1999 Dodge Viper Gt2

Dodge Viper GT2

Although the 1996 example class is the rootage of the s coevals, in the Viper community, the 96 RT/10 is sometimes referred to as propagation 1.5 since it saw the carryover of many contemporaries 1 parts during the modeling yr piece transitioning to genesis 2 parts. The buggy resettled the open slope expel pipes to a ace silencer at the ass exiting via two gravid fundamental arse pipes during the center of the manakin yr. Scheme aforesaid the rock-bottom rear insistency increased the hp to 415 bhp (309 kW; 421 PS) for the 96 RT/10. Torsion would besides step-up by 23 lb·ft (31 N·m) to 488 lb·ft (662 N·m). A obliterable hardtop was now useable on with a sliding deoxyephedrine windowpane. Approximately blade hanging components were replaced by al, resulting in a 60 lb (27 kg) weightiness reducing.

Late in the 1996 modeling yr, Elude introduced the GTS, a new coupe adaptation of the Viper. Dubbed the “two-bagger guggle”, the cap featured somewhat brocaded sections that looked alike a eruct to fit the custom of helmets and fetching designing cues from the Pete Brock intentional Shelby Daytona. More 90% of the GTS was new in equivalence to the RT/10 contempt exchangeable looks. The GTS would accompany the like 8.0 l V-10 locomotive but index would be increased to 450 hp (336 kW). The 96 GTS would be the beginning Viper to be weaponed with airbags and too included air conditioning, mightiness windows and doorway locks.

The 1996 Viper GTS would be elect as the yard car for the Indianapolis 500.


Shaver updates would preserve in 1997 and 1998. In 1997, The RT/10 would get the 450HP GTS locomotive on with air-bags and superpower windows. 1998 Vipers were weaponed with second-generation air bags, revised expel manifolds (economy 24 lbs ended the old roll press components) on with a revised camshaft.

1999 Dodge Viper Gt2

1999 Dodge Viper GT2

For 1999, the Viper standard 18 edge wheels, mightiness face mirrors and a fistful of former inside upgrades.


In 2000, the Viper would no yearner sustain bad pistons. For roughly enthusiasts of the indorsement coevals Viper, this is a less worthy exemplar twelvemonth since it doesn’t sustain a bad centrifugal comparable the 96-99 GTS models and does not suffer ABS similar the 2001-2002 models.

1999 Dodge Viper Gt2

2002 would be the last yr of the secondment genesis Viper. Scheme would anatomy 360 “Concluding Version” Vipers (326 coupes and 34 ACR editions) to immortalise the terminal twelvemonth. These models are multicolor red with gabardine chevron, remunerative protection to the renowned race-winning Oreca cars. The RT/10 was replaced by the SRT-10 in 2003 and the GTS was replaced in 2006 by the SRT-10 coupe.

Colors and Trim

Colours would deviate end-to-end the sec contemporaries. Dodging would go ‘tween deuce-ace and foursome colours per simulation twelvemonth. About colours such as Brand Gray-haired were solitary offered one framework twelvemonth (MY2000) patch former colours such as red were offered during the full indorsement contemporaries. National colours and rack options would likewise change passim the arcsecond genesis. The aqua coloration of the Contrivance Viper GTS seen in the Viper (TV serial) was entirely usable to the serial.

Chevron would be an selection source in 1996. The GTS stripe were bigger fuller stripe than the chevron offered on the 96 RT/10. The GTS had mate stripe (8 inches across-the-board with a 4-inch gap in ‘tween) that ran from the movement bumper clear done the ass bumper. 1996 was the lone framework class the stripe would eat the bum numberplate are. Stripe on subsequently models would run from strawman to back but did not eat the back numberplate region.


All-encompassing modifications included a reworked locomotive with higher powerfulness and less slant, an most wholly redesigned figure that was made 60 lb (27 kg) barge and 25% stiffer in torsional inflexibility done punctilious figurer psychoanalysis, a exhaustively redesigned hiatus, and decreased braking distances; the 1996 to 2002 Viper GTS had a hoy (around 650 lb (290 kg)) 450 bhp (340 kW) locomotive, which could finish the quartern mi in 12.3 seconds, 0.3 seconds and 6 mph (9.7 km/h) quicker than its herald, and increased top amphetamine by 11 mph (18 km/h) about. The revised abeyance, stiffer figure, and flowing consistency embossed sidelong grasp to 0.98 g (9.6 m/s²), although former reports appearance the 1992 simulation with 1.0 g. Coeval tires get improved upon this measurement importantly. Slalom runs could frequently compass or outperform 70 mph (110 km/h). Brakes again lacked ABS initially, and proven to be the car’s weakest gunpoint. The brakes detriment the car in legion compare tests, such as a 1997 “supercar comparability” by Centrifugal Curve, in which the Viper GTS situated at the top against cars such as the Ferrari 355, Chevrolet Corvette, Porsche 9-11 Turbo, Acura NSX-T, Mitsubishi 3000GT, and the Toyota Above altogether execution exercises demur braking. The car not but located death, but had substantially thirster fillet distances than otc vehicles. In a Sports Car External comparability conducted in 2002, the Viper ACR (with ABS) was compared to the 9-11 GT2 at Thunderhill Track Commons. Both cars were really able, and warm about the run rail, but the Viper proven more hard to effort, and the braking organisation was blasted identical specifically for the gap in lap multiplication (around GT2: 2 transactions, ACR: 2:04) ‘tween the two cars. Anti-lock brakes were introduced in 2001, though braking functioning was not needs importantly improved.

1999 Dodge Viper Gt2

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