1998 Smart Fortwo

Smart fortwo

The Fortwo is the pilot Smartness framework, launched in 1998 as Metropolis Coupe. The figure Fortwo was introduced for this car when Ache began producing extra models.


The Ache “Micro compact” was intentional principally for urban use in European cities, where parking is hardly and fire saving is of heavy grandness. The Fresh Fortwo’s distance of lonesome 250 cm allows as many as trey of the vehicles to be parked in the quad usually interpreted by one standard-length car.

1998 Smart Fortwo

Providing equal rider rubber was a gainsay to the designers. To lick this and to furnish a strict skeleton, a unanimous sword “Tridion” framing, odd seeable at the outside as a major excogitation factor, whole surrounds and protects the rider compartment, and defines the canonic configuration of the car too. Standardized pliant personify panels dispatch the outside. With a weightiness of 730 kg, it is one of the lightest cars in the European marketplace.

In rescript to shuffling utmost use of the minimum wrinkle partition at the figurehead, the Ache Fortwo has its locomotive positioned at the behind of the fomite.

1998 Smart Fortwo

The locomotive stove is composed of just turbocharged iii cylinder motors. Primitively, the groundwork gasolene locomotive had 599 cc, but translation was increased to 698 cc on with the restyling. It is useable in 37 kW (50 PS) or 45 kW (61 PS) variants. The turbodiesel locomotive has 799 cc supplanting with 30 kW (41 PS). Engines are mounted in boot.

Although just a manual transmitting is offered, thither is no clutch intrinsically; rather, stimulation from floor-mounted sceneshifter or optional steering-mounted paddles is fed to a servo-operated hold to chemise the consecutive reflex gearbox.

1998 Smart Fortwo

The Impudent averages 4.7 L/100 km (50 mpg or 21.3 km/L) for the petrol manakin and 3.4 L/100 km (69 mpg or 29.4 km/L) for the diesel.


1998 Smart Fortwo

As release parking floater are grueling to obtain in many European cities, prescribed parking is expensive, and illicitly parked cars are fined, immobilized or towed, the master theme bum the really short-circuit “hurt car” is that the fomite may be parked back-in in latitude parking zones. Its distance of 250cm (98.4 in) equals the breadth of a motortruck or a veritable parking slot, allowing two or tercet Smarts to ballpark in the like infinite as one convention car if parked side-on to the common parking focussing. Nonetheless, this typewrite of parking is really unsafe because drivers are ineffective to see the parked fomite’s bracken lights to experience that the car is functional. Intrinsically, this eccentric of parking has been prohibited in Munich, Germany, amongst otc places.


1998 Smart Fortwo

The Fortwo is useable with targa-style obliterable cap panels (earlier Metropolis Cabrio, now Fortwo Cabrio), introduced in 2000, and was restyled in 2002. Modelling variants admit the foot simulation “virtuous”, gaudy mid-spec example “heartbeat”, luxuriousness top-spec framework “rage” and the “BRABUS” tuned edition – all of which are useable in both putsché and cabrio shape.

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