1998 Mercedes Benz S600 Pullman Limousine W140

Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullman Limousine W140

In 1991, Mercedes replaced the W126 S-Class with the W140. The real get-go W140 trilled off the line on Lordly 6, 1991. It likewise standard ridicule for its eminent cost, and for its styling, sizing, reliableness, and weighting.

Product totalled 406,532 units, the decreased tally reflecting the inroads made by Lexus into the key US exportation marketplace.

Design and engineering

As with its forerunner the W140 was the get-go of the “succeeding propagation” of Mercedes-Benz models to boast the fellowship’s new pattern root. The car was more strong-growing, sander and angulate in show than its forerunner, but the conception likewise featured slab contourless sides too seen on the beginning multiplication Toyota Avalon.

The new styling did not incur practically kudos from the motoring pressure, claiming that the alone tangible succeeder of the designing was to mask the sizing of the car, which was lots bigger than its precursor.

As with apiece new S-Class the W140 was brought in innovations such as double-pane windowpane glazing, which well rock-bottom out-of-door interference from intruding into the cabin piece, self-closing doors and bang lid, electrical windows which bounced cover polish when encountering an impedimenta, rear-parking markers which appeared on the back wings and a heat which blew ardent evening afterward the locomotive was sour off. All these features did add to the car’s hearty heftiness though.

For details comparable this, the W140 is ofttimes known as the death Mercedes to be “overengineered”, a Mercedes trait that was costing the society in merchandise delays and overbudgeting. For the consumer, the W140 price a considerable 25% more its forerunner, the W126. In add-on, the acute imperativeness from Infiniti and Lexus led to adding more features and options as to set the W140 aside from the repose and to rationalize the higher cost.

1998 Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullman Limousine W140

The W140 was to characteristic air-suspension as an choice but Mercedes was lull perfecting the engineering and chose to lauch air-suspension in the succeeding genesis S-Class, due out in 2000.

1998 Mercedes Benz S600 Pullman Limousine W140

This W140 was the commencement Mercedes-Benz in the USA to integrated the headlamps with ‘bowtie’ ECE lense albeit a fry commute to the lightbulb buckler and comprehension of hieroglyphs for SAE/DOT and lightbulb case on the lense. In improver, the headlamps on W140 had been redesigned threefold during its modelling cps. The outset was a ‘bowtie’ ECE headlamps with swaybacked and independent transmit H4 (HB2 in USA) medulla. The headlight designing changed in 1997 to admit the fork reflectors for HID and halogen bulbs. Bi-Xenon HID systems weren’t introduced until often ulterior in C215 CL-Class. The tierce headlight figure was exchangeable to the offset one but with tighter lense flutes and narrower ‘bowtie’ formula. The latter one is for models without HID organization. It was aforementioned to forbid the aftermarket companies from offer the ill-designed and poor-constructed HID lightbulb retrofit kit.

On with W140 putsché, W140 was fitted with electronic stableness plan pursuit the mid-year lift in 1997.

Care its herald, the car was uncommitted in two wheelbase lengths on with shorter-wheelbased W140 putsché.

A new 6-litre 408-horsepower V12 locomotive united the card first with the 600SE, 600SEL, and 600SEC. The V12 denomination was affixed to the C-pillar. In 1997, the grill had more horizontal lines as to distinquish itself from consecutive six and V8 motors.

In 1994, the 408-horsepower V12 motive was slenderly detuned to 389 horsepowers, pursuit the tighter discharge ascendence regulations in US and Europe.

Pursuit the new Mercedes-Benz custom of mid-life rhytidectomy (start with W126 in 1986), the W140 was gently facelifted in 1997. The crystallise blinker indicant lenses on the presence and bum were the nearly obvious changes. The new headlamps with break low and gamy broadcast reflectors stacking atop apiece otc was otc spectacular variety. That branch reflectors were for dipped-beam HID lightbulb and main-beam halogen lightbulb. Midland designing wasn’t changed practically.

The W140 S-Class was offered in iii wheelbase lengths:

+ 3040 mm (119.7 in) SE sedans
+ 3139 mm (123.6 in) SEL sedans
+ 2944 mm (115.9 in) SEC coupes

In 1994 all Mercedes-Benz example names were rationalized, with the SE/SEL/SEC cars decent the S-Class, falling the E (fire injectant) and L (wheelbase). The alphameric designations were anatropous: e.g. the both 500SE and 500SEL became S500 disregarding of wheelbase distance. It is aforementioned that around sales materials and rescript forms admit V and W for wheelbase duration. To obnubilate things encourage, 500SEC too became S500 until it was renamed again to CL-Class in 1998 to muse its persona wagerer.

The V-12 edition W140 (S600) was fit with factual leather splasher, inner doorway panels, and a material litigate star, dissimilar the V8 and inline 6 versions. In 1999, thither were lone 14 S600s and 15 CL600s purchasable in the Joined States. It is considered one of the nearly uncommon Mercedes-Benz cars e’er produced, eve though the 1999s were really sole 1998 left-overs.

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