2000 Chevrolet Corvette

Chevrolet Corvette

A major alter from its precursor the C4, the C5 featured a hydroformed box bod, a innovation that offered an improved geomorphological chopine, specially for a transformable torso elan. The infection was resettled to the back of the car to cast an unified, rear-mounted transaxle forum, attached to the all-new LS1 locomotive via a torsion subway – an locomotive/transmittance organization enabling a 50-50 (portion, front-rear) burden dispersion for improved treatment. The LS1 locomotive initially produced 345 hp (257 kW), afterward increased in 2001 to 350 hp (261 kW). The 4L60-E reflex transmittance carried complete from premature models, but the manual was replaced by a Borg-Warner T-56 6-speed open of a 175 mph (282 km/h) top hurrying. Comparative to the C4, the new chopine and morphological figure well decreased squeaks and rattles.

2000 Chevrolet Corvette

In the inauguration modeling yr (1997), lone the fastback putsché was offered, with the exchangeable – the outset to crack a bole since 1962 – next in 1998. 1998 likewise saw the C5 exchangeable tempo the Indianapolis 500, and a reproduction stride car variation was sold and the 1998 Corvette was named “Centrifugal Drift Car of The Yr”; C5 Corvettes later paced the 2002 and 2004 Indianapolis 500 races, but no replication yard car versions were offered during those exemplar geezerhood. In 1999, a tertiary consistency dash, the hardtop (likewise referred to as the “fixed-roof putsché” or “FRC”), was added to the card. This soundbox manner, as its gens suggests, featured a rigid top (no obliterable targa top impanel as with the fastback takeoveré) with a roofline bod and body infinite standardized thereto of the exchangeable. likewise as a discrete notchback-style backside windowpane.

2000 Chevrolet Corvette

By from ornamental differences (new bicycle styles, pigment colours, yard car/commemorating editions in 1998, 2003, and 2004, etcetera.), hp boosts, and new offerings for optional equipment, thither were few underlying changes from one manakin class to the future inside the product run of the C5. One of the more pop “hi-tech” options introduced to the Corvette contrast was a head-up exhibit or HUD, spell another initiation was the Dynamic Treatment Organisation (outset uncommitted as an choice in 1998, so banner on all models in 2001). The C5 was besides the get-go Corvette to contain a drive-by-wire limit; and variable-effort guidance, whereby the assistance grade of the powerfulness guidance is wide-ranging according to fomite fastness (more at glower speeds, less at higher speeds). Besides luminary, though seldom discussed, the C5 genesis was the low modeling to acquire the collimate or ‘bicycle-built-for-two’ wiper conformation, abandoning the opposed contour that was put-upon on every premature Corvette modelling since the low in 1953.

2000 Chevrolet Corvette

In counterpoint to the report of high-performance vehicles for pathetic fire thriftiness, the C5 achieves relatively heights EPA ratings of 18/25 mpg (metropolis/highway) with the automatonlike transmitting and 19/28 with the manual transmittance, allowing it to forfend the “gas gulper” tax that is levied against almost otc vehicles in the Corvette’s year. A turn of factors are responsible this: the comparatively ignitor weightiness of the C5 (a restrict slant nether 3,300 lb (1,500 kg); Chevrolet went soh as to overleap the bare weary as a weight-saving quantity, relying upon run-flat tires rather); the C5’s low pull coefficient; and the fomite’s inclination to upshift into the higher gears as shortly as potential. The manual contagion’s Computer-Aided Appurtenance Shifty results in an obligatory sack from 1st gearing direct into 4th train below sure impulsive weather; the organisation can be deactivated done the use of an aftermarket twist.

Respite choices for the bag manakin C5 were special to the stock abatement (RPO FE1), with options for either the autocross-inspired FE3 Sportsman Dangling (included with the Z51 Operation & Manipulation Bundle and measure on the 1999-2000 FRC); or the F45 Selective Rag Restraint Hiatus, which permitted “on-the-fly” driver option of unlike rally characteristics (mutation or touring). Later in the yield run (start with the 2003 framework class), the F55 Magnetized Selective Razz Controller Dangling replaced the F45 as the one-third hiatus option. The racing-inspired FE4 hanging secondhand for the Z06 is stiffer again than any offered on the stand exemplar C5, and is unparalleled thereto framework with no optional suspensions offered. The C5’s respite consisted of free-lance unequal-length image wishbones with transversal fibreglass mono-leaf springs and optional magnetorheological dampers.

2000 Chevrolet Corvette

The C5 is open of duplicate or besting the 0-60 mph quickening multiplication of about of the earth’s chancellor sports cars, including the Aston Martin DB7 Advantage, and the Ferrari 355. A complex of promulgated execution numbers for the base-model takeoveré and exchangeable gives a 0-60 mph meter of round 4.5 seconds, and a standing quarter-mile metre of some 13.3 seconds at 108 mph (both multiplication for a fomite equipt with the 6-speed manual contagion).

