comforter example is factory-fitted with a forepart rider airbag, height-and tilt-adjustable wheel, burst ass seating, protective position mouldings and primal lockup with a security. Erst excited this organisation prevents the doorway from beingness open, fifty-fifty from privileged, subsequently a windowpane has been upset. The Ease spec includes height-adjustable driver’s arse, an on-board figurer, electrically operated movement windows and a distant lockup fire cap. Additionally, the Solace and higher models suffer a tinted windshield, body-coloured outside mirrors and a utilitarian powerfulness socket in the trunk (Combi and Saloon). Reposition boxes in the ass doorway panels affix the turn of reposition pockets and compartments.

As with over-the-counter Škoda models, the Elegance is the top of the scope Škoda Fabia. In gain to the equipment of the early specifications, it includes an info organisation that warns the driver of afford doors and incorrect bulbs in outside lights. Touchstone equipment in the Elegance likewise includes automatonlike air-conditioning, which in gain to the common office of chilling the upcountry too cools two boxes on the board. By selecting the setback routine, the ventilation is mechanically switched to interior circulation, hence constrictive the consumption of extraneous air with fumes into the fomite. The presence doors birth lights on the freighter boundary (inside face), which bit a monition to qualifying drivers and besides crystalise the route fashioning it easier and safer to enter/out of the car. Fog lamps, electrical battlefront and bum windows, electrically adjustable and het international mirrors are measure. If the windshield washer waterline is low, a admonitory lighter bequeath approach. The Elegance besides has primal lockup with remote in a foldable key, 14″ light-alloy wheels (15″ wheels on cars with the 2.0/85 kW whole), chromium-plate national details (shifter thickening, emergency discharge push, doorway prophylactic knobs), and an lit splashboard compartment on the strawman rider’s position.

Optional equipment

The scope of options usable from the Greco-roman stipulation includes incline airbags, het breast seating, alert, headlamp washers, sail mastery, radiocommunication homework (incl. aerial and foursome/octet speakers), Škoda radios and a CD modifier. Too useable are roving phone cooking, an electrically operated sunshine-roof with a sunblind with an anti-slip mesh, 3 depot nets for securing items in the trunk (Saloon) and a pocket-sized leather packet (wheel, shifter boss and emergency plow cloaked in leather). New options for exemplar twelvemonth 2003, volition admit the hypothesis of deactivating the rider airbag (strawman and position – if installed), a 3rd headrest for the behind seating and all specifications can be supplied with a utilitarian draftsman below the driver’s behind.

As an choice, the Škoda Fabia Classical can be furnished with a height-and tilt-adjustable wheel. Definitive and Comforter models can be fitted with an automatonlike air-conditioning organization. The electronic constancy organization ESP is uncommitted with cars powered by the 2,0 liter /85 kW locomotive. Options for Consolation and Elegance models too admit electrically controlled ass windows great safe locks, xe headlamps with reflex disposition fitting and washers, het windshield washers, parking sensors, a pilotage arrangement and a sports software (three-spoke wheel, leather-covered gearshift spat and pommel and emergency deal and sports-design movement seating). The Elegance can be weaponed with a leather national including leather seating and the leather trimming parcel (wheel, paraphernalia boss and emergency coach covered in leather).


Škoda Fabia models follow with all rubber standards applicable in the markets to which they are exported and already follow with standards that leave ejaculate into personnel in the hereafter. Epitome cars were subjected to clangour tests at 64 km/h alternatively of the specified 56 km/h. This places far greater accentuate on the simplicity systems likewise as the zip fascinating capacitance of the consistency. The Škoda Fabia hatchback passed the super demanding Euro NCAP consumer run with a evaluation of “iv stars” – one of the better in its year.

