1999 Volkswagen Lupo

Volkswagen Lupo

The Volkswagen Lupo is a metropolis car manufactured by Volkswagen. It was introduced in 1998 to replete a gap at the merchantman of the VW modelling ambit caused by the increasing sizing and weighting of the VW Polo. Rivals admit the Fording Ka, the Opel Agila and the Decree Panda. The Lupo was a badge-engineered variant of the Bottom Arosa

1999 Volkswagen Lupo

The car is usable with a form of locomotive sizes and clipping levels, from budget models done to the GTI version. The 6-speed Lupo GTI has been tagged a unfeigned heir to the VW Golf Mk.1, the kickoff on-key hot hachure.

Diverse special-edition and exam models birth set records in fire thriftiness. The whippersnapper nature of the car and modern 3-cylinder diesel deliver resulted in a product modelling (the Lupo 3L) that can have as petty as 3 litres per 100 kilometres (78 miles per US congius or 94 miles per Regal congius). It was rumoured that it was this exemplar that encouraged Renault to produced the Clio V6, since they false 3L stood for a 3-litre locomotive.

1999 Volkswagen Lupo

Product of the Lupo ceased in 2005. It has already been replaced by the VW Fox.

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