Spell the C5 may let been initially criticized for victimization cheap materials and elderly engineering (e.g., composites in consistency panels and storey boards; an OHV locomotive; and riff springs), seemingly as cost-cutting measures, these components are really identical solid for their comparatively twinkle angle (low masses), or sustain proved dependability. The C5’s modular consistence panels shuffling fantabulous use of a jackanapes complex corporeal known in the self-propelling diligence as SMC or rag wrought complex, a case of fibreglass that is blended and bonded with plastics. SMC provides wagerer aegis against calculate blows because it is rattling corpse and leave not nick. The flooring boards on the C5 are a complex sandwich of SMC with balsa in the halfway. Balsa was elect for its extremum rigourousness, lightness angle and first-class phone dull qualities. The all aluminium LS1 viewgraph valve locomotive is lots light than its mold press precursor, the LT1 and provides for a lots glower hoodline when compared to an viewgraph cam figure of congeneric shift. The complex flick springs are lots ignitor and sit often depress than distinctive spiral springs and helper render the C5 with its splendid rag characteristics and classifiable tantalise altitude.

2000 Chevrolet Corvette


A heir to the ZR-1 made its entry in 2001 as the Z06, big a nod to the high-performance Z06 rendering of the C2 Corvette of the Sixties. Rather of a big, double-overhead cam locomotive same in the ZR-1, the Z06 secondhand a high-output, tuned interpretation of the banner LS1 Corvette locomotive (designated LS6), which initially produced 385 hp (287 kW). Although its summate hp turnout was less than that of the end ZR-1, the Z06 was lots igniter, and could out-perform the ZR-1 in every class exclude top upper. It besides toll well less money than the ZR-1. The Z06 kerb weighting totaled 3,118lbs.

Chevrolet engineered respective modifications for the Z06 to outflank use the increased ability. Start with the nigh structurally fixed torso elan, the hardtop or FRC, new components included: uprated FE4 dangling, bigger wheels and tires, revised gear ratios, and operative bracken chilling ducts. The Z06 is 38 pounds igniter than a criterion C5 hardtop thanks to weight-saving measures such as a ti tucker, diluent methamphetamine, flatboat roll, non-EMT tires, decreased strait proofing, set arse wireless antenna, and a ignitor bombardment. Start with the 2002 modelling class, the LS6 locomotive outturn was increased to 405 hp (302 kW) due to a bigger CFM air ingestion, stiffer valve springs, barge na filled valves and more fast-growing camshaft rhytidectomy and timing.

The 2004 Z16 Commemorating Version was furnished with a c roughage punk, redeeming an extra 10 pounds of burden. Early unequalled characteristics of the Z16 (Commemorating Variation Z06) are the urbane aluminium wheels, especial blusher semblance and striping, and commemorative-edition badging and cycle centre caps. The Z16 too standard daze damping tuning for improved treatment. The Z16 pick accounted for the bulk of Z06 Corvettes in 2004, totaling 2025 units, with 325 units shipped abroad.

Manufactory livestock execution figures for the 405 hp (302 kW) interpretation of the Z06 admit an quickening clock from 0-60 mph in 3.9 seconds and 12.4 seconds in the quartern mil.

Indianapolis 500 Pace Car Replica

In 1998, the fresh introduced translatable variation of the C5 was elect to stride the Indianapolis 500 wash, and a Gait Car Replication (RPO Z4Z) was offered to the world. Divagation from wanting the equipment requirement for existent yard car duties (lightness bar, particular racing harnesses, etcetera.), thither was picayune remainder ‘tween the Footstep Car Replication C5 and the fomite that really saw responsibility during the run. The Gait Car Replication software consisted of a extra rouge colouration (“Radiolocation Blueness”), alone midland colours (inkiness and yellowness), multi-coloured xanthous wheels, and especial yard car decals. The Footstep Car Replication software besides included over-the-counter optional equipment: the fresh introduced Fighting Manipulation Scheme (RPO JL4); an electronically tuned AM/FM wireless with CD instrumentalist and a Bose speaker; an electronic dual-zone warming & air conditioning organisation; and leather adjustable play pail seating. Spell regarded by many as the almost gimcrack Corvette show parcel offered to engagement, the 1998 Tread Car Replicas withal savor a solid and fast next of owners and collectors.

50th Anniversary Edition

2000 Chevrolet Corvette

A Fiftieth Anniversary Variant (RPO Z25) was offered during the 2003 manakin twelvemonth to immortalize a half-century of Corvette output. Useable in exchangeable and coupe models (but not with the Z06), the Fiftieth Anniversary Variant came with a particular spectre of red key (“Anniversary Red Metal”) and shale two-tone leather national; Anniversary Variation convertibles were decorated with a shale-colored cushy top also. A new choice for Corvette in 2003, the F55 Magnetised Selective Cod Command Abatement was criterion on the 1SC-equipped Anniversary Variant vehicles. Peculiar (“Tender Ni Metal”) multi-colour aluminium wheels, embroidered upholstery reduce, and badges accomplished the Anniversary Variant software. Too included were all of the gadget options offered on the upscale Corvette models.

