2000 Honda S2000

Honda S2000

The Honda S2000 is a two-seater manufactured by Honda Centrifugal Society since April 1999. The car was created to keep the party’s Fiftieth anniversary, and continues in the custom of jackanapes runabout “S” cars such as the S600 and S800. Similar premature S cars, the epithet of the S2000 comes from its locomotive supplanting of around 2000 cc (although Honda would afterwards inaugurate a 2200 cc framework, retaining the S2000 figure). From its origin in 1999 to 2003, S2000s were manufactured at Honda’s Tochigi set. S2000s since so birth been manufactured at the Suzuka embed.

2000 Honda S2000

Design and Construction

Chronic in the custom of its predecessors, the S2000 is bottom roll compulsive, with index organism delivered via a Torsen modified eluding derivative paired to a six-speed manual contagion.

The car is constructed victimization an X-bone monocoque bod which is passing inflexible, thence up treatment, route disturbance, and guidance flavour and feedback. Otc features admit reduplicate wishbone reprieve, electronically-assisted guidance, merged paradiddle basketball and an electrically powered sheet top that takes 6 seconds to control, touted as the quickest porta top among all convertibles.


The car was primitively launched in 1999 as a 2000 framework, and was sold done to 2002. It featured 16″ wheels with Bridgestone Potenza S-02 tyres.

The 2001 modelling saw new bottom bound rates and limited ass dampers. 2002 featured another revised abatement set and the foundation of a ice behind windshield, replacement the moldable one featured in cars reinforced from 1999. It retained the like looks on the out-of-door and the like wheels.

The 2004 exemplar introduced new intentional 17″ wheels and Bridgestone RE-050 tyres on with a retuned hanging that rock-bottom the car’s trend to oversteer. The leaping rates and shock damping were neutered and the hanging geometry limited to better constancy, by causation toe-in nether cornering oodles. In gain, decorative changes were made to the outside with new figurehead and ass bumpers, revised headlamp assemblies, new LED tail-lights, and oval-tipped exhausts. The 2.0 L locomotive was besides revised, with its redline decreased to 8,200 rpm. Simultaneously, Honda introduced a 2.2 L discrepancy to the N American marketplace.

2000 Honda S2000

The 2006 exemplar introduced a thrust by telegram bound and a Fomite Stableness Assistance organisation. Internal changes included revised seating, extra stereophonic speakers incorporate into the headrests, and extra headrest cushioning where late seating had helmet depressions and screens. The 2.2 L locomotive was likewise introduced to the Japanese commercialise during this metre.


The kickoff S2000s (2000 to 2003 models) came weaponed with a 2.0 L (1997 cc) F20C inline 4 cylinder locomotive producing 240 hp (179 kW) at 8,300 rpm and 153 ft·lb (208 Nm) of torsion at 7,500 rpm, though the Japanese models were quoted with 250 PS (184 kW, 247 hp) due to a minor conflict in locomotive condensation proportion.

2000 Honda S2000

Because of its high-revving nature (9,000 rpm redline for the 2000 to 2003 models and 8,200 rpm for the 2004 framework forward), it is one of the few naturally-aspirated engines to acquire complete 100 hp/L. The press and whippersnapper locomotive, mounted wholly arse the battlefront axle, allowed the S2000 to hold a punter strawman/arse burden counterbalance and depress rotational inactiveness than would get been potential if the locomotive had not been so-mounted.

Chase critique roughly a deficiency of funky torsion, Honda introduced a form of the F20C locomotive to the Northerly American commercialize in 2004. Designated the F22C1, the diagonal of the motive was elongated, increasing the translation to 2.2 L. As a answer, the redline was rock-bottom to 8,000 rpm (mandated by the yearner travelling aloofness of the pistons). T Vizor torsion was increased by 6%, and the F22C1 was quoted by Honda as having more torsion at glower rpm than the F20C, although formally the index turnout clay the like ‘tween the two engines. Initially, the F22C1 was intended just for the Northward American marketplace, but it was likewise introduced to Japan in 2006 with specified powerfulness of 242 PS (178 kW, 239 hp). The 8,000 rpm redline was one office of a critique as labeling the the F22C1 models as less raw compared to the F20C1.

Simultaneously as introducing the F22C1, Honda likewise changed the infection geartrain ratios, by shortening the kickoff quartet gears and prolongation the conclusion two. Another modify was the comprehension of a clutches dismission wait valve to meliorate drivetrain seniority by reduction blow lashings.

Fuel economy

2000 Honda S2000

The functionary fire thriftiness figures for the 2006 Honda S2000 produced by the Joined States EPA are as follows:

  • Fire Typecast: Agio Leadless
  • Metropolis: 20 miles per US congius (MPG)
  • Highway: 26 MPG
  • Combined: 22 MPG
  • Awards

    2000 Honda S2000

    The S2000 was on Car and Driver’s Ten Topper listing for 2000 done 2002 and 2004.

    The S2000 was the highest-ranked framework in the J.D. Mightiness and Associates 2004 Fomite Reliability Survey’s “Agiotage Sports Car” family, and systematically holds one of the top ternary positions.

    2000 Honda S2000

    The F20C locomotive won the External Locomotive of the Twelvemonth prize in the “1.8 to 2 litre” sizing class for pentad eld from 2000 done 2004.

    The S2000 came 1st out of 159 cars in the Top Geartrain Study of 2005.

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