2000 Audi Rs4

Audi RS4

Audi introduced the low coevals RS4 in 2000 as the replacement to the legendary Porsche highly-developed/RS2. The fomite, ilk its precursor, was useable lonesome as an Demesne/Avant (wagon), and was reinforced on an existent chopine, therein cause the “B5” multiplication A4/S4. Fundament toll was roughly 103,584 Deutsche Cross, and was not usable purchasable in the Joined States of America. The RS4 was uncommitted purchasable in near of Europe and in roughly Latin American countries, including Mexico and Brazil.

Ability came from a limited variant of the B5 S4’s 2.7 L, twin-turbocharged V6 locomotive tuned by Cosworth Engineering, featuring blown-up uptake/discharge ports on the cylinder heads, turbochargers and intercoolers, new generalisation and beat systems and a re-calibrated locomotive direction scheme; a six-speed manual transmitting and Audi’s Quattro all roll campaign arrangement were parting of the packet. The modifications were plenty to gibbosity the locomotive’s mightiness turnout from the 265 PS (195 kW/261 hp) and 350 Nm (257 ft·pound) of the S4 to 380 PS (280 kW/375 hp) and 440 Nm (325 ft·lb).

Evening with a curbing weightiness of 1620 kg (3568 lb), the RS4’s potent locomotive gave it the execution of a sports car. The 100 km/h (62 mph) scar could be reached in sole 4.7 seconds and the 160 km/h (100 mph) could be achieved in equitable 11.6. Brakes were too highly-developed in firm by Audi/Cosworth Technologies not by Porsche as with the RS2. It now has 360 mm (14.2 inches) rotors at the breast and 312 mm (12.2 inches) at the back gave the RS4 braking to compeer, needing less than 50 m (155 ft) to pertain a point from a hurrying of 110 km/h (69 mph).

2000 Audi Rs4

RS4 output stopped-up in 2001, although the death respective units sold were registered as 2002 models.

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