The construction of the torso jointly the just outlined heaviness of the amply galvanised brand sheets guarantees over-the-top durability and tortuosity rigidness that importantly improves the refuge of passengers. The doorway pillars are highly hard; the doors themselves bear duplicate sidelong reinforcements. In a clank, the battlefront and arse soundbox sections are increasingly distorted. The locomotive climb prevents it beingness pushed into the rider compartment. The steerage tower collapses upon shock and the cycle whole is intentional to keep hurt to the driver’s legs and feet during a clangour.

2000 Skoda Fabia Combi

If during a grievous clangoring the airbags are deployed, an reflexive succession of outlined operations volition be excited via the CAN-Bus on-board net; the monition indicators and inner illuminance bequeath progress, the fundamental doorway lockup scheme bequeath be unbolted. Roughly might circuits leave be switched off to foreclose myopic circuits. The fire heart and the fire add shrill volition be forthwith switched off.

A driver airbag is stock on all models. A presence rider airbag is touchstone on the Consolation and higher specifications. Slope airbags are useable as options for all models. In improver, options admit the defusing of the breast rider airbags so that modest children can be carried in a minor behind on the movement buns.

ABS combined with Locomotive Puff/Torsion Regulating (MSR) and Anti Slue Rule (ASR) are measure or optional (contingent the locomotive fitted in the car). In accession, for cars with 2-litre gas engines and the RS rendering, the Electronic Constancy Syllabus (ESP) is useable as an choice.

All Škoda Fabia models are equipt with an immobiliser and a VIN cypher mark on the windshield framing. The immobiliser uses a multifariousness of “natation encrypt” combinations, rejecting any compounding that has already been exploited. Options admit an alarm that monitors the home of the car and a fill-in horrify hooter.

Engines and transmissions

Pentad gasolene and deuce-ace diesel engines are useable for the Škoda Fabia. Another alternative is the 1.9 TDI PD/96 kW diesel intentional for the RS manakin. The gas engines follow with the almost tight EU4 that comes into force-out in EU countries in 2005. In about countries, cars with these engines are eligible for tax allowances. Contingent the sound provender of sealed countries, roughly gasolene engines complying with EU2 are useable. The diesel engines follow with EU3.

Škoda Fabia’s gasoline engines complying with the well-nigh tight EU4 are fitted with two catalytic converters and two lambda probes. The new three-cylinder engines producing from 40 to 47 kW motive alone one catalytic convertor because of their forward-looking engineering. All these engines are controlled by EOBD (European Aboard Nosology). If any purpose fails to follow with the pre-set values a admonition lighter testament surface. The EOBD electronic store makes it easier to observe failures and to name them olibanum portion help faculty to rectify them promptly.

A three-cylinder gas locomotive has been highly-developed by the technicians at Mladá Boleslav for Škoda Fabia hatchback. The might whole has a deracination of 1.2 l, its block and cylinder header are made of al metal and it is has a counter-drive reconciliation calamus. The OHC camshaft has two valves per cylinder and is string impelled. This driving has been intentional so that no care or substitute of the string and the range wheels is requisite during the help biography of the locomotive. The exhaust has too been limited, with the discharge catalytic convertor situated straightaway afterwards the eject multiply. This root is peculiarly good because, therein localization, the catalytic convertor heats capable operational temperatures quicker aft a coldness commencement, fashioning the beat cleanser and reduction fire uptake. The biggest vantage of the new locomotive is its heights torsion at lour revolutions, so the locomotive’s denomination HTP – Highschool Torsion Functioning, which particularly contributes to a shine and well-heeled, but simultaneously, whippy driving. The locomotive is shine, wellspring balanced and silence and already complies with EU 4 and can be easy limited to follow with the higher requirements of progressively tight lawmaking. This exponent whole develops 40 kW at 4750 rpm and produces a utmost torsion of 106 Nm at 3000 rpm. A Škoda Fabia with the 1.2 HTP/40 kW locomotive can stretch a maximal velocity of 151 km/h, accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 18.4 s and has an medium uptake of 5.9 l /100 km.