A slenderly limited Fiftieth Anniversary Variant Corvette was elect to stride the Indianapolis 500 airstream in May 2002; so the product fomite became a centrepiece of the subsequent Fiftieth Anniversary Solemnisation, sponsored by Chevrolet. Festivities included gatherings in Nashville, Bowling Greenness, and St. Louis. Thousands of Corvettes and their owners arrived from everyplace the commonwealth to enter in the events marker the fomite’s Fiftieth twelvemonth of output.

Chevrolet Corvette Moray concept (2003)

It is a reading of Corvette coupe intentional by Giorgetto and Fabrizio Giugiaro of Italdesign, commemorative 50 days of the Chevrolet Corvette. It included 6.0 l V8 locomotive, threshold windowpane one-half attic, chump flank doorway hinged to the back tower.

The fomite was unveiled in 2003 Hollands Centrifugal Shew.

24 Hours of Le Mans Commemorative Edition

During the 2004 modelling class, a 24 Hours of Le Mans Commemorating Variation box (RPO’s Z15 & Z16) were offered as an choice for all iii C5 models (fastback putsché, exchangeable, Z06) in solemnisation of the C5-R “1-2” in-class finishes at Le Mans. The parcel consisted of a exceptional blusher colouring (“Le Mans Blueness Metal”); shale two-tone leather national (takeoverés and convertibles just); and full, silver-and-red chevron optionally applied pile the gist of the car (Z06 lone). Commemorating Variation convertibles standard a shale-colored flabby top, and the Z06 adaptation (dubbed the “Z16” subsequently its RPO for the Le Mans Commemorating Variant) standard a c character cowl as a advance weight-reduction mensuration. Especial commemorating badging, headrest embellishment, and brilliantly refined roll rims (a kickoff on the Z06) with unequaled centercaps realized the software.

Thither were 2,025 Commemorating Version (RPO Z16) Z06’s reinforced in 2004. The VIN’s where sequenced act at the Bowling Common, KY implant ranging from the low 100013, to the end 132518.


Dissimilar originally generations of the Corvette that produced rarified vehicles based principally on locomotive options (e.g., the L88), thither was no tangible possibleness that any such rarities could pass with the C5. The base-model C5 had alone one locomotive selection: the LS1; and likewise for the Z06, thither was alone the LS6. Notwithstanding, putt express editions such as the 1998 Indy Footstep Car divagation, thither were a issue of outside coloration offerings that were produced in congeneric few numbers. In around cases, the curiosity of the coloring is captive to particular consistency styles.

Excluding the purposely-unique awarding fomite from simulation class 2000, produced in Pt Purpurate Metal, arguably the rarest of all C5 colours intended for output is 1998’s Aztec Gilded Metal (RPO 58U), with a amount of 15 units produced (12 putschés and 3 convertibles). Piece thither was technically one fewer fomite produced during the 1998 simulation class in Navy (RPO 28U; the 1998 vehicles were produced as a exam run of the key colouration, which was slated for launching during the 1999 framework twelvemonth), Aztec Amber Metal was ne’er offered again (although a peculiar, one-off fomite was produced in 2003 – delivery the k tally for the coloration to 16 factory-produced units), whereas Navy was offered done the end of modelling twelvemonth 2001, with vehicles afterward produced in sufficient quantities during those modelling geezerhood to pee-pee the gloss comparatively banality on the C5.

The succeeding rarest C5 gloss is Fairway Jet [Metal] (RPO 87U), offered lone during the 1997 and 1998 framework days, with 344 aggregate units produced; this narrowly edges out the 1998-only Proud Amethyst Metal (RPO 95U), with 361 amount units produced. Withal, based on consistency styles, Proud Amethyst Metal is more rarified on the takeoveré (215 vs. 284 units), and Fairway K [Metal] is more rarefied on the exchangeable (60 vs. 146 units) – and manifestly, a transmutable in either colouring is more rarified than a takeoveré in either colouring.

Boilersuit, the rarest FRC colour is Nassau Bluing Metal/Sky-blue (RPO 23U); useable thereon consistence dash sole during the 1999 and 2000 framework eld, a summate of 391 units were produced therein coloring. Still, the rarest Z06 colour is 2001’s Speedway Ovalbumin (RPO 40U), with alone 352 add units produced; patch tweed was uncommitted on the FRC during the retiring exemplar geezerhood (a summate of 626 units produced in 1999 and 2000), 2001 was the lonesome example class in which ovalbumin was offered on a C5 Z06.

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