1999 Mercedes Benz Vision Slr Concept

Mercedes-Benz Vision SLR Concept

Mercedes-Benz is reshaping the engineering and excogitation of its successful Facile Arrows. Occasionally of the external Car Establish in Detroit, the agiotage brand in the new DaimlerChrysler radical is presenting the survey of a Nan Turismo for the Twenty-first 100 which combines stylistic elements of the flow Recipe 1 Silver-tongued Pointer and the SLR sports car from the Fifties into a new absorbing conception. Its figure: Sight SLR.

1999 Mercedes Benz Vision Slr Concept

The salient battlefront division with the sagittiform nozzle and the distinctive duplicate spoilers takes the Rule 1 racer with which Mika Häkkinen won the 1998 humankind patronage as its manakin, a ball conception which is recurrent multifariously on the consistence and in the inner. These Rule 1 looks consort with the comrade duplicate headlights of the distinctive Mercedes four-eyed conception which appears in the Imaginativeness SLR in a new, strange rendition.

The farsighted and lengthy cap, the knock-down slam of the wings and the gull-wing doors of the Imaginativeness SLR are based on the stylistic ideas of the fabled SL models from the Fifties and their SLR racing variants, in which Juan Manuel Fangio, Rudolf Caracciola and Stirling Moss horde from one triumph to the adjacent.

With this successful conveyance of racer attributes to a roadworthy Grannie Turismo, the Imaginativeness SLR displays ideas which testament work the appearing of next Mercedes sports cars.

1999 Mercedes-Benz Vision SLR Concept

New definition of a sports car interior

1999 Mercedes Benz Vision Slr Concept

The inner as shown in the bailiwick is henpecked by the all-inclusive, mildly curving exchange soothe with its troll controls likewise as the silver-painted looter cast before of the driver and breast rider. They exchange the common panel patch symbolising the forward-looking, light-weight building of the Nanna Turismo. The cockpit consists of two troll aluminum-rimmed instruments which reminiscence expensive chronometers. C (c character) pail seating, an oviform wheel and extremely modernistic info systems such as the Cockpit Direction and Information Arrangement (COMAND) are included in the extra limited features of the showy upcountry.

Leading-edge technology for optimum driving safety

1999 Mercedes Benz Vision Slr Concept

The Imagination SLR points the way to Mercedes sports cars of the futurity in the airfield of engineering, too. The personify consists of a compounding of character built materials and aluminium which, in improver of typic clangour stableness, is characterized by a weightiness vantage of astir 40 pct in compare to the traditional brand structure.

First, the two-door car uses an electro-hydraulic brakes which calculates bracken insistence by substance of sensors and microprocessors contingent the drive position, offer elucidate refuge advantages when cornering and on slippy surfaces. Moreover, the electronically controlled brakes can be applied with detail sensitiveness to check a well-heeled rag. The bracken discs of the Sight SLR besides map an initiation: they comprise of roughage strengthened ceramics and are open of withstanding uttermost oodles. The figurehead and bottom axles are chiefly made of al by Mercedes-Benz. The presence headlights, with adaptative igniter systems and a new character of high-performance LED, mechanically rail the direction slant and conform to the disposed drive office. This intelligibly improves elucidation of the carriageway when cornering and turn.

1999 Mercedes Benz Vision Slr Concept

Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds

The longsighted goon of the Imaginativeness SLR conceals an enhanced pattern of the 5.5 l V8 locomotive. A compressor and irrigate intercooling entail that the eight-cylinder achieves eyeshade functioning of 410 kW/557 hp and delivers uttermost torsion of 720 N meters at 4000 rpm.

1999 Mercedes Benz Vision Slr Concept

This locomotive turns the Grandma Turismo into a muscular performer: it accelerates from nada to 100 km/h in alone 4.2 seconds and from aught to 200 km/h in 11.3 seconds. Top fastness is 320 km/h.

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