Extra engines are usable for all consistency variants.

The 1.2 12V HTP/47 kW (64 bhp) locomotive is a entirely new foundation and becomes the canonical 54 bhp superpower whole for the saloon and acres versions. Its conception is real standardized to the past locomotive; the biggest differences are that it has dualOHC plunger valve command in the cylinder header and iv valves per cylinder. Altogether former respects this locomotive has all the advantages of this forward-looking engineering, such as eminent torsion produced at low revolutions, lucky fire expenditure and EU4-compliant, low release emissions. In accession, this figure increases the locomotive’s outturn to 47 kW and this maximal is produced at higher revolutions (5400 rpm) enabling compromising and active impulsive at higher speeds, especially utilitarian when passing. The torsion has been increased to 112 Nm at 3,000 rpm. The Škoda Fabia hatchback equipt with this locomotive has a maximal hurrying of 160 km/h and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 15.9 s and its combined fire ingestion is 5.9 l of gasoline per 100 km.

The smallest locomotive has a supplanting of 1.4 l and dualOHC with four-valve engineering. It produces 55 kW. The uttermost swiftness of a Škoda Fabia with this locomotive is 167 km/h, speedup from 0 to 100 km/h is 13.8 s, and the median intake is 6.4 l/100 km. An machinelike four-speed transmittal with a hydrodynamic torsion convertor is useable with this exponent whole. This transmittance uses the “blurred logic” electronic organisation that matches appurtenance changes not lonesome to route weather but too to the way the driver presses the throttle. This mightiness whole complies with EU4 (EU3 with automatonlike infection).

The four-valve-per-cylinder 1.4 l superpower whole is besides uncommitted in a sports conception, which develops a uttermost of 74 kW. This locomotive provides gravid drive delectation. The maximal speeding is 185 km/h and speedup from 0-100 km/h is 11.5 s. The intermediate expenditure stiff a really creditable 6.6 l/100 km.

The nearly brawny gasolene whole for the Škoda Fabia is the 2.0l /85 kW whole with a torsion of 170 Nm at 2400 rpm. this a strong locomotive gives prodigious active qualities, as proved by a maximal velocity of 195 km/h and 0-100 km/h speedup in 9.9 s. Median fire expenditure with the 2.0/85 kW locomotive is 7.7 l/100 km.

The stove of mightiness units besides includes respective diesel units with organise shot. The outset of these is the 1.9 SDI/47 kW locomotive with atmospherical charging and aim fire shot. This locomotive excels with its favorable torsion and medium fire phthisis of 4.8 l/100 km.

2000 Skoda Fabia Combi

The scope of usable diesel engines likewise has a new summation. This is the state-of-the-art turbocharged three-cylinder locomotive with a shift of 1.4 litres that uses hard-hitting injectant engineering, i.e. the pump-nozzle organisation. The designing of the locomotive is derived from four-in-line engines of this ambit. Decreasing the figure of cylinders has resulted in a substantial reducing in burden. The locomotive is furnished with a counter-drive reconciliation bloc, devising it really placidity operating. In edict to follow with rigorous emanation standards, the locomotive uses an oxidization catalytic convertor and an beat gas re-circulation organisation that returns gases from the release tube to the burning bedchamber. The virtually pregnant have of the new locomotive is its highschool torsion that is uncommitted at comparatively low revs and excels with its flush characteristics. The uttermost turnout of 55 kW (75 bhp) is produced at 4,000 rpm and the utmost torsion of 195 Nm at 2,200 rpm. A Škoda Fabia with the 1.4 TDI PD/55 kW (75 bhp) locomotive has a uttermost velocity of 168 km/h and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 14.2 s. Another pregnant sport of the new locomotive is its passing prosperous fire uptake of just 4.4 l/100 km in the combined impulsive regimen.

