1998 Mazda Mx 5

Mazda MX-5

Compact Size and Light Weight

Press sizing and lighter burden are the virtually crucial elements in the instauration of a car accepted for its brilliant execution, kinetics, efficiency and drive delectation. So, inflexible check was applied to the car’s form, outer dimensions and batch.

The new MX-5 is externally niggling changed from the pilot car, mensuration 3,975 mm longsighted, 1,680 mm all-encompassing and 1,225 mm eminent on the like 2,265-mm wheelbase.

The midland near competently deserves the description “cockpit,” as it has good the veracious come of cosiness to conduct a opinion of “Unity.”

The MX-5 adheres to a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive conformation with the locomotive mounted “front-midships” for an saint angle dispersion of 50/50, a low gist of graveness, and greatly rock-bottom yaw consequence.

A doubling wishbone dangling – the paragon invention for a sports car – and the “Powerhouse Chassis” that unites the exponent whole with the net cause whole are genetic from the forerunner.


1998 Mazda Mx 5

The outside continues the singular conception straightaway recognizable as the Mazda MX-5. This optic banquet attracts tending to the styling from every fish, offer views that are pleasant and long-lived. Piece set headlights are freshly corporate, the car’s boilersuit styling emphasises the aerodynamic tone of the excogitation, including such elements as insidious blisters on the fenders. The upcountry provides equitable the rectify come of the cosiness to make a pleasing grade of puff; it besides offers a carnal collection, impinging a harmonise with one’s senses of imagination, earshot, and hint. A T-shaped panel is adoptive for its first-class functionality.

1998 Mazda MX-5

Improved Comfort and Convenience

A “Wind-blocker” (criterion on the 1.8-litre modeling) reduces cockpit turbulency when drive with the top kill.

Both the baggage and mitt compartments birth been increased in sizing, and new depot features such as panel pockets deliver been added.

1998 Mazda Mx 5

For wagerer back sight, a methamphetamine backside windowpane with heated-wire back defogger is touchstone on all models.


The 1.8-litre DOHC and the 1.6-litre DOHC 4-cylinder engines are usable in the new Mazda MX-5. Turnout and torsion for both engines let been improved done enhancements to the uptake and expel systems, resulting in smoothen locomotive rewing from low to highschool speeds and reactive quickening. Features such as a straightaway inlet larboard, a variable-inertia exhaust (1.8-litre) and a three-fold fumes multiply are incorporate. The locomotive has been “tuned” for more pleasing sounds and a Torsen-type limited-slip derivative is stock on the 1 .8litre modeling.


The strawman and backside reduplicate wishbone suspension has been boost processed, enhancing the car’s constancy piece providing a cardinal progression in drive delight. Particularly, it has been tuned for wagerer treatment preciseness besides as enhanced constancy and authority when drive at highschool speeds. The resulting one-dimensional reply and road-hugging operation furnish a substantial melioration in cornering capabilities. These improvements are completed with limited forepart abeyance geometry, yearner rack locomotion at the back, limited climb contour for the volute springs and dampers and legion former excogitation changes. For faster more reactive treatment, guidance lock-to-Iock is fair 2.6 turns.


Mazda’s Innovative Encroachment Dispersion and Preoccupation Scheme provides the MX-5 with enhanced inflexibility and refuge. By devising the structure more inflexible, contortion and oscillation caused by extraneous forces are decreased for bettor treatment constancy. As a resultant of a sort of modifications, such as extra reinforcements at exactly the locations where they are about good, trunk rigidness has been increased with sole a minimum addition in burthen. As ahead, an aluminum cowl reduces volume up strawman, boost enhancing the MX-5’s retuned hiatus and direction.

Active Safety Features

1998 Mazda Mx 5

Brilliant manipulation operation, which makes the driver tone at one with the car, is the ground for the MX-5’s combat-ready rubber features. The splendid subject of imaginativeness and the easier-to-operate transcription of switches on the das likewise assist to raise drive joy.

Passive Safety Features

1998 Mazda Mx 5

The MX-5 meets the new hob safe standards (runner breast brownie and position encroachment) plotted for execution in Europe this fall.

The new MX-5 too incorporated safe features such as a extremely fixed structure, guard belts with a direct-clamp mechanics and pretensioners and three-fold SRS airbags.

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