2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue

Oldsmobile Intrigue

The Oldsmobile Scheme was a mid-size saloon manufactured from 1998 done 2002 by the Oldsmobile segmentation of Universal Motors. The Connive’s pattern cues were offset seen in 1995 with the Oldsmobile Antares construct car. The Connive was the get-go casualty in the phase-out operation of Oldsmobile.

2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue

The Machination was intentional to contend more with Japanese automobiles, and replaced the Cutlas Sovereign. It went into yield on May 5, 1997. It was standardised to a compass of mid-sized sedans from early GM divisions, including the Buick C, Buick Royal, Chevrolet Impala, Chevrolet Monte Carlo and the Pontiac Thousand Prix. The Connive diverged from its siblings in its frame tuning, equipment, and approximately dimensions. Wheelbase, e.g., was 1.5 inches shorter for the Connive than the Thousand Prix.

All Intrigues were reinforced at the GM Fairfax set in Kansas Metropolis, Kansas, where the K Prix was likewise reinforced (the Buick C and Majestic, and the Chevrolet Impala and Monte Carlo were all reinforced in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada). For the 1999 manakin yr, a new, advanced DOHC 3.5L “Shortstar” locomotive, a six-cylinder based on the GM Northstar V8, was introduced. On June 14, 2002, the terminal Connive furled off the line, as role of the Concluding 500 Collectors Version.

2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue


  • 1998-1999 OHV 3.8 L L36 (231 in³) V6
  • 1999-2002 DOHC 3.5 L LX5 (214 in³) V6
  • Year-to-year changes

    2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue
  • 1999: For the first of this framework yr, the DOHC 3.5 L “Shortstar” locomotive was stock in the top-line GLS and optional on mid-level GL and stand GX models. Ulterior, it became stock on all models. Decklids now wore Oldsmobile badge (in the former manakin twelvemonth, thither was a ailment that around masses couldn’t differentiate that Intrigues were Oldsmobiles). All models now got a thicker, leather-wrapped wheel. New to the selection lean was GM’s OnStar pinch/communications organisation.
  • 2000: New to the selection number for 2000 was an antiskid scheme called the Preciseness Ascendance Organization. Preciseness Ascendance Organisation was intentional to helper sustenance the car on its intended course by selective braking of one or more single wheels. Though optional on all models, GX buyers had to ordering optional grip mastery to get the new antiskid organisation. Het exponent presence seating were now touchstone on GLS models. Maintained accoutrement exponent was criterion this class. “Oldsmobile” allegory on bedeck lid is bigger than on 1999 models. A new gold-trim packet was too usable.
  • 2001: On GX models, grip controller became optional alternatively of banner. New received reflex headlights were now received on all models. Agio Leather and Preciseness Variation selection packages were besides uncommitted for this class.
  • 2002: GLS models now featured a two-tone upcountry with superlative accents, likewise as measure Homelink, sunshine-roof, and driver lumbar. All models featured new folk of radios with RDS and banner CD participant (borrowed from the newly-redesigned Dawn). Tropical Blue-green and Indigotin Amytal were two new outside colours. All models had new LATCH (Lour Lynchpin and Top lead for Children) in trey bum buns positions. Sun & Voice packet was uncommitted on GL models (includes Bose strait organization and sunshine-roof). New winchester star was inner. Output of the Connive terminated in June 2002 as role of the phaseout of the Oldsmobile sword.
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