The more potent diesel whole is the turbocharged 1.9 TDI PD/74 kW locomotive with hard-hitting injector units (pump-nozzle scheme). It reaches an olympian 240 Nm at 1800 rpm, bighearted the fomite fantabulous active qualities and surpassing tractableness. The uttermost fastness of a Škoda Fabia hatchback with this locomotive is 185 km/h, and speedup from 0-100 km/h is 11.5 s. All this is achieved at an medium fire usance of sole 4.9 l/100 km/h.


The Škoda Fabia form has a yearn wheelbase and all-embracing bicycle tracks both in the strawman and the backside. This gives the car passing commodity route property and visually emphasizes its functioning and prophylactic.

The strawman axle consists of MacPherson struts and lour trilateral thwartwise links combined with a contortion stabilizer (exclude for vehicles with 13″ wheels). The behind axle has been intentional exploitation honest pilot-pin engineering with a stabiliser. Compared with the hatchback, the dampers and springs let been built in the Combi and Saloon models.

The diagonally burst presence and behind braking organisation is aided. In models with ABS, the braking effect is electronically distributed ‘tween the battlefront and bottom axle (EBD) contingent the consignment. Models without ABS deliver a mechanical braking violence clipper on the arse axle. All models with ABS bear Locomotive Hale/Torsion Regulating (MSR), which prevents the impulsive wheels from skidding when ever-changing devour or decelerating on slippy roadstead. Models powered by the 2.0/85 kW whole and RS versions can bear Electronic Constancy Plan (ESP) fitted as an pick.

All models (demur cars with the 1.2/40 kW locomotive and with 13″ wheels, for which it is useable as an choice) sustain electro-hydraulically operated might steerage as criterion. The galvanizing ticker plant on an as-required foundation (such as impulsive done curves and parking manoeuvres) so avoiding lasting powerfulness phthisis and reduction fire use. The electronic command arrangement adjusts the number of exponent guidance assist according to the upper of the car.

Well-nigh of the electronic systems in the car (the locomotive direction whole, the electronic accelerator, locomotive sensors, mightiness guidance ascendancy and the machinelike infection, ABS, MSR, airbag deployment, air-conditioning, the primal lockup arrangement, fascia instruments etcetera.) are inter-connected via a CAN-Bus for the agile and true change of digital information ‘tween somebody electronic mastery units. This scheme optimises the use of the electronic controls and devices in the car according to the impulsive office and provides greater impulsive comfortableness.

Colours and upholstery

Customers can prefer from a ample pallet of xiii dissimilar colors.

2000 Skoda Fabia Combi

Six non-metallic colors:

  • Sugarcoat Whiteness,
  • Maize (not uncommitted for saloon models),
  • Bullfight Red,
  • Active Amytal,
  • Laser Blueing,
  • Atol Jet.
  • Heptad metal colors:

  • Rhombus Facile,
  • Caw Orangeness,
  • Admiral Dark (not useable for saloon models),
  • Recondite Sea Dingy,
  • Nature Viridity,
  • Lapidate Greyish,
  • Sorcery with off-white impression.
  • The coloration figure of the internal varies according to the stipulation. The speed fascia altogether models is e’er blackness (Onyx) to keep reflections in the windshield. In the Greco-roman the lour fascia is grayish, in Puff it is melanize (Onyx), and in Elegance, it is ecru or melanise (Onyx).

    Upholstery fabrics motley besides: Greco-roman is usable with “Terpsichore” upholstery in Anthracite; Ease has a “Spaceship” compounding of two colors, which is uncommitted in deuce-ace variants: blueing, red and eloquent in combining with melanise (Onyx). The Elegance is upholstered in “Secret” ecru or black-gray.

    In improver to the supra figure options, the elegance is uncommitted with optional Onyx blacken leather upholstery and headrests. This leather national pattern includes a belittled leather box in Inkiness Onyx consisting of a leather-wrapped wheel, emergency deal and gearshift node. In cars with manual transmittance it besides includes the spat.

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